Thus twat tweeted @rungta.

From the month of September, 2010.

“[Twitter] can make good guesses about the topics a user is interested in by looking at the users he follows that don’t follow him back.”

3:37 PM Sep 30th 2010

Kicking web page ass has never been more fun /via @rands

2:32 PM Sep 30th 2010

@GVRV Rails, though I’m more involved in the front-end interface design.

1:43 PM Sep 30th 2010

@sumitsharan Yes, I’d marked that one for future reference. I’ve been on the first one (in reverse) and boy oh boy,

12:08 PM Sep 30th 2010

@GVRV Very different from Melbourne for sure, but not too bad. Like the stuff I’m working on a lot, but the city could’ve been better.

6:22 PM Sep 29th 2010

@GVRV Good work and good luck!

2:58 PM Sep 29th 2010

@reviewgang Apparently Mayajaal is planning to run 60 sessions per day!

8:34 PM Sep 28th 2010

Enjoying Martin Brundle’s BBC commentary for the Singapore GP via Skype, courtesy of @rashmiswamy. :D

5:51 PM Sep 26th 2010

In Pondicherry, road signs remind us that ‘Leprosy is curable’ and bus stops remind us that ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’

6:43 PM Sep 25th 2010

@vegachauhan Rocking like a hurricane?

2:37 PM Sep 25th 2010

Murphy’s law of Public Transport: The opposite route always has more frequent buses/trains and the opposite lane always moves faster.

11:30 AM Sep 24th 2010

“If you look at text as an interface, typography is its usability.”

    – @iA while introducing the new Writer iPad app.

6:40 PM Sep 23rd 2010

@reviewgang Haha, awesome! We should catchup sometime then. You in Chennai by any chance?

4:05 PM Sep 23rd 2010

@reviewgang Currently interning at Chennai. How ‘bout you, Review Gang full-time or juggling with day job?

3:56 PM Sep 23rd 2010

@reviewgang Thanks! I’m trying to experiment and find out how well those qualities propagate to other Indian sites.

3:33 PM Sep 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan The alien from Koi Mil Gaya. Never seen one of those?

Also, Kaala Bandar!

12:36 AM Sep 22nd 2010

@sumitsharan … goats, donkeys, jaadu, buffaloes, sheep …

12:27 AM Sep 22nd 2010

@reviewgang Were that the case (film family = good), imagine where the Indian film industry would be today.

But, we can always hope! :)

12:20 AM Sep 22nd 2010

@reviewgang What they lack is the passion, not the resources. Without passion, it’s just another business undertaking.

6:29 PM Sep 20th 2010

Vanishing at the Vanishing Pier, Thalankuppam.

9:42 PM Sep 19th 2010

Just finished an educating documentary on selected works of Zaha Hadid at the fantastic Cholamandal Artists’ Village.

12:34 AM Sep 18th 2010

@anildavid And not just Linkin Park it appears :(

1:59 AM Sep 17th 2010

Jhakaas Mysore masala dosa at Dosa “DC” Calling.

/via @Shalin10

6:40 PM Sep 16th 2010

@sumitsharan Think I have, though not consciously. Got to get hold of it. Good song.

2:39 PM Sep 16th 2010

@salvn That sucks big time. Screw IBM.

2:28 PM Sep 16th 2010

@rakeshrach I’m still taking it all in, but can’t wait to start dissecting the film. Trains and trains :)

2:35 PM Sep 15th 2010

Highlights of the last 3 days: Alaipayuthey & Pachchai Nirame from Alaipayuthey, Yudh Yudh & Beera’s theme from Raavan.

3:48 AM Sep 15th 2010

@sumitsharan Extremely catch that, isn’t it? Don’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow and find a new song stuck in your head.

4:25 AM Sep 14th 2010

@rashmiswamy Haha! I’ll let you take the next one(s).

4:27 AM Sep 11th 2010

Ideas should be worth sharing, and quotes should be worth typesetting. Sweet serve!

4:22 AM Sep 11th 2010

Your guide to boring, and possibly horrid, travel photos.

4:18 AM Sep 11th 2010

@toor_sunny So, what’s her name?

2:38 PM Sep 10th 2010

@rakeshrach That’s one evening taken care of. :-/

7:23 PM Sep 9th 2010

Know what shreds paper better than a shredder? A fully loaded washing machine.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

4:32 AM Sep 9th 2010

@xAbhishek Where’re you off too, some time in the future?

3:20 AM Sep 9th 2010

Living life on the EDGE at 10 KB/sec.

3:35 AM Sep 8th 2010

Insomnia, finally!

“Don’t lose your way.” And I don’t plan to. Will be ‘Following’ through to the very beginning.

6:44 AM Sep 5th 2010

@5anket Patel saab, aap Bharat tashreef kab laa rahe hain?

10:22 PM Sep 4th 2010

@apanda I like empty and pretty beaches. Thanks for the heads up!

4:23 AM Sep 3rd 2010

Harbouring a yearning desire for India’s south east archipelago.[+]

10:26 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Those iPod Nano ‘Multi-Touch basics’ animations? Not Flash, not video, not GIFs.


7:40 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Good morning! Today’s breakfast: Dosais for the hungry stomach, GSIS nostalgia for the hungry mind.

2:24 PM Sep 2nd 2010

@sumitsharan Multi-grain was my bread of choice back in the land of processed food goodness.

3:15 AM Sep 2nd 2010