Thus twat tweeted @rungta.

From the month of November, 2007.

I passed! I passed technical documentation with credit.

8:10 PM Nov 29th 2007

Cursing Google for not having enabled IMAP access for my Gmail account yet!!

9:55 PM Nov 28th 2007

We live in a beautiful world. Don’t, please don’t destroy it.

11:04 PM Nov 27th 2007

@rejuver I second that! It is so irritating to have to ignore about 20 odd invites each time I login.

11:51 AM Nov 26th 2007

I finally shot some photos! Look for an update soon -

6:22 PM Nov 23rd 2007

Run Forest Run!!

10:13 PM Nov 22nd 2007

Rain is falling chama cham cham!

3:06 PM Nov 21st 2007

@rashmiswamy No internet is very frustrating indeed. Hope you’re able to get back online soon. I’m off to bed!

11:42 PM Nov 19th 2007

@rashmiswamy Lucky twitter works via sms too!

11:33 PM Nov 19th 2007

The heat is killing me!

11:28 PM Nov 19th 2007

@rashmiswamy aage jaane ram kya hoga (God knows what’ll happen next)

11:01 PM Nov 17th 2007

Fried rice, pappad and curd - its like I had Sunday lunch at GSIS!

1:21 PM Nov 16th 2007

Backup time!

1:23 AM Nov 16th 2007

Finally done making my bed (worst part of linen exchange). Night all! :P

2:39 AM Nov 14th 2007

@wateva Ya I should’ve. Its 3 friggin 30 AM!! Don’t disturb me people.

2:33 AM Nov 14th 2007

@rashmiswamy I told ya it was ‘pretty alright’ but you just wouldn’t listen.

2:32 AM Nov 14th 2007

@wateva All day all night long…hare Ram hare Ram, hare Krishna hare Ram, hare Ram hare Ram, hare Krishna hare Raaam!

2:26 AM Nov 14th 2007

Hare Ram hare Ram, hare Krishna hare Ram, hare Ram hare Ram, hare Krishna hare Raaam…tang tang tadang tadang tang tang…

2:07 AM Nov 14th 2007

I got Leopard, finally!

5:30 PM Nov 13th 2007

Absolute positioning - the bane of CSS sanity.

12:28 PM Nov 13th 2007

Well today was very productive :)

6:33 PM Nov 12th 2007

And another week begins! Let’s see how much sleep err, work I get through this one ;)

7:59 AM Nov 12th 2007

Off to bed soon. Night people!

12:49 AM Nov 12th 2007


12:25 AM Nov 12th 2007

This is handy!

10:51 PM Nov 11th 2007

WTF is going on???

2:45 AM Nov 11th 2007

I’d forgotten how much I loved mangoes. That’s one thing I can’t complain about summer!

8:03 PM Nov 10th 2007

Mama always said, “If there was a trophy for this, you would’ve won it.”

3:39 PM Nov 10th 2007

Scroll baby, scroll!

6:13 PM Nov 9th 2007

Kernel panic – aaargghh!!!

3:08 PM Nov 9th 2007

Finally some friends on twitter

11:27 AM Nov 9th 2007

Happy Diwali!!

8:44 AM Nov 9th 2007

Man how i hate waking up in the morning.

7:38 AM Nov 9th 2007

Addicted to Aa Jaane Jaa (The Baby Can You Feel The Magic Mix) by Instant Karma!!

1:11 AM Nov 9th 2007

So I hear this twitter thing is addictive…

11:40 PM Nov 8th 2007