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From the month of June, 2010.

@wateva @rashmiswamy @adipedia @oddysee Thanks folks! Didn’t end on a high note, but I’m glad it’s over and done with.

3:36 PM Jun 30th 2010

Headed into what’s hopefully the last exam I have to write in a long long time. Butterflies in my stomach.

9:17 AM Jun 29th 2010

@souvikdg That site’s been up for close to an year now, so I don’t remember for sure. Doubt it was any one specific incident though.

11:30 PM Jun 26th 2010

@souvikdg Let’s see, one exam Monday afternoon, one exam Tuesday morning. Yup, I’ve got time. :-)

2:18 AM Jun 26th 2010

@rakeshrach What a cracker. Watched the last scene again. Never gets old, that one.

8:34 PM Jun 25th 2010

@ytvinay That’s my break to return to the physical world. Take a walk, drink some water, look outside your window, then resume. ;-)

5:39 PM Jun 25th 2010

Because everyone needs reminding.

5:25 PM Jun 25th 2010

@sumitsharan Holy… is that the longest match ever played!?

4:00 AM Jun 24th 2010

That’s twice today I’ve read “Detailed, insightful” as delightful.

2:32 AM Jun 24th 2010

If you managed to miss this just as I did, JavaScript 1.6 (all except IE, surprise!) now has native map, reduce, filter etc. Array methods.

5:05 PM Jun 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan Haha! It certainly seems to be your WTF day.

4:57 PM Jun 23rd 2010

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Formula 1, McLaren Technology Centre, Vodafone, Ad.

7:28 PM Jun 21st 2010

The great @toor_sunny “I was thinking of getting sick…”

6:53 PM Jun 21st 2010

@sumitsharan They speak too soon, expect every movie to be the very best. We see this often with Apple announcements. That or it’s personal.

1:55 AM Jun 21st 2010

Be it the background score, the visuals, the reimagination, its retelling, or the final scene, Raavan is every bit as enjoyable, twice over.

11:52 PM Jun 20th 2010

@souvikdg @nisheeth What a match! Awesome conclusion. This is how the great truths of life unravel themselves. ;-)

4:16 PM Jun 18th 2010

McSweeny’s S.I.M. (Short Imagined Monolgoues) presents, “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.”

11:06 PM Jun 16th 2010

Can you believe we didn’t have a race in Canada last year?! Does Bernie Ecclestone have any love left for actual racing?

2:31 AM Jun 14th 2010

@rungtaakki @rashmiswamy I’ve been quite satisfied with a Logitech mouse.

12:27 PM Jun 13th 2010

@rashmiswamy Q2 was quite eventful too. Both Force India’s getting in, Williams doing better and Schumacher missing the cut.

11:53 AM Jun 13th 2010

Woah, awesome qualifying session! Best of the season so far?

4:04 AM Jun 13th 2010

“Police say they hope the experience has knocked some sense into the burglar.”

5:04 PM Jun 12th 2010

Cross-fading, auto-transitioning, on-by-default home page slideshows are the new tags.

3:14 PM Jun 12th 2010

@beep The new line is “This site worst viewed in Internet Explorer.”

4:46 AM Jun 12th 2010

Autumn. Makes for a great iPhone wallpaper. Honest.[+]

10:23 PM Jun 11th 2010

@adipedia Thanks! It’s in no state to be open sourced, but I might make it an open service if I find the time and motivation.

7:56 PM Jun 11th 2010

@adipedia It appears there are other standards loving apple geeks named Prateek Rungta. I gotta be extra quick reserving web handles now!

9:02 PM Jun 10th 2010

Two questions into my exam, all I wanted to do was tweet, “This is boring as hell!” Felt like a high school rote learning test. Pathetic.

2:33 PM Jun 10th 2010

@rashmiswamy @rungtaakki Ah, the good old days. My minions have come a long way since. :P

12:30 PM Jun 10th 2010

@anildavid @souvikdg Thanks! Hope I manage to secure a pass mark in tomorrow’s security exam.

1:43 AM Jun 10th 2010

@arihantbaid Go with ‘Mac OS Extended (Jorunaled)’. Should warn you though that Windows does not support these HFS+ filesystems.

1:36 AM Jun 10th 2010

Exam tomorrow. Fuckeity fuck fuck.

11:12 PM Jun 9th 2010

@sumitsharan Haha. Thankfully, I still haven’t booked my tickets so my plans can be rejigged to prevent bad news. :)

8:05 PM Jun 7th 2010

@rakeshrach Interesting! Makes sense too.

9:15 PM Jun 5th 2010

@rakeshrach Also starting with ‘स’: Sur, Sangeet and Sa re ga…

8:10 PM Jun 5th 2010

@sumitsharan Lucky you. Any chance it might go on till August?

6:07 PM Jun 5th 2010

@yammo323 Thanks Tony! Still have the exams to get through, then heading back to India for good.

7:56 PM Jun 3rd 2010

@thesilentenigma Thanks for saving me those bucks and some marks!

2:55 PM Jun 3rd 2010

@Shrihari August. Have you started already?

1:35 AM Jun 3rd 2010

@ytvinay Thanks! Looking forward to it loads.

8:48 PM Jun 2nd 2010

Lorne, Erskine falls, Sheoak falls, Swallow cave. All good!

8:44 PM Jun 2nd 2010