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From the month of November, 2009.

Aircraft toilet door usability sucks. In the 10 mins I was stretching my legs I noticed at least half the people struggle to open them.

2:49 PM Nov 27th 2009

@rungtaakki don’t worry, time will heal those wounds.

8:14 PM Nov 20th 2009

Exams over. Pool party. Can’t type anymore.

4:24 PM Nov 18th 2009

Bye bye phpMyAdmin, hello SQL Buddy.

(via @shauninman)

12:38 PM Nov 18th 2009

@rashmiswamy Now atleast one hour from my revision time will be well spent.

9:53 AM Nov 16th 2009

Is there a sanity-restore filter (SMS speak to English, proper capitalization, space after a full stop)? Chance to save humanity here.

1:24 AM Nov 14th 2009

@sumitsharan No way! I’m so jealous.

4:14 PM Nov 13th 2009

@rashmiswamy I better stay away if it’s that bad.

11:58 AM Nov 12th 2009

Some refreshed, some uncluttered. Much learnt.

(Next time I’ll just use a one way hash for better comprehension.)

4:46 AM Nov 12th 2009

@rakeshrach That so could pass off as a viral site for the masked crusader of Gotham city.

8:09 PM Nov 10th 2009

And the black hole reappears.

4:37 AM Nov 9th 2009

I think it’s time to replace the phrase “grow on trees” with “pollutes the environment”.

6:13 PM Nov 7th 2009

@thesilentenigma Pampara pampara pup pup pup paa!

2:20 AM Nov 7th 2009

Out of groceries, need to go shopping.

Every. Damn. Week.

3:33 PM Nov 6th 2009

@sunny_toor Of course, it’s only 3 am!

1:59 AM Nov 6th 2009

IMDB’s getting realigned in places.

1:42 AM Nov 6th 2009

The Webkit Inspector gets a huge minor update:…tor-updates/[+]

4:03 PM Nov 4th 2009

Sleeping I like. Staying up I like. Transitioning between the two I hate.

2:40 AM Nov 3rd 2009

Half the goodies of a Vettel victory are his post-victory radios!

12:41 AM Nov 2nd 2009

@thesilentenigma It’s the “when I grow up” bit.

7:37 PM Nov 1st 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, seen that, didn’t change my opinion.

2:01 AM Nov 1st 2009

I hope this heat-rain day-night weather juggle continues beyond two days.

12:06 AM Nov 1st 2009