Thus twat tweeted @rungta.

From the month of August, 2009.

F1 overlords, take note how much difference a proper track like Spa can make. Probably the best race of the season.

12:04 AM Aug 31st 2009

Imagine if Fisichella actually wins…

P.S. - What’s with all the pit stops today?

10:53 PM Aug 30th 2009

God I love the Spa-francorchamps circuit. F1 needs more tracks like these and less tracks like Valencia.

7:15 PM Aug 29th 2009

My HCI professor: “Java philosophy is ‘write once and run anywhere’ or ‘write once and run away as far as you can’.”

4:15 PM Aug 27th 2009

@adipedia Sweet. Now get on Flickr and start uploading.

4:31 PM Aug 26th 2009 Not there yet, but definitely moving in the right direction.

3:36 PM Aug 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy Thanks for the confirmation!

5:34 PM Aug 25th 2009

Got home just in time. The Met department wasn’t joking when they said “extreme weather” expected in Melbourne today.

5:31 PM Aug 25th 2009

@xAbhishek I doubt it’s a transitory thing for me. I’ve liked both Helvetica and Gill Sans since I’ve been aware of them.

2:33 PM Aug 24th 2009

Half of my affection for SBS can probably be attributed to their use of Helvetica.

1:03 AM Aug 24th 2009

@bhavyakhanna Also, while I was never a fan, no strong opposition would be worse than no BJP.

5:11 PM Aug 20th 2009

Decided to finally open the copy of “Interpreter of Maladies” that’d been lying on my shelf since last October.

8:00 PM Aug 19th 2009

@adipedia Dunno. The impostor managed to tweet something about making money and the twitter guys said, “No, thank you.” :P

8:23 PM Aug 16th 2009

@adipedia Thanks!

My twitter account was hacked into and subsequently suspended on 7th August.

7:04 PM Aug 16th 2009

Hacked. Suspended. Restored.

6:58 PM Aug 16th 2009

Mayawati’s probably saying, “Somebody stop me!”


10:14 PM Aug 3rd 2009

It might get loud this Tuesday.

7:32 PM Aug 2nd 2009