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The 2008 collection.

BBQs are fun!

5:49 PM Dec 30th 2008

The recent Top Gear episode in Vietnam was excellent. Hope they do one in India sometime.

11:32 PM Dec 29th 2008

Sorry Bhai! - Don’t know if India’s there yet to enjoy/appreciate this movie, although I certainly did.

9:59 PM Dec 28th 2008

Stuck in my head - Superchor from Oye Lucky. Good song.

11:04 PM Dec 27th 2008

@blah_bleh Ghajini is certainly inspired by Memento, but it’s not a rip-off. Needed some more trimming but it was good nonetheless.

11:56 PM Dec 26th 2008

Ghajini half-time at Greater union. Crowd is worse than what you’d get at Uphaar. Movie’s good so far.

9:07 PM Dec 26th 2008

@xAbhishek Wrong camera settings are painful. If it comforts you, I’m pretty sure every SLR owner has experienced the horror…

3:33 AM Dec 25th 2008

@blah_bleh Arrey I forgot to window shop and be prepared for the boxing day sale on 26th! Reality does not necessarily mean work ;)

1:25 AM Dec 25th 2008

All this vellapanti and joblessness has made me lost, out-of-focus. Need to get back on track and come back to reality.

6:39 PM Dec 24th 2008

Hum de dum de dum…

11:01 AM Dec 21st 2008

@kabir88 Haha. That was quick (on a lot of levels)!

6:15 AM Dec 20th 2008

Almost all my friends in Melbourne will be gone come Sunday :( I should’ve stuck to my earlier plan and been in Delhi next week.

11:51 PM Dec 19th 2008

@blah_bleh Nothing against Silverlight per se. Install-yet-another-plugin-to-view-content-in-a-proprietary-format (TM) is what I’m against.

3:19 AM Dec 18th 2008

@sumitsharan Awesome!!! You’re so lucky that I’m jealous! :P

12:34 AM Dec 18th 2008

Jeremy Clarkson – “The winner of the award for the most painful injury to a motoring related body part is… Max Mosley’s bottom!”

1:29 AM Dec 16th 2008

“Download Silverlight to ….” and you’ve lost me.

12:59 PM Dec 15th 2008

Damn this non-stop rain. Stuck indoors for so long…

5:41 PM Dec 13th 2008

Found a solution to one of the most disgraceful crimes a site can do - resize my Safari window.[+]

2:24 PM Dec 11th 2008

BUFFER, BUGGER - same thing, no?

3:00 PM Dec 10th 2008

Just found out that another friend - Ashish Gautam - is getting married!

10:43 PM Dec 8th 2008

@xAbhishek That’s a nice find. It even does Hindi <-> English.

11:08 AM Dec 8th 2008

Just like the series, throughly enjoyed the latest Clone Wars episode. The weeklong wait for a new episode feels like torture…

2:26 AM Dec 7th 2008

@sumitsharan lucky ass. Enjoy it while it lasts!

1:28 AM Dec 7th 2008

@rakeshrach Haha. Seriously, just can’t hear it enough times!

4:17 PM Dec 5th 2008

The song Guzarish from Ghajini is simply superb. Has a distinct South Indian & Rahman sound.

3:00 PM Dec 5th 2008

A long day on Skype comes to an end…

1:04 AM Dec 5th 2008

Dasvidaniya - leaves you with a lump in your throat. Another nice movie with Vinay Pathak.

12:54 AM Dec 2nd 2008

@rakeshrach Glad to hear that. Yeah, hope the others do to.

11:18 PM Nov 27th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks, although I’m sure the D was a result of scaling, not me.

9:16 PM Nov 27th 2008

Disaster averted - passed Grid Computing with a distinction!

7:25 PM Nov 27th 2008

@rakeshrach Oh no! Hope they all get off safely.

1:25 PM Nov 27th 2008

@rashmiswamy terrifying! Makes me wonder if we’re safe anywhere now.

10:47 AM Nov 27th 2008

“शर्त घोडों पे लगाते हैं, शेरों पे नहीं” – Omkara

12:06 AM Nov 25th 2008

@blah_bleh I think there’s a twitter app in facebook which does that.

1:33 PM Nov 19th 2008

@xAbhishek Not just Indians I think, because Basmati is famous world over.

3:05 PM Nov 16th 2008

@sumitsharan woah that is bad indeed. Hope things turn around (literally and figuratively) soon.

12:27 PM Nov 16th 2008

Wow, iChat Theatre is really buggy. I thought they’d have fixed all the kinks by now.

12:35 AM Nov 16th 2008

Khosla ka Gholsa - very decent, very very decent, I like.

6:41 PM Nov 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy I know that frustration. There’s no respite from those creatures, and worse, not even on the tennis court!

9:05 AM Nov 13th 2008

Yesterday’s obviously sucked, today’s was OK (a bit long for me) but exams are over now, so yay!

6:14 PM Nov 11th 2008

@rashmiswamy dunno myself. @wateva bright side! really? :P @xAbhishek wasn’t an experience I’d recommend

10:51 PM Nov 10th 2008

DISASTER!!! Prepared for the wrong exam and realised my mistake only an hour before the start :(

5:49 PM Nov 10th 2008

Tab completion works in Finder too! <inessential….&postid=3560[+]> Now I feel stupid for not discovering this myself

12:44 PM Nov 9th 2008

“I now demand that India be declared our national country. Maybe then the government will look after it as well.” indiauncut.c…a-promotion/[+]

10:31 PM Nov 6th 2008

RockNRolla is the shit! Classic Guy Ritchie. Don’t miss it.

8:43 PM Nov 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah, hope it does. Thanks!

2:51 AM Nov 6th 2008

Channel Ten is NOT showing the post-race press conf. of the final race of the season – I don’t believe it!

5:05 AM Nov 3rd 2008

THAT was a race worthy of a Formula 1 title showdown. Nail biting to the last second! Absolutely amazing…

4:53 AM Nov 3rd 2008

@wateva Yup, the crowd was awesome (and a little too biased, but I don’t blame them). Can’t wait for the race.

9:52 PM Nov 2nd 2008

Cut short qualifying coverage at 4:10 am to show video hits! Seriously??? I hate Channel Ten.

3:11 AM Nov 2nd 2008


3:09 AM Nov 2nd 2008

Massa on pole :D, Hamilton starting 4th, it’s going to be an exciting title decider!

3:03 AM Nov 2nd 2008

Drat. No new clone wars episode this weekend :(

6:29 PM Nov 1st 2008

“For sure I don’t follow so much the advice from my mum, otherwise I would go very slow!” – Felipe Massa

3:25 AM Nov 1st 2008

Consume consume consume is all I seem to be doing lately. It’s time to create….

1:31 AM Nov 1st 2008

“Art challenges technology and technology inspires the art…” - John Lasseter

9:54 PM Oct 29th 2008

@xAbhishek well, you should end up doing what you like doing.

9:42 PM Oct 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy It’s coming, wait for it …, almost there! :P

6:17 PM Oct 29th 2008

Happy Diwali peeps!

10:18 PM Oct 28th 2008

@xAbhishek they were actually selling manuals for $10!?!? Why didn’t they just download the user guide from the support site?

1:36 AM Oct 27th 2008

@rungtaakki yeah, I remember the D1, 2, 3 series. Fun times

2:21 AM Oct 25th 2008

So, it is before the tracks of Caulfield Racecourse (as always), the doom of this semester will be decided.

2:36 AM Oct 23rd 2008

The moment I start studying my head fills up with 100s of fantastic ideas and things to do, all the f**king time!

9:35 PM Oct 20th 2008

@xAbhishek I’m glad that I have an older MacBook Pro because I just love my matte display.

12:10 AM Oct 19th 2008

@sumitsharan yup, it was definitely hilarious at times (Clooney, Malkovich, Simmons). Guess I liked Burn After Reading after all!

1:43 AM Oct 18th 2008

Oh and the new MacBooks look much better in person. Still not convinced that glossy displays were the way to go though.

1:11 AM Oct 18th 2008

Burn After Reading was…weird. Had some great moments though.

10:55 PM Oct 17th 2008

@sumitsharan Virals are bad. Take care and get well soon!

5:53 PM Oct 13th 2008

@wateva yeah but with emotions and expressions, unlike Kimi

4:29 PM Oct 12th 2008

Gotta love Robert Kubica’s interviews!

4:23 PM Oct 12th 2008

@wateva yeah he might’ve gained a few more points if he hadn’t not collided with Bourdais.

4:15 PM Oct 12th 2008

@wateva but a good race nonetheless

4:08 PM Oct 12th 2008

That was a very unexpected and exciting start to the Japanese GP!

2:43 PM Oct 12th 2008

Ah sweet mangoes…

3:21 PM Oct 11th 2008

@sumitsharan it’s not going great for me either a.t.m. Hopefully not for long…

9:42 PM Oct 9th 2008

@sumitsharan Ooo :P What did you do?

7:56 PM Oct 9th 2008

@rakeshrach Yup. It’s like you’re learning a bit about yourself too!

5:36 PM Oct 9th 2008

Books, movies, music. Life would be so dull without them.

12:28 AM Oct 8th 2008

@rungtaakki Why don’t you start your flickr account by giving us a few glimpses of Newcastle

3:24 AM Oct 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy can’t talk tonight. Got an assignment due tomorrow.

8:19 PM Oct 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy just got back from tennis

6:28 PM Oct 5th 2008

Damn this daylight saving hoopla. One less hour to sleep :(

12:25 AM Oct 5th 2008

@rungtaakki great find. Now where can I watch the movie?

9:16 PM Oct 4th 2008

@rungtaakki cold, hot, wet or all of it like Melbourne’s weather?

1:52 AM Oct 4th 2008

@xAbhishek Haha. Expected nothing less from Drona. :P

1:48 AM Oct 4th 2008

“Friends are like bras: close to heart and there for support”

9:58 PM Oct 2nd 2008

‘A Wednesday’ - nice movie, especially the script. Good to see such stuff from Bollywood.

8:20 PM Oct 2nd 2008

@sumitsharan second @wateva - lucky bastard!

5:50 PM Sep 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah, good for Alonso, really sad for Massa though. And damn the safety car rules

12:08 AM Sep 29th 2008

Singapore looks absolutely stunning tonight! Envy everyone at the race.

9:57 PM Sep 28th 2008

@rashmiswamy engrossed in ‘The Kite Runner’

7:17 PM Sep 28th 2008

@xAbhishek you guys have way too many exams

3:34 PM Sep 28th 2008

@wateva I just remembered that I’d seen this one too, but the quality was definitely much better on the red bull website.

11:18 PM Sep 27th 2008

@wateva Was in the shower. Going for dinner now.

7:34 PM Sep 27th 2008

@sumitsharan go dude, go! Go just to hear them roar.

6:49 PM Sep 27th 2008

@sumitsharan could you hear the F1 cars during free practise today?

1:10 AM Sep 27th 2008

Can’t wait to watch The Office season 5 premiere :D

5:02 PM Sep 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy watching August Rush. Seems nice so far.

6:51 AM Sep 25th 2008

@rashmiswamy yup, “attendance taking” lecture :(

6:32 AM Sep 25th 2008

Been up all night completing an assignment. Got a lecture at 9. Wondering if I should go to bed. Whaddya suggest twitter pals?

5:26 AM Sep 25th 2008

Yay! My brother finally got his visa :)

7:44 PM Sep 24th 2008

How I Met Your Mother season 4 premier: what a disappointment!

2:17 AM Sep 24th 2008

Wall·E was beautiful! Pixar just ‘get’ emotions.

12:19 AM Sep 20th 2008

Hailing like its never hailed before, in Melbourne! AWESOME!!

5:24 PM Sep 19th 2008

@rakeshrach Yup, but I think that’s only because they’re still in the process of integrating summize with twitter.

5:00 PM Sep 19th 2008

Oooh. Twitter’s been redesigned, er, realigned — blog.twitter…s-afoot.html[+]

10:39 AM Sep 19th 2008

“the Seinfeld ads were too good, too accurate at capturing just what it is that Microsoft, as a company and brand, stands for: nothing”

10:36 AM Sep 19th 2008

Thursday’s definitely the worst day of the week for me this sem.

2:56 AM Sep 19th 2008

@rakeshrach Oh yes, but a good camera doesn’t hurt. Welcome to the DSLR club.

4:29 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rakeshrach Woah! Congrats! Let’s see some results now :)

2:07 PM Sep 17th 2008

@sumitsharan Is that your next step?

12:46 AM Sep 17th 2008

Craving a pizza…

10:45 PM Sep 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Congrats (!!) on getting the net working :P

1:48 PM Sep 15th 2008

That (Apple Store Chadstone opening) was an awesome experience. No wonder the stores sell so well!

11:52 AM Sep 13th 2008

Man the apple store line is looooong…..

10:00 AM Sep 13th 2008

Damn Adobe Flash too. Been crashing my Safari sessions since last night. It’s not funny. Not one bit.

7:42 PM Sep 11th 2008

@sumitsharan seriously. Just look at his face! Can’t find words disgusting enough for these people.

7:00 PM Sep 11th 2008

Damn you Java!! Ages since I used Java, how ‘m I supposed to remember all the syntax?

4:17 PM Sep 11th 2008

Feeling like a waste of time for some reason.

7:09 PM Sep 10th 2008

@kabir88 LOL. So you mean all non-McLarens should just skid because they don’t handle as well? What’s the driver there for?

4:33 PM Sep 10th 2008

Bloody rumour sites take all the fun out of Stevenotes

4:12 AM Sep 10th 2008

@kabir88 Luck? Which part was luck - driving fast on the hard tyre? overtaking Kimi? keeping his car on the track in changing conditions?

1:14 AM Sep 8th 2008

Sad for Räikkönen but Lewis Hamilton once again showed his class. Well deserved victory for him.

11:31 PM Sep 7th 2008

Unpredictable weather at Spa! Looks like this’ll be another exciting Belgian Grand Prix. :) About 10 minutes to go.

9:48 PM Sep 7th 2008

@sumitsharan Sumit Sharan, renowned lyricist!?

6:53 PM Sep 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy I was up watching the Federer Muller match but went to bed when they stopped coverage after the first set.

5:11 PM Sep 5th 2008

They say that aussies love their sports. Yet somehow australia seem to have the worst coverage of international events I’ve experienced.

6:02 AM Sep 5th 2008

God I hate Eiffel and EiffelStudio. Actually, when it comes to coding, I’ll probably hate anything != TextMate.

1:24 AM Sep 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy That’s the message from the train informing passengers of its next stop (along with an error message)

12:46 AM Sep 3rd 2008

Some good performances and great laughs in Tropic Thunder.

12:43 AM Sep 3rd 2008

“Arriving South Yarra change for unknown Line Id[8] services”

8:27 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rakeshrach Hehe. Where did you come across this ‘mediocrity’?

5:57 PM Sep 1st 2008

@sumitsharan finally! Hopefully this one is more reliable.

4:35 AM Aug 30th 2008

Submitted both my assignments. For a short while, I’m a free man once again!

4:10 PM Aug 29th 2008

Damn you assignments!

4:33 AM Aug 29th 2008

@kabir88 Ah yes, pretty cool. Just buy a license if you like it so much!

3:14 PM Aug 28th 2008

AAARRGGHH! svn hasn’t been letting me commit for the past 3 days and I just can’t find a way to fix it >:O

2:32 AM Aug 27th 2008

@sumitsharan LOL. Tell me about it!

6:40 PM Aug 26th 2008

Time Machine just helped recover all my subscriptions when NetNewsWire all of a sudden reset all its settings!

8:52 PM Aug 25th 2008

@rashmiswamy @wateva you guys coming or what?

2:23 AM Aug 24th 2008

@rashmiswamy went to sleep extra early last night :)

11:53 AM Aug 23rd 2008

@rashmiswamy yup, and even more so if you’re a regular user of an Adobe product.

5:34 PM Aug 22nd 2008

“Do you think its smart to put the names of the developers up when the product is taking forever to load?” from

4:19 PM Aug 22nd 2008

“Muxtape will be unavailable for a brief period while we sort out a problem with the RIAA.” :( Hope they’re back soon.

3:00 AM Aug 20th 2008

Bachna Ae Hasino – not too good, not too bad. Meh.

12:45 AM Aug 20th 2008

@varenya dude, what’s with the third person speak in all your tweets? This isn’t facebook.

5:25 PM Aug 19th 2008

@varenya Hehe. I dis-enrolled from IT in project management after half a lecture! Still have to do it some time though :(

5:17 PM Aug 19th 2008

Love those ‘melt in your mouth’ crackers (नमकीन biscuits)

5:11 PM Aug 19th 2008

Realizing that I wasn’t really that hungry halfway through the pasta I cooked at 2am!!!

2:10 AM Aug 18th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha for the dinner thing! :P

6:06 PM Aug 16th 2008

@sumitsharan HAHAHA. Awesome pic!!

2:11 PM Aug 15th 2008

Wishing all Indians a Happy 61st Independence day!!

12:17 AM Aug 15th 2008

Damn!! No forwarding of twitter updates via SMS in Australia too :(

1:26 PM Aug 14th 2008

“We used to build civilisations,” Bill Bryson once wrote. “Now we build shopping malls.” from Reading difficulties hindustantim…-330493.aspx[+]

8:18 PM Aug 13th 2008

Our good old operating systems lecturer lost himself mid way once again.

3:27 PM Aug 13th 2008

@varenya you lucky bastard!!

2:30 PM Aug 13th 2008

@sumitsharan bad timing. Eating now, so wait for 15-20 minutes if you can.

12:58 AM Aug 13th 2008

iChat screen sharing is godsend for remote troubleshooting!!

11:29 PM Aug 12th 2008

@sumitsharan That’s right, Skype rocks!

9:37 PM Aug 12th 2008

@sumitsharan I guess they want to remind India that they’re the sporting body with the most money! >:O

12:08 AM Aug 12th 2008

@varenya and @kabir88 – use @username in your tweet when you’re directing it to specific people.

8:52 PM Aug 11th 2008

@varenya Welcome to using twitter the way its meant to be used! (Btw, what about Nag?)

7:42 PM Aug 11th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha. Yeah probably.

4:45 PM Aug 11th 2008

Woohoo! First individual gold for India EVER finally won -…0827-29.html[+]

4:30 PM Aug 11th 2008

Made it with not a second to spare!

2:59 PM Aug 11th 2008

56 mins for me to complete, run to the library, print and submit my assignment. Let’s see if I make it.

2:04 PM Aug 11th 2008

@varenyed So did Authoxy do the trick for you?

2:00 PM Aug 11th 2008

@wateva rashmi’s tipsy! come online quick!!

4:12 AM Aug 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy @wateva Sorry guys. Varenya’s staying over so was just hanging out with other friends. I’m back now.

4:09 AM Aug 10th 2008

@kabir88 Its was awesome the 2nd time too. I doubt I’ll be able to come over tomorrow. Assignment and tennis after that.

3:45 AM Aug 10th 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah. Did you find a video yet?

3:44 AM Aug 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy In the city. Saw the dark knight again :D

11:45 PM Aug 9th 2008

@sumitsharan I haven’t looked for videos yet but I did find awesome photos from the ceremony -…eremony.html[+]

12:18 PM Aug 9th 2008

@kabir88 Yup. The countdown was awesome.

10:01 PM Aug 8th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha, yeah. Unfortunately, there was none at today’ fair.

1:27 AM Aug 8th 2008

Career fairs - waste of paper, waste of time, good for free goodies.

4:51 PM Aug 7th 2008

@kabir88 Probably because you haven’t turned on device notifications for me. Log in, go to and turn it on.

10:26 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Stuff not working, preparation for things to come and impulse.

7:27 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Yup! Now come over with your laptop so we can play Warcraft. :)

6:47 PM Aug 6th 2008

Ah the thrill of opening a new Apple product…even something as boring as a router…man do they have an eye for detail!

5:46 PM Aug 6th 2008

@kabir88 Yo kabster! Welcome to twitter.

12:31 AM Aug 6th 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah, hilarious and sad when you realize that IRCTC is one of the better designed websites under the Indian gov.

8:08 PM Aug 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah, but I’m busy right now. Anything urgent?

1:09 AM Aug 4th 2008


11:37 PM Aug 3rd 2008

‘Wanted’, your healthy dose of bad movie — helps appreciate the good ones even more.

12:41 AM Aug 3rd 2008

@rashmiswamy Coming online by any chance?

12:24 AM Aug 2nd 2008

@sumitsharan Yeah saw that yesterday. That lucky bastard…lol.

3:04 PM Aug 1st 2008

Thursday afternoon lectures are the best place for a nice nap!

1:31 PM Jul 31st 2008

@rashmiswamy Another friendly ritual? :P

5:11 PM Jul 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah that and all the new songs on everyone else’s. Been listening to muxtapes past few hours…

1:58 AM Jul 29th 2008

Discovering and loving Muxtape all over again.

12:19 AM Jul 29th 2008

There’s no substitute for the satisfaction after a good filling India meal.

11:20 PM Jul 28th 2008

@rashmiswamy Where in the name of hell are you?

11:33 PM Jul 27th 2008

@sumitsharan It seems to be working fine for me, so must be something at your side. I haven’t made any changes though, so just email instead

11:00 PM Jul 27th 2008

@sumitsharan Hehe. Well at least now you know.

9:04 PM Jul 27th 2008

@sumitsharan Good morning! Welcome to the internet :P

9:01 PM Jul 27th 2008

B’day boy is so drunk he wants pin drop silence - literally - before he pops the champagne!

12:14 AM Jul 27th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yup, and attending a party after work, so won’t be able to talk tonight.

3:13 PM Jul 26th 2008

@wateva What did you think of the movie?

2:14 PM Jul 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yup, shocking stuff. Good to know you’re all safe and sound though.

12:33 AM Jul 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy BTW, hope none of you were effected by the blasts in B’lore -…69540-3.html[+]

12:27 AM Jul 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy Was good fun. Reminded me of when I first got here. And yes, he’ll be in Melbourne.

12:23 AM Jul 26th 2008

A round trip to the Melbourne airport feels like a little excursion out of town. Single degree temperatures only make it worse.

12:11 AM Jul 26th 2008

@blah_bleh Agree. Its #1 on IMDB just because of the hype and (recent) popularity. I’m certain it’ll come down in due time.

1:48 AM Jul 25th 2008

@wateva Oh yeah! Gladiator looks awesome in 1080p.

11:45 AM Jul 22nd 2008

WTF! The Dark Knight is #1 on IMDB!! It’ll probably be a while before it settles in the right spot.

5:55 PM Jul 21st 2008

@sumitsharan cool. Oh and the night is darkest before the dawn, remember? ;-)

1:01 PM Jul 21st 2008

@sumitsharan Damn. I was hoping to watch that. Thanks for the heads up though.

12:10 PM Jul 20th 2008

@anildavid by watching movies? :P

10:53 PM Jul 19th 2008

@wateva Nice! So how’s the EyeTV?

9:15 PM Jul 19th 2008

@rakeshrach How could I not be. And the IMAX sequences were amazing. I wanna watch The Dark Knight again.

11:44 PM Jul 18th 2008

Met my expectations, blew them away, left my mouth hanging.

8:27 PM Jul 18th 2008

@sumitsharan yeah, must’ve been. Grids are quite hot and in demand these days.

6:23 PM Jul 17th 2008

Grid computing’s first lecture was so interesting that I’m scared of being disappointed as the semester progresses. Hope I’m wrong!

5:17 PM Jul 17th 2008

@sumitsharan consider yourself lucky that you at least got to attend it!

7:23 PM Jul 14th 2008

@sumitsharan We do, just not that many reasonably priced ones on-campus.

7:12 PM Jul 14th 2008

Boring lectures, bad food and lots of free time. Its good to be back at uni.

1:58 PM Jul 14th 2008

@blah_bleh Not sure. I think you’d still need an account with a store which has the album whose album-art you’re looking for.

12:54 AM Jul 12th 2008

There’s now an Indian iTunes store, although its only got the App Store at the moment.

6:31 PM Jul 11th 2008

@sumitsharan You lucky lucky ass.

4:30 PM Jul 11th 2008

@rashmiswamy Sounds like you’re having fun. I on the other hand am freaking out about what I should study in my remaining 2 years.

4:44 AM Jul 11th 2008

@sumitsharan Well, its much easier to score marks for technical stuff so don’t fret. :)

2:08 AM Jul 11th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks! Bit disappointed with a D for “Multimedia and the World Wide Web” though…

8:22 PM Jul 10th 2008

2 Ds and 2 HDs - wohoo!!!

8:19 PM Jul 10th 2008

@sumitsharan Haha…hilarious but sad. Then again, its the same stories for all the leaders of our nation.

7:29 PM Jul 10th 2008

@sumitsharan checked that out now. Also came across this enraging bit indiauncut.c…rding-trees/[+]

6:35 PM Jul 10th 2008

Curse the Australian iPhone plans! Waited so long to get one but the plans are so bad I’m not even excited about the launch :(

12:46 AM Jul 10th 2008

@sumitsharan When’re you going to tell that long story?

12:05 AM Jul 10th 2008

Now archiving 2007 tournament draws of all 4 grand slams -

10:40 PM Jul 9th 2008

@sumitsharan chucked out of the hostel!! Howcome?

12:27 AM Jul 9th 2008

Wow. You couldn’t have asked for a better final. Awesome awesome match and a superb win by Rafael Nadal!!

6:19 AM Jul 7th 2008

And now I’m cursing the rain for interrupting an awesome edge-of-the-seat Wimbledon final.

4:55 AM Jul 7th 2008

@rashmiswamy Its turning out to be an action packed match with a little bit of everything. Sad you’re missing it.

12:54 AM Jul 7th 2008

Rain at Silverstone making for an awesome race and rain at Wimbledon delaying the final so I can watch it after the race!! :D

10:53 PM Jul 6th 2008

They cut the post-qualifying press conference short to air “a paid presentation”!!! I HATE network Ten.

3:06 AM Jul 6th 2008

Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na - simple, nice and entertaining!

12:16 AM Jul 6th 2008

639 year long performance! Wonder where people get these ideas from…

5:59 PM Jul 5th 2008

Decided to re-read Deathly Hallows to celebrate its upcoming one year anniversary.

3:43 AM Jul 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yup, it didn’t do so earlier but now it does remember your zoom levels. :)

9:29 PM Jul 4th 2008 Now archiving Roland Garros and Australian Open draws as well!

9:03 PM Jul 4th 2008

@rakeshrach Great move! More people should follow their lead.

3:51 PM Jul 4th 2008

Damn monash for screwing up the internet.

11:31 PM Jul 3rd 2008

@sumitsharan Oh i’m glad. More carriers = more competition and cheaper prices.

8:25 PM Jun 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy I thought we were keeping quiet so you could sleep.. :P

6:02 PM Jun 30th 2008

@wateva Exactly, it 9 not 8 and you should be sleeping at such unholy hours.

5:59 PM Jun 30th 2008

Telstra announces iPhone plans while still shows only Vodafone and Optus as the Aussie carriers!

5:53 PM Jun 30th 2008

Didn’t think these existed. Still it’s better than painting AND freezing I guess.

5:00 PM Jun 29th 2008

Some don’t finish getting drunk unless they get pissed off. Good entertainment though. :P

11:31 PM Jun 28th 2008

@blah_bleh You bet! Didn’t come up with it myself though. quirksmode.o….html#c11388[+]

3:01 AM Jun 27th 2008

Both no. 3 seeds out in round 2 of Wimbledon.

2:55 AM Jun 27th 2008

@wateva Nag style “Oooooooooooh”

12:02 AM Jun 27th 2008

@wateva London! How come?

11:56 PM Jun 26th 2008

@sumitsharan With that expertise, you should start something like “Sharan’s spectacular spectacle services”!

10:41 PM Jun 26th 2008

On inline style tags – “Live in class, not in style!”

2:25 AM Jun 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy not great. Was out of 160 and had to write and draw a lot. It’s over so all’s well :D

6:44 PM Jun 24th 2008

Done with exams, yay!

2:03 PM Jun 24th 2008

@sumitsharan I on the other hand will be getting ready to sit for my last exam. Can’t wait for the next 17 hours to get over.

7:07 PM Jun 23rd 2008

@sumitsharan And made all of us jealous along the way! Have a safe journey.

6:56 PM Jun 23rd 2008

@anildavid What’s illuminating?

11:42 PM Jun 22nd 2008

@rashmiswamy Can’t, got an exam day after so want to sleep early + F1.

9:31 PM Jun 22nd 2008

@blah_bleh Welcome onboard! See if you can register your phone to get around the ‘blocked in UAE’ thing.

12:21 AM Jun 21st 2008

@rakeshrach You’ve got to restart Firefox for it to come in play. It’s supposed to work on windows too.

4:32 PM Jun 18th 2008

Everyone using Firefox 3, do me a favour and enable colour profile support. Go to about:config and set gfx.color_management.enabled to true.

3:46 PM Jun 18th 2008

@rashmiswamy Ah. That was quick notice. :)

10:40 PM Jun 17th 2008

@anildavid or Death and All His Friends :P

6:59 PM Jun 15th 2008

@sumitsharan nice. Bad time to lose your specs.

11:54 AM Jun 14th 2008

@rashmiswamy ofcourse….AARRRGGGHHH

10:35 PM Jun 13th 2008

Friday the 13th…oooo!

1:54 AM Jun 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yesterday’s was better that expected. I guess the sample exam was made to scare the shit out of us.

10:26 AM Jun 11th 2008

@sumitsharan nice. Dominos sucks down here :(

8:45 PM Jun 10th 2008

This’ll be the first time in years I won’t be following a Stevenote live. Curse these exams! Oh and please, no spoilers for the next 12 hrs.

1:47 AM Jun 10th 2008

@sumitsharan Another tweeting bird! Welcome to twitter :). Make sure you register your phone for free sms updates.

1:37 AM Jun 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks. Can’t wait for it to get over.

7:42 PM Jun 9th 2008

@xAbhishek Why does your site refresh everytime I click my mouse anywhere on the page?

4:05 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rakeshrach I wanted to do much better, but then who doesn’t? Yeah, scaling is the last hope.

3:22 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rashmiswamy not great. Got a lot of code to cover.

1:21 PM Jun 9th 2008

Got screwed by Algorithms and Data Structures.

1:17 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rakeshrach Haha. Thanks, although graphs and trees and algorithms are what should be stuck in my head right now. :(

3:25 PM Jun 8th 2008

@rashmiswamy Hadn’t heard Amsterdam before. Loved it! Isn’t muxtape just awesome?

11:59 PM Jun 7th 2008

@rashmiswamy Right! Just go to and create your own, and let us know!

11:19 PM Jun 7th 2008

Stuff that’s stuck in my head -[+]

11:12 PM Jun 7th 2008

@sourima7 Already ate it but thanks anyway!

5:28 PM Jun 5th 2008

@sourima7 I just got a 6-inch veggie delite instead.

5:24 PM Jun 5th 2008

@sourima7 Being a vegetarian, I’ve only got 2 options - veggie patty and veggie delite.

5:16 PM Jun 5th 2008

Bad luck day. Went to subway, missed bus, didn’t get veggi patty, missed bus AGAIN!

4:41 PM Jun 5th 2008

@xAbhishek Like the layout and the styling, not so sure about the colours and the dashed borders. Hand-crafted or some one else’s template?

5:44 PM Jun 3rd 2008

@sourima7 Burst out then! Spread the love.

11:34 PM Jun 2nd 2008

Tarun certainly was MUCH MUCH more than 6.25. Still hard to believe he’s gone… pranaykhanna…quitous.html[+]

4:03 AM Jun 2nd 2008

Just watched Lost’s season 4 finale. Lots of answers but lot of new questions. I’d completely forgotten about that coffin!

2:01 AM Jun 1st 2008

@rashmiswamy awesome! Congrats! Not an under grad anymore.

9:21 PM May 30th 2008

@rakeshrach Almost unbelievable that there are about 100 such tribes! I get a feeling of pity for those people.

4:12 PM May 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy hahahaha. OK mom, I’ll go to sleep :P

3:16 AM May 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy Now that’s more like it :D @wateva I’m going to miss you guys here on Earth (for like a week, cause I’ll be joining you on 6th)

8:16 PM May 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy And good luck to you too. One day between you and freedom!

8:09 PM May 29th 2008

@wateva Good luck with that! Let us know how it goes :P

8:08 PM May 29th 2008

@wateva Dude, you alive?

8:05 PM May 29th 2008 - for, duh, when twitter is down!

8:00 PM May 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy No more assignments, but got 4 brain eating exams coming up. How’s your prep stint coming along?

12:28 AM May 28th 2008

@rashmiswamy Not my greatest work.

12:08 AM May 28th 2008

Phewwww! Finally submitted the SAD (a.k.a Systems Analysis and Design) assignment. Can’t wait to get over with SAD once and for all.

11:38 PM May 27th 2008

@rashmiswamy Not a free man and not too good. Infact, I’m in deep shit…

2:28 AM May 27th 2008

@rashmiswamy Nope. Still 13 laps to go.

12:39 AM May 26th 2008

A McLaren clearing off for a Force India to lap it - now that’s something you see once in a blue moon!

12:09 AM May 26th 2008

@rakeshrach Just like you’d predicted then.

4:13 PM May 25th 2008

@xAbhishek Just play a couple more times and you’ll get the hang of it.

3:07 PM May 25th 2008

Not yet. 2 more hours before they air it down under.

12:54 AM May 25th 2008

@wateva Home. Procrastinating.

12:23 AM May 25th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yeah, down with 2. 1 assignment and 1 prac more to go.

12:29 PM May 24th 2008

@wateva Lucky you indeed. Did you know she (Elle Macpherson) was the Aussie roommate Joey had in Friends?

10:29 PM May 23rd 2008

Make that 13.679 seconds.

10:22 PM May 21st 2008 - Only been able to make 9.51 seconds so far.

10:22 PM May 21st 2008

Hate season finales. They end with a cliffhanger and leave you hanging for a good 3-4 months!

7:53 PM May 20th 2008

@rashmiswamy OK. Talk to you then.

6:20 PM May 18th 2008

3 to 4 hours.

6:15 PM May 18th 2008

@rashmiswamy Nice. Well I’m home. What’s Nag upto?

10:26 PM May 17th 2008

@wateva I envy you! I’ve been trying to get my head around an assignment since the last 2 hours…

10:00 PM May 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Ah. Not long now, you’ll be having all the fun and I’ll be stuck studying.

7:09 PM May 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Studying for your next paper?

7:03 PM May 16th 2008

Felt good to play tennis after so long.

6:58 PM May 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Well at least its done with! Good luck with the rest.

10:53 PM May 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy How was it? Sorry forgot to wish you luck…

10:47 PM May 13th 2008

Standard feedback for everyone who gets the same grade in the systems analysis assignment. Wonder why they even bother? (Yes I’m pissed!)

12:39 PM May 13th 2008

Just finished making Uttapams for everyone. Tasted del– wait for it –icious! :D

3:36 PM May 10th 2008

@xAbhishek Alcohol, I guess :P

2:44 AM May 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy Ah… lesser distractions for you then :)

9:21 PM May 9th 2008

@sourima7 5 mins max for it to be retrieved.

6:14 PM May 8th 2008

@sourima7: nothing special’s happening at home. Just that it’s so clear i don’t belong here,

1:26 AM May 7th 2008

@rashmiswamy just wondering if it’s worth it

12:44 AM May 7th 2008

@rashmiswamy thanks rashmi. Just feeling so alienated. this ain’t the place i belong.

12:37 AM May 7th 2008

I wanna go home!

11:40 PM May 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks rushu! How’s your prep coming along?

11:46 PM May 4th 2008

Finally completed (sort of) and submitted my Systems Analysis & Design assignment! I’m a free man once again :)

11:40 PM May 4th 2008

@rashmiswamy i’m not in my room and don’t have internet access, so i can’t.

12:45 AM May 4th 2008

@wateva systems analysis and design assignment, due tomorrow.

12:38 AM May 4th 2008

@xAbhishek Always glad to help.

2:48 AM May 2nd 2008

Coldplay’s offering free downloads of their new single “Violet Hill”. Grab it while it lasts -[+]

12:22 AM May 1st 2008

@rashmiswamy I can spare time b/w 5 and 8pm EST.

12:48 PM Apr 29th 2008

Beware when exploring the awesome photos on flickr…there’s no knowing when it becomes 3am!

3:09 AM Apr 29th 2008

@yammo323 Welcome back to tweeting!

3:45 PM Apr 26th 2008

A Grand Prix weekend, yay!

9:47 PM Apr 25th 2008

@sourima7 Take a break. Go watch a movie!

5:33 PM Apr 23rd 2008

@sourima7 all right, all right, I pity you. Back to my lecture now.

4:41 PM Apr 22nd 2008

@sourima7 wow, you take a long time to check your mail. :p

4:34 PM Apr 22nd 2008

I so wanna have rice and the dal that’s made at Mami’s house…

8:23 PM Apr 21st 2008

@sourima7 You’ll need Leopard and an extra HD to use Time Machine. Check it out -[+]

2:41 PM Apr 21st 2008

IPL 20-20 going on at Eden Gardens; 22 from 20 balls and the lights go off! Embarrassing.

11:54 PM Apr 20th 2008

Finally set up Time Machine. It sure is a relief to know my data is backed up by the hour!

9:15 PM Apr 20th 2008

@sourima7 It selects a song in the album, and that’s the one I pointed. Anyway, its ‘Piazza, New York Catcher’.

9:01 PM Apr 19th 2008

That was one filling sandwich.

8:11 PM Apr 19th 2008

@wateva 6 inches already fell in my stomach. The next six following up pretty soon!

7:40 PM Apr 19th 2008

@rashmiswamy Haha. No, but I’m just about to have a Subway sandwich.

7:24 PM Apr 19th 2008

Sounds delicious! I’ll be there

7:21 PM Apr 19th 2008

@sourima7 I like pretty much all the songs from Juno, but that one is my favourite.

12:35 AM Apr 19th 2008…?i=269737297[+] - Can’t hear it enough times!

4:40 PM Apr 18th 2008

Assholes! Fire alarm at 2 am! Even if I try to be good and sleep early, its no use.

1:51 AM Apr 18th 2008

Vegetarian food at the mess hall was actually edible at today’s dine-in!

6:48 PM Apr 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Ya I hated that too. Stopped subscribing to ToI almost a month back.

9:23 AM Apr 14th 2008

Aarghh!! I hate doing non-stimulating, purely writing based assignments.

5:42 PM Apr 13th 2008

I’m coming!

11:33 PM Apr 12th 2008

@rashmiswamy ha ha. I’ll be at a friend’s b’day party so we’ll have to delay it atleast one more hour.

8:50 PM Apr 12th 2008

@wateva What est would that be?

8:46 PM Apr 12th 2008

@rakeshrach Nice. Have a great day!

1:34 PM Apr 12th 2008

@rakeshrach I’ll be climbing the heap of assignments. Which mountain are you going to climb?

1:26 PM Apr 12th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks for the tip. Bought that and the Schumacher book Rohit suggested.

8:53 PM Apr 11th 2008

@xAbhishek With pleasure! Now hurry up Apple!!

2:46 AM Apr 10th 2008

iPhone in Australia in June; 3G; no carrier/contract lock in? Sounds too good to be true - forums.macta…o-power.html[+]

8:40 PM Apr 9th 2008

@rashmiswamy Oh no! Sorry for you. Hope you get well soon. Try reading books - that’s what I do when I fall sick.

1:10 PM Apr 9th 2008

@rakeshrach Only got here (class) like 10 minutes back.

10:39 AM Apr 9th 2008

Crap. Got a class at 10 tomorrow and it 2:30am already!

2:29 AM Apr 9th 2008

Algorithms and Data structures lectures - best sleeping pills this semester!

4:55 PM Apr 7th 2008 when a site resizes my window, even if its about the sequel of 4 penguins, a lion, a zebra, a hippo and a giraffe.

12:51 AM Apr 5th 2008

@rakeshrach Tragic thing to happen. Things seemed to have cooled down here. How’s it in the city?

5:16 PM Apr 2nd 2008

And now its raining! Hopefully that’ll slow down the winds and clean up the dust in the air.

4:25 PM Apr 2nd 2008

@rakeshrach People killed?!! We had falling trees and buildings evacuated in the Uni but luckily no casualities.

4:24 PM Apr 2nd 2008

This is nice, projector down so going around the campus in search of an empty lecture theatre!

2:21 PM Apr 2nd 2008

prateekrungt…st/wp-plugin[+] - just released LinkedList.wp 1.0.1!

8:58 PM Apr 1st 2008

@rashmiswamy Great! Told you not to worry. :)

9:03 PM Mar 31st 2008

@rashmiswamy Btw, how did it go with your references sheet?

8:57 PM Mar 31st 2008

Been watching way too many movies lately. I’ve got to get away from DC!!

8:43 PM Mar 31st 2008

End of mid-sem break. Back to uni from tomorrow :(

10:32 PM Mar 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy Snowfall….does that make you feel good or bad?

1:23 AM Mar 23rd 2008

“De Ushuaia A La Quiaca” from The Motorcycle Diaries — what a track! Gives tough competition to “Le moulin” from Amélie.

5:26 PM Mar 20th 2008

@xAbhishek Thanks Abhishek. Will probably add it to the other areas of my site in the future.

12:48 PM Mar 19th 2008

@sourima7 You’ve just got to add people you want to follow and blabber whatever you feel like in 150 chars or less. Also works via sms!

12:40 AM Mar 19th 2008

Why why why is it so hot? Sleepy but can’t sleep because of the damn heat.

2:34 AM Mar 18th 2008

Boiling hot, loud (and I mean LOUD) cars and hot chicks - I’m at the Australian Grand Prix.

11:50 AM Mar 16th 2008

Hamilton on Pole, Kubica, Kovalainen and Massa next. And we thought Ferrari was gonna dominate.

2:12 PM Mar 15th 2008

Kimi out of qualifying due to technical glitches!! There goes any hopes of him winning the opener.

1:29 PM Mar 15th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yeah that month arrangement is a bit tricky. Resize the page and you’ll probably see what I mean.

11:42 PM Mar 14th 2008 - One stop shop for all the pages on my site. Very handy for searching.

10:37 PM Mar 14th 2008

38 degrees of Centigrade baking me nice and hot. Wait, did I say nice?

2:34 PM Mar 14th 2008

@xabhishek I know! Was very hard to justify paying that much, but boy, Media Temple is totally worth it!

2:50 AM Mar 14th 2008

And is back online in Aus too!

2:31 AM Mar 14th 2008

@rashmiswamy Oops. Which version did it get updated to? Last I remember, all versions upto 1.1.4 have been unlockable.

10:33 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy huh! How did you manage that?

10:29 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy what’s gotten you lost?

10:13 PM Mar 13th 2008

Found 2 dollars after emptying my clothes from the washing machine - love it when this kinda thing happens!

12:10 PM Mar 13th 2008 - “Raju, paise kahan se aye?”

11:21 PM Mar 12th 2008

My UNIX professor - after swapping two lines in vi using only 2 keystrokes, “That’s why I haven’t got RSI!”

2:50 PM Mar 12th 2008

Just saw a MacBook running XP. Ugh.

11:15 AM Mar 11th 2008

Trying to get more people onto twitter – just sent out 5 invites.

1:14 AM Mar 11th 2008

Been learning sorting every year for the past 7 years and its back again this year…

3:47 PM Mar 10th 2008

THE HEAT IS KILLING ME!!! 36 friggin degrees!

1:10 PM Mar 10th 2008

Finally found time to update my blog!

12:55 AM Mar 9th 2008

Thank God classes are finally over. Today was long, hot and boring. Just feel like crashing, but its only 6pm :(

4:49 PM Mar 5th 2008

@wateva Good luck with it.

11:17 PM Mar 4th 2008

And guess what, India just won the ODI series!!!

9:23 PM Mar 4th 2008

@wateva BASTARD!! Woah woah woah!!!

9:01 PM Mar 4th 2008

What’s a man to do after a boring day at uni? Watch Russel Peters live!

6:38 PM Mar 3rd 2008

Finally powered by Leopard!

2:19 PM Mar 2nd 2008

@rashmiswamy And what have you been up to, that so many things deserve thanks?

12:34 PM Feb 29th 2008

The customary Nott night. Now I’ve finally ‘settled down’ since my return!

12:15 AM Feb 29th 2008

Back in the land of the kangaroo!

8:14 PM Feb 23rd 2008

Dipin, Nimit, Kunal and Ranjit; Taare Zameen Par, Sunday and 300 (again); Go Karts and Vada Pao – Pune was awesome!

6:40 PM Feb 11th 2008

@rakeshrach Neither can I! 4 hours more to go…

11:14 PM Jan 15th 2008

So its goodbye Delhi in 2 hours. Met (in order) Varenya, (Neetu didi n Jijaji), Karan, Souvik, Amit, Anchal, Shubra, Sumit, Rohan and Swati.

6:53 PM Jan 14th 2008

Crap! I forgot to allocate my preferred timetable when Allocate+ opened 4 days back. I hope some good spots are still vacant.

3:54 PM Jan 13th 2008

Had the DPS RKP (TM) Patty after 2 years…

11:00 PM Jan 8th 2008

I’m back in Delhi! :D

7:39 PM Jan 5th 2008

Happy New Year people!

8:53 PM Jan 1st 2008