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From the month of January, 2008.

@rakeshrach Neither can I! 4 hours more to go…

11:14 PM Jan 15th 2008

So its goodbye Delhi in 2 hours. Met (in order) Varenya, (Neetu didi n Jijaji), Karan, Souvik, Amit, Anchal, Shubra, Sumit, Rohan and Swati.

6:53 PM Jan 14th 2008

Crap! I forgot to allocate my preferred timetable when Allocate+ opened 4 days back. I hope some good spots are still vacant.

3:54 PM Jan 13th 2008

Had the DPS RKP (TM) Patty after 2 years…

11:00 PM Jan 8th 2008

I’m back in Delhi! :D

7:39 PM Jan 5th 2008

Happy New Year people!

8:53 PM Jan 1st 2008