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From the month of November, 2010.

@sumitsharan Oh absolutely.

6:23 PM Nov 27th 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

Back in IIT Madras after 6 years.

9:40 AM Nov 27th 2010 Source Code, the next movie from ‘Moon’ director Duncan Jones.

2:22 PM Nov 25th 2010

@eclairsk3 Ah yes, I liked that scene too. They got the chemistry between the trio right.

9:37 AM Nov 25th 2010 in reply to eclairsk3 if you’ve ever wondered why a:visited only honours colour based CSS properties. (via @aditya)

12:14 AM Nov 25th 2010

Deathly Hallows Part 1 standouts: Bathilda Bagshot, The Tale of the Three Brothers, Alexandre Desplat’s score and, of course, Emma Watson.

11:11 PM Nov 24th 2010

@doctypehtml5 Might want to change the year of the Chennai event to 2010 (from 2011) on the Event Schedule tab.

3:51 PM Nov 24th 2010

Found out about this just in time. “part conference, part workshop” at IIT Chennai this Saturday. (Pune on 4th Dec)

12:10 PM Nov 24th 2010

@5anket Also, once on the way to Ooty, if I remember right. :P

1:42 AM Nov 24th 2010 in reply to 5anket

One disapproving stare at a fellow commuter was all it took for him to pickup the just discarded bag of chips and throw it in the bin. Yay!

8:21 PM Nov 23rd 2010

Reminded of the Ghats after @sifar’s live tweets of the Bangalore – Kerela journey.[+]

12:39 AM Nov 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan The rats in my stomach nod their heads in approval, while I go hunt in the fridge…

12:16 AM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

@sifar Your live blogging pretty much ruined my entire day, making me wish I was on the train and standing at the door myself.

5:36 PM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to sifar

@xAbhishek Amen. Welcome to the world of valuing your time and getting shit done.

8:25 PM Nov 21st 2010 in reply to xAbhishek

@smitar My tee from last night was grabbed off[+]

2:17 PM Nov 21st 2010

Smitten by @smitar’s letter play and type design at last night’s @pknchennai.

2:13 PM Nov 21st 2010

@keeperofthekeys Stay away from those gimmicky flash-based portfolio templates, for one thing.

5:52 PM Nov 20th 2010 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Bat nostalgia. Reading with the Batman Begins OST playing in the background.

4:04 PM Nov 20th 2010

Richard Feynman on discovery, chess and nature’s laws[+] ; on honours & prizes[+] /via @iA

5:31 PM Nov 19th 2010

@sifar Quite a poetic moment you’ve captured there. Where is the buyer going to use the photo?

1:23 PM Nov 17th 2010 in reply to sifar

Atop. (There’s more where that came from.)[+]

12:57 AM Nov 17th 2010

@anildavid You travelling to the motherland? When and where?

3:54 PM Nov 16th 2010

Sheriff Woody’s Instagram pro tip: “Reach for the sky.”

1:17 AM Nov 16th 2010

@rands Mostly about Indian music, but I really like @rakeshrach’s

12:07 AM Nov 16th 2010 in reply to rands

“Weird glitch in future weather readings on Alderaan.”

/via @khoi

11:56 PM Nov 15th 2010[+] is going to make train trip planning so much more easier. Bravo @Cleartrip!

3:47 PM Nov 15th 2010

@rungtaakki And I had Idli, Vada, Pav Bhaji, paneer, aloo gobi and more this weekend.

9:24 AM Nov 15th 2010 in reply to rungtaakki

“People are not useless, they are…

3:24 PM Nov 14th 2010

@rakeshrach Yeah, Webber for 2010 World Champion! Go @AussieGrit!

4:38 PM Nov 12th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

Vettel 1st, Webber 2nd & Alonso 5th puts all 3 on 256 points – with Vettel winning by having one more P4 than Alonso.[+]

5:50 PM Nov 11th 2010

Lazy web: Anyone here with JavaScript templates experience? Which one(s) have you tried/used/abandoned and why?

3:26 PM Nov 11th 2010

Very eager to see more of what El Jackson and El Spielberg are doing with Tintin.[+][+]

2:09 PM Nov 11th 2010

The Kaboom of Doom? How can a movie with that title be anything other than pure awesomeness? Go Panda!

8:33 PM Nov 9th 2010

45 minutes before departure.

5:31 AM Nov 8th 2010

@toor_sunny Woah! People must be going crazy with the online shopping.

2:34 AM Nov 5th 2010 in reply to toor_sunny

Off home. Consider construction over destruction this Diwali.

11:44 PM Nov 3rd 2010

@wateva Well that was quick. Only took, what, 2 months!

2:03 PM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to wateva

@_karan Based in Chennai, for now. @souvikdg would be happy to detail our future plan(s).

10:41 AM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to _karan

Art for art’s sake. Design for users’ sake.

12:53 AM Nov 2nd 2010

@toor_sunny You used Zone 1 to Chaddy, spending extra on a Zone 2 trip!? Sucker :P

9:34 AM Nov 1st 2010 in reply to toor_sunny