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From the month of October, 2010.

@keeperofthekeys Haha, I know, I know. “I will mail you. Sorry just gimme a day or two.” :P

5:48 PM Oct 31st 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Would say I just escaped a near-death stampede but then that might imply something out of the ordinary. :)

5:00 PM Oct 31st 2010

Who needs Kumbh Melas when you’ve got T.Nagar’s incredible Ranganathan street?

4:51 PM Oct 31st 2010

@keeperofthekeys Oh, your time will come. Much too soon perhaps. Something flies there. Grab on.

1:27 AM Oct 31st 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@zaveriaakash @rashmiswamy Great day! Here’s to more thrill, exercise, environment-friendly transport and a lot of fun!

12:15 AM Oct 31st 2010 in reply to zaveriaakash

Elliot’s Beach, Besant Nagar.

12:11 AM Oct 31st 2010

@rakeshrach Right!? Regular events organised by these guys

Didn’t stay long in Maha due to the continuous rain. :(

1:54 PM Oct 30th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

Cycle from Chennai to Mahabalipuram along the East Coast Road on a beautiful Saturday morning? Yeah, done that.

12:33 PM Oct 30th 2010

@rakeshrach A very defining three years, were they not? Excited to find out what the next set results in. Good luck ahead!

12:21 PM Oct 29th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

Being haunted by Rahman’s poignant, beast like deep-throated score for Beera’s moments of confession and admission, out of the blue.

11:34 AM Oct 29th 2010

@anildavid Good news! Are you taking up their offer?

11:06 AM Oct 29th 2010 in reply to anildavid

@rashmiswamy Such a great way to highlight little nuances. How did you come across this?

11:33 PM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to rashmiswamy

Great that Christian Horner claims it’s still early to back one driver, but I wonder if he’d say the same was Vettel in Webber’s position.

8:15 PM Oct 28th 2010

@keeperofthekeys Yes please. Sent you my address via DM.

8:07 PM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@sumitsharan Dry days = times when I haven’t got any recently shot photos. And, editing (not necessarily post-processing) is half the game!

1:37 AM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to sumitsharan

@sumitsharan lazy + editing takes time + prevents dilution + hopefully each photo stays longer with the viewer + dry day backups + diversity

1:21 AM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to sumitsharan

@toor_sunny Good to know that Honours hasn’t stopped you from upholding the all important never-submit-an-assignment-on-time FIT tradition.

11:40 AM Oct 27th 2010 in reply to toor_sunny

@rakeshrach Ah, I suspected that might be the case. Can’t wait. :D

5:53 PM Oct 26th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

*Acid Darbari. While I’m at it,

*talking, from

4:45 PM Oct 26th 2010

7 days to make do with just 30 seconds of Acid Dabari.

4:41 PM Oct 26th 2010

Rush hour on bike. Body, mind and soul in contaminated exhaustion.

Bas ghar pahuncha do…

7:19 PM Oct 25th 2010

@keeperofthekeys Short stay guest houses? Would love something home stay types. Don’t want no fancy hotel.

11:55 AM Oct 25th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Lazy is good! I’d rank nature, culture, food, and the rest, in that order. Don’t think 4 days will be sufficient though.

11:52 AM Oct 25th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@sumitsharan I subscribe to my ‘Recent activity’ feed from Don’t know about notifications.

12:00 AM Oct 25th 2010 in reply to sumitsharan

Rahman on shuffle. Body, mind and soul in weightless suspension.

Thodi si raat aur hai…

8:22 PM Oct 24th 2010

@keeperofthekeys That should prove helpful. :) Getting there on the 23rd and leaving on 26th.

10:50 AM Oct 24th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Nah, didn’t have other states on the agenda due to the short duration. Decided to stick to Shillong and Cherrapunji.

10:44 AM Oct 24th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@boiler_plate Ah… should’ve checked the repository HEAD first.

11:41 PM Oct 23rd 2010 in reply to boiler_plate

@keeperofthekeys Help finally emerges! Going there for 4 days in December so plenty of time to plan. What to miss and what not to miss?

3:20 PM Oct 23rd 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Drank a concoction called Jigarthanda last night.

12:27 PM Oct 23rd 2010

Korea shows the potential to become the first great modern drivers’ circuit. Should be a good race tomorrow.

12:25 PM Oct 23rd 2010

@gouravc Not too bad. Work is going pretty good too, but it’s the humidity, dirt and general shabbiness of the place that gets to you.

11:53 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@_karan I was pleasantly surprised by that too. They really are out to bypass the carriers, aren’t they?

11:43 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@adipedia Interning at these days. How ‘bout you? Delhi?

11:39 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@gouravc That wasn’t actually taken by me; it’s someone else’s account. I’m down in Chennai these days.

11:38 PM Oct 22nd 2010 Because bigger is better, right?
/via @sumitsharan

4:44 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@GVRV Thanks! Joined up.

12:14 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@rakeshrach Haven’t, but downloading it right now.

6:23 PM Oct 21st 2010

@adipedia Nope. About 6 of us should be heading there during the winter.

6:22 PM Oct 21st 2010

Superb with Marco Arment taking Instapaper, Tumblr, hours as a work quantifier & more. Par with Veen’s interview.

3:41 PM Oct 21st 2010

@zaveriaakash Don’t accuse me, there’s so much to see! :P Still a few months to go though.

1:55 PM Oct 21st 2010

Lazy web, any recommendations for places to stay in Shillong, Meghalaya?

1:25 PM Oct 21st 2010

Trapped, twisted, tangled. One of those days.

7:54 PM Oct 19th 2010

@keeperofthekeys I should’ve done something about those photos, but the only option for now is to wait until they’re up on Flickr (tomorrow)

4:52 PM Oct 18th 2010

@keeperofthekeys Hey, thanks! I enjoy your spontaneous Flickr stream too, and not least because I get to revisit bits of Dilli. :)

4:48 PM Oct 18th 2010

@xAbhishek Twitter would be perfect for ‘Homer says…’ (eg: @vignelli, @standardsgandhi, @AndazApnaApna94 etc.)

Brevity ftw!

8:06 AM Oct 14th 2010

@xAbhishek I’d follow that.

1:02 AM Oct 14th 2010

@sumitsharan Sure about that? Soch le. It can do all sorts of good.

3:09 PM Oct 11th 2010

@rakeshrach Yay! Knew you’d like it. How brilliant was the use of a character like Arjun!?

10:41 PM Oct 10th 2010

Half the class of Marks & Spencer comes from Helvetica.

4:47 PM Oct 10th 2010

So I’m not alone in my scepticism of tweets as comment replacements.

1:12 AM Oct 9th 2010

@sumitsharan Full on maze le raha hai kameena.

12:58 AM Oct 9th 2010

Great one-on-two chat with the always substantial @AussieGrit in the latest @5LiveF1 podcast. Mark Webber for the world championship!

10:09 PM Oct 8th 2010

Ha, read “MSFT, Fortune 500” as “Misfortune 500”.

4:16 PM Oct 8th 2010

Just watched a live action remake of The Lion King.

1:24 AM Oct 8th 2010

@5anket Not Picasa, but I’ll send you a link once I get around to processing and uploading the photos to my Flickr account.

11:56 PM Oct 7th 2010

@5anket Totally know what you mean. I fail to see the big deal.

10:05 PM Oct 5th 2010

@pricelessjunk Tumblr for its no-nonsense approach.

10:04 PM Oct 5th 2010

@souvikdg Conspicuous by its absence in your Hyderabad highlights: weather.

3:30 PM Oct 4th 2010

@rakeshrach There is no depth too low for Narendra Modi to sink to.

2:52 PM Oct 4th 2010

Amazed at the speed and efficiency of the Sarvana Bhavan at Chennai Central, in spite of the million people passing through it’s gates.

8:49 PM Oct 1st 2010

@souvikdg Well you could pursue a list’s timeline for a “cleaner” experience. Actively developed clients should support lists quite well.

9:25 AM Oct 1st 2010

@souvikdg Umm, tried Twitter lists?

1:41 AM Oct 1st 2010