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From the month of June, 2013.

Step out ye people of Delhi and enjoy this splendid morning.

8:35 AM Jun 11th 2013

@rethas Hope you meant metered bills that drivers actually honour and don’t demand a premium on. That would really be something in Chennai.

6:42 PM Jun 10th 2013 in reply to rethas

@rethas How’re they different from the Horror Autos of Chennai?

1:26 PM Jun 10th 2013 in reply to rethas

@rashmiswamy Was. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Involuntarily.

7:23 PM Jun 9th 2013 in reply to rashmiswamy

Gentleman next to me asked to be sure the movie hadn’t begun. Have ads become that ubiquitous?

6:59 PM Jun 9th 2013

“If you haven’t bleated out your thoughts on some subject, you’re assumed not to have any thoughts on that subject… baradwajrang…ations-77-2/[+]

8:27 PM Jun 8th 2013

@ap00rv Soon you’ll wish you felt nothing.

11:07 PM Jun 6th 2013 in reply to ap00rv

Manjhi (5 kms away from Dodital):…/aKyKkWFzlA/[+]

9:34 AM Jun 6th 2013

@keeperofthekeys Take friends along, make budday double awesome.

9:29 PM Jun 5th 2013 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Fantastic travel diary day on my Instagram timeline today courtesy @souvikdg @lokallobaat and @shalynee.

9:19 PM Jun 5th 2013

Two fantastic new albums for June: Lootera by Amit Trivedi and Raanjhana by A.R. Rahman.

11:26 PM Jun 4th 2013

@sevenaces Man he must be giving those “reading time” algorithms a pretty hard time. @rasagy @kshitiz

10:40 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to sevenaces

@rasagy Indeed. (Surely you didn’t manage to read both in under 4 mins?) @kshitiz

10:37 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to rasagy

@kshitiz @rasagy Two more on design criticism — or lack thereof — in the industry: subtraction….ner-you-suck[+]

ALA: alistapart.c…tic-distance[+]

10:33 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to kshitiz

Bournvita doing a Nike:…=cvr20EYhOtU[+]

More like this please.

12:20 AM Jun 4th 2013

“I’ve realized that the more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn…

@rasagy reflects:…sign-school/[+]

12:06 AM Jun 4th 2013

@sourima7 It did. It totally did. So glad I did the trek.

8:00 PM Jun 3rd 2013 in reply to sourima7