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From the month of January, 2011.

@mahendra Hey Mahendra, any place I can access the slides from your #fossdotin talk on CouchDB?

9:48 PM Jan 31st 2011

Bug report: found 1, debugged 2, fixed 3. Feels good.

1:53 PM Jan 29th 2011

Djokovic for 2011 Australian Open champion!

5:31 PM Jan 27th 2011

@_karan Remove the cars, and for all we know, that might just be true!

7:48 PM Jan 26th 2011 in reply to _karan

Teach a Kid to Argue - Figures of Speech[+]

4:10 PM Jan 25th 2011

@sourima7 Awesome, right? That experiment’s done with and gone now though.

4:24 PM Jan 24th 2011 in reply to sourima7

@xAbhishek That’s quite an event! Good luck for the good cause. We’ll fix up an alternate meet-up.

11:13 PM Jan 23rd 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@umadamle Ooh, wasn’t aware of his presence. Heck, only found out about the event yesterday. Did see a lot of great work there though.

11:06 PM Jan 23rd 2011 in reply to umadamle

@keeperofthekeys Nice. Would’ve been so much better bumping into you rather than, forgive my ignorance, Geeta whonow?.

10:57 PM Jan 23rd 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Paranthe @ Gali Paranthe Wali

5:25 PM Jan 23rd 2011

@lokallobaat I thought they all played on in the final set. Impatient Americans.

4:39 PM Jan 23rd 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Um, rubbed shoulders with Sonia Gandhi, or so informs my friend.

3:23 PM Jan 23rd 2011

Headed to the India Art Summit at Pragati Maidan.[+]

1:08 PM Jan 23rd 2011

Loose strands from a chat earlier today:

Interview: hindustantim…-544724.aspx[+]
Experience: shorts.adity…t/2872042263[+]

1:39 AM Jan 23rd 2011

@xAbhishek Details? Might finally get to meet you in person.

1:13 AM Jan 23rd 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

Love how Connor McKay’s verticalfore…5-extension/[+] HTML5

12:57 AM Jan 23rd 2011

@rethas Use the (free) PlainText iPhone app to manage your notes when you move to Dropbox.

2:41 PM Jan 19th 2011 in reply to rethas

@rungtaakki Lots in my timeline did too. Strange, like I said.

2:38 PM Jan 19th 2011 in reply to rungtaakki

@5anket Absolutely. We’ll get hold of one of the side drummers too and blast away!

11:54 PM Jan 18th 2011 in reply to 5anket

“… you have to be run by ideas, not hierarchy. The best ideas have to win. Otherwise good people don’t stay …”

– Steven P. Jobs

11:21 PM Jan 18th 2011

quirksmode.o…wser_is.html[+] The “behind” bit from my “The web might remain one step behind, yet it is always two steps ahead.” prateekrungt…/380.webmark[+]

9:33 PM Jan 18th 2011

Awaiting their turn @ Shillong Airport.[+]

11:37 AM Jan 18th 2011

@agrawalshiv Had he? Didn’t seem like it. They’ve shifted offices. Didn’t enquire about prices at this meet, but will do in due course …

10:41 PM Jan 15th 2011 in reply to agrawalshiv

@agrawalshiv Thanks! Met Mr.Rao from U.C.Systems again during the process.

8:39 PM Jan 15th 2011 in reply to agrawalshiv

@rashmiswamy Yeah, and what a relief. Got the internal HDD upgraded here in Delhi.

7:57 PM Jan 15th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

250 GB power-up!

6:31 PM Jan 15th 2011

Reverse culture shock happening in Delhi.

11:14 PM Jan 13th 2011

@rungtaakki Thanks! Settled back into your UK life?

9:37 PM Jan 12th 2011 in reply to rungtaakki

Dilli, at last.

4:13 PM Jan 12th 2011

@toor_sunny Satbir Singh Toor. Death by boredom. September 2011.

2:48 PM Jan 12th 2011 in reply to toor_sunny

@toor_sunny Canberra eh? Let me know the dates so I can book tickets for your funeral 3 months in advance.

9:33 AM Jan 12th 2011 in reply to toor_sunny

… and away! I’ve waited a long time for this journey. 16 more hours on the 12301 before I end teen saalon ki doori.

5:41 PM Jan 11th 2011

City in decay. Brabourne road, Calcutta.

5:28 PM Jan 11th 2011

Light @ Dum Dum Metro Station

10:10 AM Jan 11th 2011

Awesome दाल बाटी dinner with the family in close-to-freezing single digit temperatures. #goodtobehome

10:41 PM Jan 7th 2011

@Shalin10 Aperture’s good but feels heavy on my MBP. Tempted to ditch and switch to Adobe’s (lighter) Lightroom.

10:01 PM Jan 7th 2011 in reply to Shalin10

The OS X Finder icon, practising what Picasso preached: translate.go…Frovereto%2F[+]

/via @Prax08

8:16 PM Jan 6th 2011

@pricelessjunk It’ll have to be mostly hand-coded, but the added effort will be worth it (readily accessible, hyper-linkable, self-hosted).

7:10 PM Jan 4th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@pricelessjunk Go through and for a feel of art directed article design on the web.

6:28 PM Jan 4th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@pricelessjunk I can help you with that. In fact, if you’re willing, put the entire issue in HTML rather than hosting PDFs online.

2:19 PM Jan 4th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@sumitsharan “Bollywood’s serial plagiarists” … those two sets’ unions will be nearly identical to their intersection.

1:07 PM Jan 3rd 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

On the move. Howrah-Asansol Passenger. Destination: Bokaro. Hop-over at Purulia.

10:31 AM Jan 2nd 2011