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From the month of February, 2009.

Safari 4 definitely needs its old loading indicator in the address bar. The current version just doesn’t cut it.

12:30 PM Feb 26th 2009

@rakeshrach That would be a big time saver indeed, and it might go some way in standardizing a few missing features too.

5:45 PM Feb 24th 2009

@kanduri just 3 more days in India, and I didn’t make it to Delhi at all this trip.

3:17 AM Feb 24th 2009

Just three days more of luxury, good food and Hindustan :(

2:38 AM Feb 24th 2009

@keeperofthekeys haha. Wish that was the case for my blog too. I seriously need to post a new photo or two and save it from dying.

10:47 PM Feb 16th 2009

Never enjoyed a wedding like I did Ashish Gautam’s the last two days. Can’t believe he’s married, but man we had a BLAST!

2:22 AM Feb 16th 2009

Overhead “Indians are so advanced that kal ka ticket mein aaj hi chadh jaate hain!” (Lucky for them, the train hadn’t left the station.)

11:46 PM Feb 12th 2009

Indian movie studios need to take a good look at the Taare Zameen Par DVD box - movie, special features, background score, goodies & artwork

4:48 PM Feb 11th 2009

Funny how the Britannia fruit cake keeps getting smaller and costlier every year. Still very tasty though. :)

12:08 AM Feb 6th 2009

@blah_bleh Yeah was there just for a day. Will be back on 27th. We’ll catch up then.

6:59 PM Feb 4th 2009

Irrespective of People driving on the wrong side of the road, Dubai was fun. And now for the homeland…

9:07 AM Feb 3rd 2009

In the concrete jungle and experiencing first hand the great Arab firewall. :P

2:41 PM Feb 2nd 2009

@rashmiswamy Actually, only one-third through. Now on to the flight for the next bit.

3:33 AM Feb 2nd 2009

In Singapore (yay!) and dissappointed on missing what seems to have been another epic Federer Nadal final :(

2:58 AM Feb 2nd 2009

Up up and away! Bye bye Melbourne…

7:41 PM Feb 1st 2009

And I’m off to the airport! :D

3:47 PM Feb 1st 2009