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From the month of December, 2012.

@ankurb Likewise! Didn’t realise when you slipped off. How long are you in Delhi?

2:21 AM Dec 31st 2012 in reply to ankurb

“Steal like an artist.”

@xAbhishek’s rad new site:[+]

11:48 PM Dec 27th 2012

The rumours aren’t true. Yeti is still tasty. Super tasty.

10:46 PM Dec 27th 2012

@ap00rv पर ठंड में खाने का मज़ा कुछ और ही होता है।

9:51 PM Dec 26th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

’Tis the season for बैगन का भरता. Oh yes.

2:43 PM Dec 26th 2012

@xAbhishek At the Green Park Costa with @souvikdg. Something’s missing.

8:31 PM Dec 25th 2012

@turmericdesign I’ve got important numbers of friends and family written in my notebook for just such situations.

7:20 PM Dec 25th 2012 in reply to turmericdesign

OH: North Delhi mein rahunga to zindagi mein kuch ni kar paonga.

2:49 PM Dec 20th 2012

@jonathandmello The good sites / apps generally support both. :)

7:58 PM Dec 19th 2012 in reply to jonathandmello

@vrinda_m Right? Not my work though. That photo was taken by Mayank Austen Soofi, a.k.a The Delhi Walla.

3:02 PM Dec 18th 2012 in reply to vrinda_m

@rasagy Which is almost always the more interesting (and longer lasting) discussion in any case. :)

9:18 AM Dec 17th 2012 in reply to rasagy

@rasagy Share some of the questions?

3:59 PM Dec 16th 2012 in reply to rasagy

@sonix15 Yes, let’s. Next weekend hopefully.

1:35 AM Dec 16th 2012 in reply to sonix15

@sonix15 Oh no, and this cold weather won’t be helping either. You take care.

9:41 AM Dec 15th 2012 in reply to sonix15

@sonix15 Want to take a walk outside?

9:25 AM Dec 15th 2012 in reply to sonix15

@5anket Diu! Phone must’ve been out of coverage area earlier. Will call tomorrow.

2:34 AM Dec 12th 2012 in reply to 5anket

@5anket: Waiting for the bride to arrive. :P”

There she comes:

7:59 PM Dec 9th 2012

@umadamle Smart move. :) When do you take off the wraps?

8:18 PM Dec 2nd 2012 in reply to umadamle

@umadamle The problem is when your environment clashes with your visitors’, they’ll leave yours and be left with a bad aftertaste.

4:58 PM Dec 1st 2012 in reply to umadamle

@umadamle It is really not about the music. It is the (false) assumption that whoever opens a site is surrendering their eyes, ears & time.

1:00 AM Dec 1st 2012 in reply to umadamle