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From the month of March, 2011.

Jenson Button laps Bathurst in a 2008 McLaren F1. [onboard camera]…[+]

Sacred stuff.

10:57 PM Mar 31st 2011

Here in India, the hour may end but the rush never does.

8:33 PM Mar 31st 2011

Now if only I could taste-pick favourites…

4:22 PM Mar 29th 2011

Handpicked favourites:

King Bansah’s Akosombo ohbeautifulb…king-bansah/[+]
WORK Beer: ohbeautifulb…3/work-beer/[+]
Mockingbird Beer ohbeautifulb…ngbird-beer/[+]

4:18 PM Mar 29th 2011

Oh beautiful, beautiful beer![+] (via @beastoftraal)

4:11 PM Mar 29th 2011

@jackerhack They missed the best part. I checked.

8:06 PM Mar 28th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@AkshaySasikumar Correction: Huge fan! Did you watch the first race?

7:55 PM Mar 28th 2011 in reply to AkshaySasikumar

@rashmiswamy @wateva No BBC pre-show, no BBC commentary, no BBC anything remotely F1. Damn annoying.

10:57 AM Mar 28th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

@rungtaakki Ah. Assumed there was no way you’d miss the first race of the season. Well, next time…

11:41 PM Mar 27th 2011 in reply to rungtaakki

@Fine_Whining Oh. I was talking about the domain name though. You probably don’t want to let that expire. Sort out the hosting later.

7:36 PM Mar 26th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@Fine_Whining Stay away from GoDaddy. Try[+] as a domain registrar instead.

7:31 PM Mar 26th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@lokallobaat I’m sure they have that buried somewhere in their ToS that you implicitly agreed to buy availing their services or something.

1:23 PM Mar 26th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

@jackerhack Try[+]

Not as comprehensive in India, but usually good enough for the big cities.

7:45 PM Mar 25th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

At Green Park. Strange to see so many familiar spots replaced by unfamiliar shops.

7:21 PM Mar 25th 2011

@souvikdg @bhavyakhanna It’s a lot more fun pretending to have an approval process for holidays.

11:59 PM Mar 24th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

Authentic, hand-written Nigerian spam brandflakesf…ntblanc.html[+]

All right, not authentic, but very clever.

12:52 PM Mar 24th 2011

When you say “Respect your elders”, I hear “Don’t bother with your minors or peers”.

10:28 PM Mar 23rd 2011

@Indelic Hi Andrea. Do you plan on using this account? Would really really appreciate it if you’d be willing to release this twitter handle.

11:30 PM Mar 22nd 2011

ककड़ी season is here!

7:45 PM Mar 22nd 2011

Nice and simple [iOS] offline capable web-app for currency conversion:[+]

/via @nimbuin

11:51 AM Mar 22nd 2011

@pricelessjunk @keeperofthekeys Are you taking requests?

If yes: road signs, city animals, street vendors, post boxes, barber shops …

11:42 AM Mar 22nd 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@souvikdg Utter disregard for the URL geek. GRRRR….

10:43 PM Mar 21st 2011 in reply to souvikdg


HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently

That’s all.

10:29 PM Mar 21st 2011

@beastoftraal Maybe it’s time for an itwofs tailored for our World Class media. /cc @planemad

10:20 PM Mar 21st 2011 in reply to beastoftraal

The Monday curse rears its ugly head. What a spectacular failure it’s made of this [false] positive start.

9:08 PM Mar 21st 2011

Extend your “if you don’t link to primary sources, I just don’t trust you” blogger rule of thumb to the media at large.….ben-goldacre[+]

12:53 AM Mar 21st 2011

@pricelessjunk Won’t say no, but this is the best I’ve managed with my 18-55mm.…/3983875220/[+]

7:52 PM Mar 19th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@souvikdg Take care. Put that computer down.

11:05 AM Mar 19th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

“If taste is just personal preference, then everyone’s is already perfect: you like whatever you like, and that’s it.” — Paul Graham

11:03 AM Mar 18th 2011

Ah the thrill of going from frustration to concept to execution to completion, all in a day’s work. Django FTW!

8:58 PM Mar 17th 2011

@jackerhack Ah yes. It was only a visual redesign though, no feature changes.

10:36 PM Mar 16th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@jackerhack Swell! And what do you think of my November ‘10 redesign of that ticket buying interface embedded underneath? :)

8:16 PM Mar 16th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@jackerhack I prefer /noun/verb. It also lends well to extension as /noun/noun/verb. (eg. user/photos/hash/edit/) More:…/url-design/[+]

12:00 AM Mar 16th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@gouravc Roughly around 860px on my photoblog and close to 1920px on my Flick account.

11:08 PM Mar 15th 2011 in reply to gouravc Indian dev job board (in beta). Almost posted a fictional job because of the awesome UX. Terrific job @jackerhack!

10:45 PM Mar 15th 2011

Jan Tschichold’s change of heart: jasonsantama…ge-of-heart/[+]

Helps a lot in times of doubt.

12:25 AM Mar 14th 2011

@pricelessjunk Yes, a thousand times yes. Travel and experience, nothing teaches better than those two.

10:13 PM Mar 13th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@keeperofthekeys True, but I’ll take trees and the occasional wipedown over construction and the daily scrubbing any day. Also, squirrels!

9:25 PM Mar 13th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Gurgaon feels a bit like Dubai in more ways than one. I can’t wait to relocate to South Delhi.

8:04 AM Mar 13th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

A £15,000 manhole cover from Chandigarh, Le Corbusier’s Indian masterpiece:[+]

11:23 PM Mar 12th 2011

@keeperofthekeys Unfortunately, my mouth and clothes can give testimony to that fact every evening.

11:09 PM Mar 12th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Guy who cleaned my camera’s sensor at the Canon service centre: “Garmi aane dijiye phir dekhiye Gurgaon kaise registan mein badalta hai.”

10:16 PM Mar 12th 2011

@NipunKedia Oh and it was all super delicious, in case you had any doubts. :P

10:15 PM Mar 12th 2011 in reply to NipunKedia

Dahi bhalle+tikki at Natraj, paranthe at paranthe wali gali and doodh at Keventers. Afternoon well spent?

2:23 PM Mar 12th 2011

OH: “Bahar toh nikalne do.”
Reply: “Toh main kahaan jaoo, upar?”

1:59 PM Mar 12th 2011

Vella in C.P. for an hour. Anyone care to join me / point me to something interesting around?

11:39 AM Mar 12th 2011

@eclairsk3 And that is exactly the sort of reason for which I worship the BBC and the New York Times. :)

8:13 PM Mar 11th 2011 in reply to eclairsk3

Good to finally see a female conductor manning a Delhi bus. #DTC

3:48 PM Mar 11th 2011

@PrathyushPramod And what site/app are you using to issue your invoices? Need to pick one soon myself.

9:22 AM Mar 11th 2011 in reply to PrathyushPramod

Fascinating type art from Bangla film titles:[+]

11:39 PM Mar 10th 2011

Since I’ve been loving you. Floyd by Zeppelin.

11:27 PM Mar 10th 2011

@5anket Awesome! Looking forward to a good lunch session on Monday.

8:08 PM Mar 10th 2011 in reply to 5anket

Never a dull moment on the public transport crush— err, systems of India.

8:06 PM Mar 10th 2011

@keeperofthekeys @rasagy Ah well, it’s hard to compete with free.

Really good capture btw. :)

11:14 AM Mar 8th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys I want to add to my favourites, but you moved off Flickr. :(

11:11 PM Mar 7th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

My fist hungers for Panda, Kung Fu Panda.…=opJDglqiQ6k[+]

11:07 PM Mar 7th 2011

Frustrated. Can’t think clearly. In greater awe of those who can. Impossible to create without mastering the mind first.

8:20 PM Mar 4th 2011

@souvikdg @_karan I attended the one in 2005 but none since.

9:22 AM Mar 2nd 2011 in reply to souvikdg

@_karan What with being in Delhi and sitting opposite @souvikdg every other day, the odd reference is bound to come up.

6:11 PM Mar 1st 2011 in reply to _karan

@toor_sunny Snooze fest in the making. Who’s lecture is that?

6:08 PM Mar 1st 2011 in reply to toor_sunny

.@oddysee Swat, not squat. My bad.

6:02 PM Mar 1st 2011

Transitioning from “We Take Printouts” to “We Squat Flies”.

11:53 AM Mar 1st 2011