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From the month of August, 2008.

@sumitsharan finally! Hopefully this one is more reliable.

4:35 AM Aug 30th 2008

Submitted both my assignments. For a short while, I’m a free man once again!

4:10 PM Aug 29th 2008

Damn you assignments!

4:33 AM Aug 29th 2008

@kabir88 Ah yes, pretty cool. Just buy a license if you like it so much!

3:14 PM Aug 28th 2008

AAARRGGHH! svn hasn’t been letting me commit for the past 3 days and I just can’t find a way to fix it >:O

2:32 AM Aug 27th 2008

@sumitsharan LOL. Tell me about it!

6:40 PM Aug 26th 2008

Time Machine just helped recover all my subscriptions when NetNewsWire all of a sudden reset all its settings!

8:52 PM Aug 25th 2008

@rashmiswamy @wateva you guys coming or what?

2:23 AM Aug 24th 2008

@rashmiswamy went to sleep extra early last night :)

11:53 AM Aug 23rd 2008

@rashmiswamy yup, and even more so if you’re a regular user of an Adobe product.

5:34 PM Aug 22nd 2008

“Do you think its smart to put the names of the developers up when the product is taking forever to load?” from

4:19 PM Aug 22nd 2008

“Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.” :( Hope they’re back soon.

3:00 AM Aug 20th 2008

Bachna Ae Hasino – not too good, not too bad. Meh.

12:45 AM Aug 20th 2008

@varenya dude, what’s with the third person speak in all your tweets? This isn’t facebook.

5:25 PM Aug 19th 2008

@varenya Hehe. I dis-enrolled from IT in project management after half a lecture! Still have to do it some time though :(

5:17 PM Aug 19th 2008

Love those ‘melt in your mouth’ crackers (नमकीन biscuits)

5:11 PM Aug 19th 2008

Realizing that I wasn’t really that hungry halfway through the pasta I cooked at 2am!!!

2:10 AM Aug 18th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha for the dinner thing! :P

6:06 PM Aug 16th 2008

@sumitsharan HAHAHA. Awesome pic!!

2:11 PM Aug 15th 2008

Wishing all Indians a Happy 61st Independence day!!

12:17 AM Aug 15th 2008

Damn!! No forwarding of twitter updates via SMS in Australia too :(

1:26 PM Aug 14th 2008

“We used to build civilisations,” Bill Bryson once wrote. “Now we build shopping malls.” from Reading difficulties hindustantim…-330493.aspx[+]

8:18 PM Aug 13th 2008

Our good old operating systems lecturer lost himself mid way once again.

3:27 PM Aug 13th 2008

@varenya you lucky bastard!!

2:30 PM Aug 13th 2008

@sumitsharan bad timing. Eating now, so wait for 15-20 minutes if you can.

12:58 AM Aug 13th 2008

iChat screen sharing is godsend for remote troubleshooting!!

11:29 PM Aug 12th 2008

@sumitsharan That’s right, Skype rocks!

9:37 PM Aug 12th 2008

@sumitsharan I guess they want to remind India that they’re the sporting body with the most money! >:O

12:08 AM Aug 12th 2008

@varenya and @kabir88 – use @username in your tweet when you’re directing it to specific people.

8:52 PM Aug 11th 2008

@varenya Welcome to using twitter the way its meant to be used! (Btw, what about Nag?)

7:42 PM Aug 11th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha. Yeah probably.

4:45 PM Aug 11th 2008

Woohoo! First individual gold for India EVER finally won -…0827-29.html[+]

4:30 PM Aug 11th 2008

Made it with not a second to spare!

2:59 PM Aug 11th 2008

56 mins for me to complete, run to the library, print and submit my assignment. Let’s see if I make it.

2:04 PM Aug 11th 2008

@varenyed So did Authoxy do the trick for you?

2:00 PM Aug 11th 2008

@wateva rashmi’s tipsy! come online quick!!

4:12 AM Aug 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy @wateva Sorry guys. Varenya’s staying over so was just hanging out with other friends. I’m back now.

4:09 AM Aug 10th 2008

@kabir88 Its was awesome the 2nd time too. I doubt I’ll be able to come over tomorrow. Assignment and tennis after that.

3:45 AM Aug 10th 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah. Did you find a video yet?

3:44 AM Aug 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy In the city. Saw the dark knight again :D

11:45 PM Aug 9th 2008

@sumitsharan I haven’t looked for videos yet but I did find awesome photos from the ceremony -…eremony.html[+]

12:18 PM Aug 9th 2008

@kabir88 Yup. The countdown was awesome.

10:01 PM Aug 8th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha, yeah. Unfortunately, there was none at today’ fair.

1:27 AM Aug 8th 2008

Career fairs - waste of paper, waste of time, good for free goodies.

4:51 PM Aug 7th 2008

@kabir88 Probably because you haven’t turned on device notifications for me. Log in, go to and turn it on.

10:26 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Stuff not working, preparation for things to come and impulse.

7:27 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Yup! Now come over with your laptop so we can play Warcraft. :)

6:47 PM Aug 6th 2008

Ah the thrill of opening a new Apple product…even something as boring as a router…man do they have an eye for detail!

5:46 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Yo kabster! Welcome to twitter.

12:31 AM Aug 6th 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah, hilarious and sad when you realize that IRCTC is one of the better designed websites under the Indian gov.

8:08 PM Aug 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah, but I’m busy right now. Anything urgent?

1:09 AM Aug 4th 2008


11:37 PM Aug 3rd 2008

‘Wanted’, your healthy dose of bad movie — helps appreciate the good ones even more.

12:41 AM Aug 3rd 2008

@rashmiswamy Coming online by any chance?

12:24 AM Aug 2nd 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah saw that yesterday. That lucky bastard…lol.

3:04 PM Aug 1st 2008