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From the month of July, 2009.

@adipedia Water spills on the carpet, the stairs, the car…

11:33 PM Jul 30th 2009

I need to etch this at the back of my hand - DEFROST a fridge BEFORE moving it!!

10:28 PM Jul 30th 2009

@rashmiswamy @wateva This is definitely the most exciting F1 news we’ve had all season.

11:01 AM Jul 30th 2009

Guru bhai Guru bhai avya che, dhoom dhadaka karela che!

10:18 PM Jul 27th 2009

@wateva I think Massa will miss most of the remaining races this season but I hope he makes a full recovery.

1:22 PM Jul 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy Oh it’s nothing spectacular.

7:21 PM Jul 18th 2009

Finished reinventing the wheel. It rocks and rolls!

5:52 PM Jul 18th 2009

Footer copy: This site worst viewed in Internet Explorer.

11:57 PM Jul 17th 2009

I’d become so distant that only now did I find the need for an उभरता भारत folder in my bookmarks bar.

11:39 PM Jul 16th 2009

@sumitsharan Dude you must be seriously vella to go watch Kambakkht Ishq! :P

2:47 AM Jul 14th 2009

The best qualifying we’ve seen this season, hands down.

11:03 PM Jul 11th 2009

Force India in Q3 for the first time ever!

Go get that first points finish at the German Grand Prix!

10:44 PM Jul 11th 2009

@adipedia I’m no so sure it was done by students. But yeah, whoever is responsible appears to be very ignorant.

8:04 PM Jul 9th 2009

Tsk Tsk Monash Arts faculty.[+]

6:55 PM Jul 9th 2009

Anyone know where/how I can get my hands on the movie “Lions of Punjab Presents”? (paid or otherwise)

3:22 AM Jul 8th 2009

“Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.” – Stefan Sagmeister.

7:09 PM Jul 6th 2009

Kandhamal riots accused (7 murder cases, 6 cases for house torching & 1 murder attempt) out on bail, takes oath as MLA!! indianexpres…mla/485297/0[+]

2:43 AM Jul 6th 2009

@souvikdg We love you too! :P

12:06 AM Jul 5th 2009

@adipedia Indeed I do, but that’ll merely be the culmination of the end (hopefully). It’s already begun.

2:43 AM Jul 3rd 2009

Back hic from another friend’s farewell party hic. The end of another era seems close at hand.

2:36 AM Jul 3rd 2009

@xAbhishek Ogg (and <audio/video>) support is a good thing no doubt.

5:42 AM Jul 1st 2009

@xAbhishek Lots of improvements & additions in Gecko to be excited about. Contrast prateekrungt…ces/top-gear[+] in Firefox 3 and 3.5 for an example.

4:47 AM Jul 1st 2009