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From the month of October, 2008.

“Art challenges technology and technology inspires the art…” - John Lasseter

9:54 PM Oct 29th 2008

@xAbhishek well, you should end up doing what you like doing.

9:42 PM Oct 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy It’s coming, wait for it …, almost there! :P

6:17 PM Oct 29th 2008

Happy Diwali peeps!

10:18 PM Oct 28th 2008

@xAbhishek they were actually selling manuals for $10!?!? Why didn’t they just download the user guide from the support site?

1:36 AM Oct 27th 2008

@rungtaakki yeah, I remember the D1, 2, 3 series. Fun times

2:21 AM Oct 25th 2008

So, it is before the tracks of Caulfield Racecourse (as always), the doom of this semester will be decided.

2:36 AM Oct 23rd 2008

The moment I start studying my head fills up with 100s of fantastic ideas and things to do, all the f**king time!

9:35 PM Oct 20th 2008

@xAbhishek I’m glad that I have an older MacBook Pro because I just love my matte display.

12:10 AM Oct 19th 2008

@sumitsharan yup, it was definitely hilarious at times (Clooney, Malkovich, Simmons). Guess I liked Burn After Reading after all!

1:43 AM Oct 18th 2008

Oh and the new MacBooks look much better in person. Still not convinced that glossy displays were the way to go though.

1:11 AM Oct 18th 2008

Burn After Reading was…weird. Had some great moments though.

10:55 PM Oct 17th 2008

@sumitsharan Virals are bad. Take care and get well soon!

5:53 PM Oct 13th 2008

@wateva yeah but with emotions and expressions, unlike Kimi

4:29 PM Oct 12th 2008

Gotta love Robert Kubica’s interviews!

4:23 PM Oct 12th 2008

@wateva yeah he might’ve gained a few more points if he hadn’t not collided with Bourdais.

4:15 PM Oct 12th 2008

@wateva but a good race nonetheless

4:08 PM Oct 12th 2008

That was a very unexpected and exciting start to the Japanese GP!

2:43 PM Oct 12th 2008

Ah sweet mangoes…

3:21 PM Oct 11th 2008

@sumitsharan it’s not going great for me either a.t.m. Hopefully not for long…

9:42 PM Oct 9th 2008

@sumitsharan Ooo :P What did you do?

7:56 PM Oct 9th 2008

@rakeshrach Yup. It’s like you’re learning a bit about yourself too!

5:36 PM Oct 9th 2008

Books, movies, music. Life would be so dull without them.

12:28 AM Oct 8th 2008

@rungtaakki Why don’t you start your flickr account by giving us a few glimpses of Newcastle

3:24 AM Oct 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy can’t talk tonight. Got an assignment due tomorrow.

8:19 PM Oct 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy just got back from tennis

6:28 PM Oct 5th 2008

Damn this daylight saving hoopla. One less hour to sleep :(

12:25 AM Oct 5th 2008

@rungtaakki great find. Now where can I watch the movie?

9:16 PM Oct 4th 2008

@rungtaakki cold, hot, wet or all of it like Melbourne’s weather?

1:52 AM Oct 4th 2008

@xAbhishek Haha. Expected nothing less from Drona. :P

1:48 AM Oct 4th 2008

“Friends are like bras: close to heart and there for support”

9:58 PM Oct 2nd 2008

‘A Wednesday’ - nice movie, especially the script. Good to see such stuff from Bollywood.

8:20 PM Oct 2nd 2008