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From the month of June, 2009.

Vishal Bhardwaj’s next release — Kaminey. Should be good.

7:22 PM Jun 26th 2009

@rungtaakki That’s good. Are you on a waiting list or is your seat confirmed/RAC?

3:52 PM Jun 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy “yes yes”.

You know we’re the authors of prateekrungt…ces/top-gear[+]
right? :P

3:54 AM Jun 25th 2009

@xAbhishek I’d hardly consider using (let alone suggesting) a web technology on the basis of Microsoft adoption. Also:

3:49 AM Jun 25th 2009 – In case anyone’s wondering which JavaScript library to use.

2:52 AM Jun 25th 2009

@adipedia I wouldn’t rate T2 highly as a standalone myself. But all that jazz is quite entertaining, especially on an IMAX screen. :P

2:10 AM Jun 25th 2009

Transformers 2: The jungle sequence with Optimus Prime and Megan Fox … phew!

1:56 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy Either way, I’m glad a good one’s in your hands because the results are stunning!

1:20 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy Where was your camera hiding all this while girl!?

1:04 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rungtaakki You better! And hurry up now.

12:36 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rungtaakki What started where?

11:52 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rakeshrach They’re all done! :D

4:01 PM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek Dunno the exact number, but basically whenever I’m using my computer.

7:59 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@souvikdg Thanks Souvik. Can’t wait to get this last one done and over with.

7:57 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek 40% juice remaining after two months of usage now. Moreover, just get rechargeable batteries.

1:16 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek Having used a laptop keyboard for so long, I don’t miss the extra keys on Apple’s Wireless keyboard at all.

12:32 AM Jun 23rd 2009

EXAM - EXtreme Atrocity Multiplied

3:20 AM Jun 22nd 2009

Vettel took pole in spite of carrying the heaviest fuel load amongst the top 10. Wow! Red Bull look unbeatable this weekend.

4:28 AM Jun 21st 2009

@wateva What’ve you been up to?

2:21 AM Jun 21st 2009

@anildavid You’re in for one hell of a ride mate! :P

4:19 AM Jun 20th 2009

This breakaway F1 series might actually do some good, namely - HD broadcasts, better online coverage, cheaper tickets, better circuits.

3:34 PM Jun 19th 2009

The iPhone is finally coming to 3 in July! Yahoo! Fingers crossed that their plans with include international calls.

2:01 PM Jun 18th 2009

@souvikdg What happened to your B’day gift? Stuck en-route?

2:47 AM Jun 18th 2009

“You will be haunted,” resumed the Uni, err, Ghost, “by 2 Exams, err, 3 Spirits.”

“I-I think I’d rather not,” said Prateek, err, Scrooge.

10:06 PM Jun 13th 2009

Our very own Rohit Nag: “The full stop is silent!”

2:24 AM Jun 12th 2009

DC asks Christian Horner “Obviously you’ve got a good record in the wet, what can you do without lubrication!?”

9:40 PM Jun 7th 2009

@adipedia I’d followed both for long periods but found more rubbish than substance, especially with TOI. I’ll give HT another go though.

6:04 PM Jun 7th 2009

I’ve had it with[+]

Is there any Indian news site with real news and a usable website?

5:43 PM Jun 7th 2009

“That sweaty “Developers, developers, developers, developers” rant is probably the smartest thing Steve Ballmer has ever said.” Aye Aye.

6:20 PM Jun 6th 2009

@zaveriaakash Why not? I loved the movie. And welcome to “using twitter”. :P

7:03 PM Jun 3rd 2009

I wanna watch Delhi-6 again…

6:47 PM Jun 3rd 2009

Microsoft: What’s that, Apple only gives you free stickers with your computer? We’ll give you free t-shirts! :P infotech.mon…ndidate.html[+]

6:25 PM Jun 2nd 2009

Looks like today is Federer’s turn to go out of Roland Garros.

10:15 PM Jun 1st 2009

@xAbhishek Wuuuuuuh. The Squeeze Toy Aliens are (gonna be) back (in June 2010)!

3:13 AM Jun 1st 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, and the man to finally step up to Rafa was Robin Soderling. And you should totally start following it, lots of action.

2:09 AM Jun 1st 2009

First Novak and now—would you believe it—Rafael Nadal is (for the first time) out of French Open!

1:56 AM Jun 1st 2009