Thus twat tweeted @rungta.

From the month of March, 2008.

@rashmiswamy Great! Told you not to worry. :)

9:03 PM Mar 31st 2008

@rashmiswamy Btw, how did it go with your references sheet?

8:57 PM Mar 31st 2008

Been watching way too many movies lately. I’ve got to get away from DC!!

8:43 PM Mar 31st 2008

End of mid-sem break. Back to uni from tomorrow :(

10:32 PM Mar 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy Snowfall….does that make you feel good or bad?

1:23 AM Mar 23rd 2008

“De Ushuaia A La Quiaca” from The Motorcycle Diaries — what a track! Gives tough competition to “Le moulin” from Amélie.

5:26 PM Mar 20th 2008

@xAbhishek Thanks Abhishek. Will probably add it to the other areas of my site in the future.

12:48 PM Mar 19th 2008

@sourima7 You’ve just got to add people you want to follow and blabber whatever you feel like in 150 chars or less. Also works via sms!

12:40 AM Mar 19th 2008

Why why why is it so hot? Sleepy but can’t sleep because of the damn heat.

2:34 AM Mar 18th 2008

Boiling hot, loud (and I mean LOUD) cars and hot chicks - I’m at the Australian Grand Prix.

11:50 AM Mar 16th 2008

Hamilton on Pole, Kubica, Kovalainen and Massa next. And we thought Ferrari was gonna dominate.

2:12 PM Mar 15th 2008

Kimi out of qualifying due to technical glitches!! There goes any hopes of him winning the opener.

1:29 PM Mar 15th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yeah that month arrangement is a bit tricky. Resize the page and you’ll probably see what I mean.

11:42 PM Mar 14th 2008 - One stop shop for all the pages on my site. Very handy for searching.

10:37 PM Mar 14th 2008

38 degrees of Centigrade baking me nice and hot. Wait, did I say nice?

2:34 PM Mar 14th 2008

@xabhishek I know! Was very hard to justify paying that much, but boy, Media Temple is totally worth it!

2:50 AM Mar 14th 2008

And is back online in Aus too!

2:31 AM Mar 14th 2008

@rashmiswamy Oops. Which version did it get updated to? Last I remember, all versions upto 1.1.4 have been unlockable.

10:33 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy huh! How did you manage that?

10:29 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy what’s gotten you lost?

10:13 PM Mar 13th 2008

Found 2 dollars after emptying my clothes from the washing machine - love it when this kinda thing happens!

12:10 PM Mar 13th 2008 - “Raju, paise kahan se aye?”

11:21 PM Mar 12th 2008

My UNIX professor - after swapping two lines in vi using only 2 keystrokes, “That’s why I haven’t got RSI!”

2:50 PM Mar 12th 2008

Just saw a MacBook running XP. Ugh.

11:15 AM Mar 11th 2008

Trying to get more people onto twitter – just sent out 5 invites.

1:14 AM Mar 11th 2008

Been learning sorting every year for the past 7 years and its back again this year…

3:47 PM Mar 10th 2008

THE HEAT IS KILLING ME!!! 36 friggin degrees!

1:10 PM Mar 10th 2008

Finally found time to update my blog!

12:55 AM Mar 9th 2008

Thank God classes are finally over. Today was long, hot and boring. Just feel like crashing, but its only 6pm :(

4:49 PM Mar 5th 2008

@wateva Good luck with it.

11:17 PM Mar 4th 2008

And guess what, India just won the ODI series!!!

9:23 PM Mar 4th 2008

@wateva BASTARD!! Woah woah woah!!!

9:01 PM Mar 4th 2008

What’s a man to do after a boring day at uni? Watch Russel Peters live!

6:38 PM Mar 3rd 2008

Finally powered by Leopard!

2:19 PM Mar 2nd 2008