Thus twat tweeted @rungta.

The 2009 collection.

@_karan Spread/dip/lick. Much like bread with honey, not bread with regular milk.

3:03 AM Dec 30th 2009

@_karan you should try bread and Milk Maid (a.k.a. condensed milk).

5:53 PM Dec 29th 2009

@umadamle that’s a dissapointment. At least now you know the difference.

4:04 AM Dec 29th 2009

Back in the theatre where it all started, complete with hoots, whistles and packed food!

12:58 AM Dec 29th 2009

Seventy five agonising days to the first F1 race of 2010.


6:34 PM Dec 28th 2009

Google Maps India now includes landmarks in its directions. Neat. googleblog.b…arns-to.html[+]

7:41 PM Dec 27th 2009

Dibakar Banerjee’s next: Love Sex aur Dhokha

3:40 PM Dec 27th 2009

@rungtaakki Both, back to back?

1:11 PM Dec 26th 2009

Music is my trance, my high, my house, my soul.

1:26 AM Dec 23rd 2009

@anildavid I’m going there tonight. Will be there till the 14th, then back to B’lore.

2:10 AM Dec 12th 2009

Quite impressed with the new airport at Bang— err, Bengaluru. Hope they’ve future proofed the facility.

1:17 AM Dec 12th 2009

Off to Bangalore, Goa and beyond!

9:51 PM Dec 11th 2009

Drinking milk and mulling over life atop my nephew’s Fisher-Price tricyle.

9:56 PM Dec 9th 2009

Aircraft toilet door usability sucks. In the 10 mins I was stretching my legs I noticed at least half the people struggle to open them.

2:49 PM Nov 27th 2009

@rungtaakki don’t worry, time will heal those wounds.

8:14 PM Nov 20th 2009

Exams over. Pool party. Can’t type anymore.

4:24 PM Nov 18th 2009

Bye bye phpMyAdmin, hello SQL Buddy.

(via @shauninman)

12:38 PM Nov 18th 2009

@rashmiswamy Now atleast one hour from my revision time will be well spent.

9:53 AM Nov 16th 2009

Is there a sanity-restore filter (SMS speak to English, proper capitalization, space after a full stop)? Chance to save humanity here.

1:24 AM Nov 14th 2009

@sumitsharan No way! I’m so jealous.

4:14 PM Nov 13th 2009

@rashmiswamy I better stay away if it’s that bad.

11:58 AM Nov 12th 2009

Some refreshed, some uncluttered. Much learnt.

(Next time I’ll just use a one way hash for better comprehension.)

4:46 AM Nov 12th 2009

@rakeshrach That so could pass off as a viral site for the masked crusader of Gotham city.

8:09 PM Nov 10th 2009

And the black hole reappears.

4:37 AM Nov 9th 2009

I think it’s time to replace the phrase “grow on trees” with “pollutes the environment”.

6:13 PM Nov 7th 2009

@thesilentenigma Pampara pampara pup pup pup paa!

2:20 AM Nov 7th 2009

Out of groceries, need to go shopping.

Every. Damn. Week.

3:33 PM Nov 6th 2009

@sunny_toor Of course, it’s only 3 am!

1:59 AM Nov 6th 2009

IMDB’s getting realigned in places.

1:42 AM Nov 6th 2009

The Webkit Inspector gets a huge minor update:…tor-updates/[+]

4:03 PM Nov 4th 2009

Sleeping I like. Staying up I like. Transitioning between the two I hate.

2:40 AM Nov 3rd 2009

Half the goodies of a Vettel victory are his post-victory radios!

12:41 AM Nov 2nd 2009

@thesilentenigma It’s the “when I grow up” bit.

7:37 PM Nov 1st 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, seen that, didn’t change my opinion.

2:01 AM Nov 1st 2009

I hope this heat-rain day-night weather juggle continues beyond two days.

12:06 AM Nov 1st 2009

@sumitsharan No dude. Scarlett Johansson’s in a different league in both ways.

8:54 PM Oct 31st 2009

@rungtaakki what else did you do today?

12:09 PM Oct 31st 2009

@sourima7 what’re you so yappy about?

12:08 PM Oct 31st 2009

It’s ~4am. I’m hungry, naturally.

3:37 AM Oct 30th 2009

Showered, ran for the bus, drenched in sweat. 29 degrees.

4:10 PM Oct 29th 2009

Aaand it’s done! Three weeks of dragging myself. Next up, exams.


9:01 PM Oct 25th 2009

So much for staying away from iPhone games. Downloaded Wurdle and wasted 1 hour playing 2 min rounds.

4:42 PM Oct 23rd 2009

@rungtaakki Haha. Very ‘few’ corrections to the ‘many’ mistakes are that fitting. ;)

12:37 PM Oct 22nd 2009

Papercut. Crap.

8:08 PM Oct 18th 2009

Had the best Diwali I could’ve expected in Melbourne.

12:07 AM Oct 18th 2009

@virsanghvi also, the resources could’ve been better used in upgrading facilities for producing winner athletes rather than loser hosts.

4:38 PM Oct 17th 2009

Oh, and अाप सभी को दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।

3:19 AM Oct 17th 2009

Lots of people looking for rangoli designs this festive season. Save the trouble:

3:15 AM Oct 17th 2009

@thesilentenigma Back to mutating eh. I on the other hand have come down to the MIPS level.

1:28 AM Oct 15th 2009

Headless storage device inside a headless bunny.[+]

4:47 PM Oct 14th 2009

Whoa, @MonashUni is finally switching away from the pathetic 40 MB / no POP / no IMAP student email to Google Apps from November.

5:29 PM Oct 13th 2009

Two more down, the second ending with an Honours invitation! If only I enjoyed writing long reports and did not want to get out of Uni ASAP.

4:16 PM Oct 13th 2009

One down, 5 more to go.

4:36 PM Oct 12th 2009

Back to the grindhouse, it’s Monday again.

8:31 AM Oct 12th 2009

@xAbhishek That right there is the bittersweet irony of it all.

1:37 AM Oct 11th 2009

@adipedia I’d bet on World Peace over the existence —nay, possibility — of One True Browser™.

1:15 AM Oct 11th 2009

Oi CSS3, hurry up now!

12:58 AM Oct 11th 2009

The “Pull down to refresh” in Tweetie 2 is pure awesomeness.

9:48 PM Oct 10th 2009

Flickr Gallery: Spices in India…22546455414/[+]

3:18 PM Oct 9th 2009

@xAbhishek Yahoo’s logo next to Flickr’s was, I hoped, a one-off case of an executive showing Flickr who was boss.

Support for video on YT?

11:30 PM Oct 7th 2009

@adipedia That looks delicious indeed. Happy budday!

3:55 PM Oct 7th 2009

@thesilentenigma A little more action please?

10:41 PM Oct 6th 2009

To me, a Flash-less iPhone is a lot more flashy than one with Flash.

7:11 PM Oct 6th 2009

The force tells me Clone Wars is back for season 2 and I’m going to be late tomorrow morning.

1:44 AM Oct 5th 2009

@kabir88 It was on One, so you should’ve been able to watch it, right?

9:30 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Looks like this qualification round is out to set a record for the maximum number of red flags in a single F1 session.

4:21 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@sumitsharan I doubt it. I’ve given up looking for “Loins of Punjab” and come to the conclusion that they haven’t released a DVD yet.

3:01 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@dpka9 Come over tonight if you free. I’ll be busy tomorrow.

2:58 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@kabir88 A callout to the Mahatma on Gandhi Jayanti, that’s all.

4:39 PM Oct 2nd 2009

बंदे मे था दम, वन्दे मातरम्!

3:00 AM Oct 2nd 2009

Rustled the shutters today.

1:53 AM Sep 27th 2009

@zeldman Didn’t you say you’d love to see @jk_rowling on twitter. Oh wait. :)

6:12 PM Sep 26th 2009

@thesilentenigma yup, submitted it during the wee hours when the birds were chirping. Worst assignment I’ve done in a long time though.

7:18 PM Sep 25th 2009

Death seems more inviting than the thought of completing this assignment before 12 noon tomorrow. I’m such a कामचोर.

Mom would be proud!

1:21 AM Sep 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy @wateva @rungtaakki Was it the upgrade-to-Snow-Leopard-to-prepare-for-the-winter weekend in the UK?

9:34 PM Sep 21st 2009

TaskPaper is my new favourite note-taking tool, and not just for to-do lists.

12:05 AM Sep 20th 2009

“Whenever you are, we are already then”
    – Time Travel Mart

4:01 PM Sep 19th 2009

“The Office” season 6 premiers tomorrow. w00t w00t!

2:17 AM Sep 18th 2009

The golden goose just pooped.

5:28 PM Sep 17th 2009

Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, racing for the daily headlines.…./8258987.stm[+]

11:56 PM Sep 16th 2009

@rashmiswamy Done done diddly-done!

12:19 AM Sep 16th 2009

Nearly deflated, not done whining.

9:51 PM Sep 15th 2009

And now, back to the assignment which (I’ve realised) won’t complete itself.

I should probably eat something first though…

7:43 PM Sep 15th 2009

@thesilentenigma Wow, congrats! I doubt you’ll be penalised for being a minute late.

I on the other hand am going to be a full day late.

5:31 PM Sep 14th 2009

Feels like my head’s been passed around in all places where the messages should’ve gone during this wretched distributed systems assignment.

4:06 PM Sep 14th 2009

Disliking the lack of attention to detail on the new iTunes Store. Feels like a rushed design.

3:03 AM Sep 13th 2009

Emptying a box of strawberries.

6:43 PM Sep 12th 2009

“His room is always so clean.”

“Yeah, he’s got a garbage collector running.”

8:39 PM Sep 11th 2009

@_karan It’s the iTunes store that’s been buggy on my end. Search something and boom; right click on an album and boom. :/

10:45 PM Sep 10th 2009

Already regretting upgrading to iTunes 9. Crashed thrice in 2-3 hours.

10:15 PM Sep 10th 2009

@xAbhishek Sleeves over cases or shields for me. I like the sleek touch of the device in my hands.

1:23 AM Sep 8th 2009

@sourima7 Nah, too fancy for my liking. I much prefer the simpler look and feel of the Makr sleeve.

1:17 AM Sep 8th 2009

@adipedia Haha. I stay away from “protective cases” myself, but the thought of scraping my precious is, at least for the moment, unbearable.

10:19 PM Sep 7th 2009

I so want this for my new toy, but $90!!! Anyone know of good alternatives?

8:18 PM Sep 7th 2009

Parallel sleeping in progress at the parallel systems lecture.

12:56 PM Sep 7th 2009

Free Zone 2 bus travel on all weekends in September! Pretty cool. metlinkmelbo…au/error-404[+]

5:17 PM Sep 6th 2009

To Lake Mountain and back. And I saw snow, finally! All thanks to @rakeshrach.

8:24 PM Sep 5th 2009

Out on the road after what feels like ages!

1:58 PM Sep 5th 2009

@sourima7 How does it feel? Like a stranger in Moscow, of course—wait, you mean the iPhone?

9:54 PM Sep 4th 2009

The cat’s out of the bag and the 3GS is in my hand. Thank you.

9:22 PM Sep 4th 2009

@sumitsharan What would that be?

8:28 PM Sep 4th 2009

@rashmiswamy So “The devil is in the details” or “It’s the little things that count”? :P

5:58 PM Sep 2nd 2009

F1 overlords, take note how much difference a proper track like Spa can make. Probably the best race of the season.

12:04 AM Aug 31st 2009

Imagine if Fisichella actually wins…

P.S. - What’s with all the pit stops today?

10:53 PM Aug 30th 2009

God I love the Spa-francorchamps circuit. F1 needs more tracks like these and less tracks like Valencia.

7:15 PM Aug 29th 2009

My HCI professor: “Java philosophy is ‘write once and run anywhere’ or ‘write once and run away as far as you can’.”

4:15 PM Aug 27th 2009

@adipedia Sweet. Now get on Flickr and start uploading.

4:31 PM Aug 26th 2009 Not there yet, but definitely moving in the right direction.

3:36 PM Aug 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy Thanks for the confirmation!

5:34 PM Aug 25th 2009

Got home just in time. The Met department wasn’t joking when they said “extreme weather” expected in Melbourne today.

5:31 PM Aug 25th 2009

@xAbhishek I doubt it’s a transitory thing for me. I’ve liked both Helvetica and Gill Sans since I’ve been aware of them.

2:33 PM Aug 24th 2009

Half of my affection for SBS can probably be attributed to their use of Helvetica.

1:03 AM Aug 24th 2009

@bhavyakhanna Also, while I was never a fan, no strong opposition would be worse than no BJP.

5:11 PM Aug 20th 2009

Decided to finally open the copy of “Interpreter of Maladies” that’d been lying on my shelf since last October.

8:00 PM Aug 19th 2009

@adipedia Dunno. The impostor managed to tweet something about making money and the twitter guys said, “No, thank you.” :P

8:23 PM Aug 16th 2009

@adipedia Thanks!

My twitter account was hacked into and subsequently suspended on 7th August.

7:04 PM Aug 16th 2009

Hacked. Suspended. Restored.

6:58 PM Aug 16th 2009

Mayawati’s probably saying, “Somebody stop me!”


10:14 PM Aug 3rd 2009

It might get loud this Tuesday.

7:32 PM Aug 2nd 2009

@adipedia Water spills on the carpet, the stairs, the car…

11:33 PM Jul 30th 2009

I need to etch this at the back of my hand - DEFROST a fridge BEFORE moving it!!

10:28 PM Jul 30th 2009

@rashmiswamy @wateva This is definitely the most exciting F1 news we’ve had all season.

11:01 AM Jul 30th 2009

Guru bhai Guru bhai avya che, dhoom dhadaka karela che!

10:18 PM Jul 27th 2009

@wateva I think Massa will miss most of the remaining races this season but I hope he makes a full recovery.

1:22 PM Jul 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy Oh it’s nothing spectacular.

7:21 PM Jul 18th 2009

Finished reinventing the wheel. It rocks and rolls!

5:52 PM Jul 18th 2009

Footer copy: This site worst viewed in Internet Explorer.

11:57 PM Jul 17th 2009

I’d become so distant that only now did I find the need for an उभरता भारत folder in my bookmarks bar.

11:39 PM Jul 16th 2009

@sumitsharan Dude you must be seriously vella to go watch Kambakkht Ishq! :P

2:47 AM Jul 14th 2009

The best qualifying we’ve seen this season, hands down.

11:03 PM Jul 11th 2009

Force India in Q3 for the first time ever!

Go get that first points finish at the German Grand Prix!

10:44 PM Jul 11th 2009

@adipedia I’m no so sure it was done by students. But yeah, whoever is responsible appears to be very ignorant.

8:04 PM Jul 9th 2009

Tsk Tsk Monash Arts faculty.[+]

6:55 PM Jul 9th 2009

Anyone know where/how I can get my hands on the movie “Lions of Punjab Presents”? (paid or otherwise)

3:22 AM Jul 8th 2009

“Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.” – Stefan Sagmeister.

7:09 PM Jul 6th 2009

Kandhamal riots accused (7 murder cases, 6 cases for house torching & 1 murder attempt) out on bail, takes oath as MLA!! indianexpres…mla/485297/0[+]

2:43 AM Jul 6th 2009

@souvikdg We love you too! :P

12:06 AM Jul 5th 2009

@adipedia Indeed I do, but that’ll merely be the culmination of the end (hopefully). It’s already begun.

2:43 AM Jul 3rd 2009

Back hic from another friend’s farewell party hic. The end of another era seems close at hand.

2:36 AM Jul 3rd 2009

@xAbhishek Ogg (and <audio/video>) support is a good thing no doubt.

5:42 AM Jul 1st 2009

@xAbhishek Lots of improvements & additions in Gecko to be excited about. Contrast prateekrungt…ces/top-gear[+] in Firefox 3 and 3.5 for an example.

4:47 AM Jul 1st 2009

Vishal Bhardwaj’s next release — Kaminey. Should be good.

7:22 PM Jun 26th 2009

@rungtaakki That’s good. Are you on a waiting list or is your seat confirmed/RAC?

3:52 PM Jun 26th 2009

@rashmiswamy “yes yes”.

You know we’re the authors of prateekrungt…ces/top-gear[+]
right? :P

3:54 AM Jun 25th 2009

@xAbhishek I’d hardly consider using (let alone suggesting) a web technology on the basis of Microsoft adoption. Also:

3:49 AM Jun 25th 2009 – In case anyone’s wondering which JavaScript library to use.

2:52 AM Jun 25th 2009

@adipedia I wouldn’t rate T2 highly as a standalone myself. But all that jazz is quite entertaining, especially on an IMAX screen. :P

2:10 AM Jun 25th 2009

Transformers 2: The jungle sequence with Optimus Prime and Megan Fox … phew!

1:56 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy Either way, I’m glad a good one’s in your hands because the results are stunning!

1:20 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy Where was your camera hiding all this while girl!?

1:04 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rungtaakki You better! And hurry up now.

12:36 AM Jun 25th 2009

@rungtaakki What started where?

11:52 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rakeshrach They’re all done! :D

4:01 PM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek Dunno the exact number, but basically whenever I’m using my computer.

7:59 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@souvikdg Thanks Souvik. Can’t wait to get this last one done and over with.

7:57 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek 40% juice remaining after two months of usage now. Moreover, just get rechargeable batteries.

1:16 AM Jun 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek Having used a laptop keyboard for so long, I don’t miss the extra keys on Apple’s Wireless keyboard at all.

12:32 AM Jun 23rd 2009

EXAM - EXtreme Atrocity Multiplied

3:20 AM Jun 22nd 2009

Vettel took pole in spite of carrying the heaviest fuel load amongst the top 10. Wow! Red Bull look unbeatable this weekend.

4:28 AM Jun 21st 2009

@wateva What’ve you been up to?

2:21 AM Jun 21st 2009

@anildavid You’re in for one hell of a ride mate! :P

4:19 AM Jun 20th 2009

This breakaway F1 series might actually do some good, namely - HD broadcasts, better online coverage, cheaper tickets, better circuits.

3:34 PM Jun 19th 2009

The iPhone is finally coming to 3 in July! Yahoo! Fingers crossed that their plans with include international calls.

2:01 PM Jun 18th 2009

@souvikdg What happened to your B’day gift? Stuck en-route?

2:47 AM Jun 18th 2009

“You will be haunted,” resumed the Uni, err, Ghost, “by 2 Exams, err, 3 Spirits.”

“I-I think I’d rather not,” said Prateek, err, Scrooge.

10:06 PM Jun 13th 2009

Our very own Rohit Nag: “The full stop is silent!”

2:24 AM Jun 12th 2009

DC asks Christian Horner “Obviously you’ve got a good record in the wet, what can you do without lubrication!?”

9:40 PM Jun 7th 2009

@adipedia I’d followed both for long periods but found more rubbish than substance, especially with TOI. I’ll give HT another go though.

6:04 PM Jun 7th 2009

I’ve had it with[+]

Is there any Indian news site with real news and a usable website?

5:43 PM Jun 7th 2009

“That sweaty “Developers, developers, developers, developers” rant is probably the smartest thing Steve Ballmer has ever said.” Aye Aye.

6:20 PM Jun 6th 2009

@zaveriaakash Why not? I loved the movie. And welcome to “using twitter”. :P

7:03 PM Jun 3rd 2009

I wanna watch Delhi-6 again…

6:47 PM Jun 3rd 2009

Microsoft: What’s that, Apple only gives you free stickers with your computer? We’ll give you free t-shirts! :P infotech.mon…ndidate.html[+]

6:25 PM Jun 2nd 2009

Looks like today is Federer’s turn to go out of Roland Garros.

10:15 PM Jun 1st 2009

@xAbhishek Wuuuuuuh. The Squeeze Toy Aliens are (gonna be) back (in June 2010)!

3:13 AM Jun 1st 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, and the man to finally step up to Rafa was Robin Soderling. And you should totally start following it, lots of action.

2:09 AM Jun 1st 2009

First Novak and now—would you believe it—Rafael Nadal is (for the first time) out of French Open!

1:56 AM Jun 1st 2009

@xAbhishek I find it quicker to just hit command+space and type the word (+return if needed).

4:54 AM May 29th 2009

@xAbhishek No way! Maybe my vocabulary sucks, but it’s become an indispensable tool for me at least.

3:15 AM May 29th 2009

All my sins descend on me!

This week’s turning out to be so much more exciting than anticipated, n I’m not being sarcastic (half the time)

6:19 PM May 28th 2009

@adipedia No, cause if that was the case, I’ve already failed!

Oh how I wish I’d spent too much (or even a little) time doing assignments.

11:30 AM May 27th 2009

I think I’m actually, finally going to fail a unit this semester! Maybe I need to.

9:31 AM May 27th 2009

@sumitsharan Wow. Congrats Mr. Sharan! What and where?

5:27 PM May 26th 2009

My computer had to choose the WORST time to crash - as soon as the lights went out in Monaco, down to the milli second! AARRRGGGHHH!!

10:14 PM May 24th 2009

@xAbhishek I agree. @blah_bleh Take a look at – seems more ethical to me.

12:13 AM May 24th 2009

@blah_bleh Assignments, assignments and then some more assignments.

10:25 PM May 22nd 2009

F1 once again says, “Hullo Monte-Carlo!”

6:20 PM May 21st 2009

@rakeshrach Actually, I think it’s smog more than fog. There’s a nasty smell in the air as well today.

2:36 PM May 21st 2009 – for all your Hindi lyric transliteration needs.

12:44 AM May 20th 2009

Saw Rockford again. Felt like watching old tapes of my life.

3:58 AM May 17th 2009

OH - “This section describes how the above described work will be described.”

12:24 PM May 15th 2009

Any particularly nasty and/or unusable website you’ve come across lately? Links would be appreciated.

6:15 PM May 11th 2009

@wateva What’s even better is that Massa’s more heavily fuelled, has KERS, and both Brawn & RB reckon his Ferrari’s got better race pace.

2:31 PM May 10th 2009

@blah_bleh Nothing wrong with being curious though.

3:23 PM May 8th 2009

Recent hits: /photoblog/wp-login.php, /wp-login.php, /.htaccess (really?), /photoblog/.htaccess –it’s custom baby!

3:13 AM May 8th 2009

Haaw, twist!

12:47 AM May 8th 2009

It’s only 3:27 A.M. and I’m sleepy. Not good.

3:28 AM May 7th 2009

@blah_bleh – head first. Both Python and Perl are powerful tools to have at your disposal. Learn at least one.

12:31 AM May 6th 2009

Taking a look at to try and revive my cricket live scores widget. Let’s see how it goes.

8:43 PM May 5th 2009

@rungtaakki That’s surprising. How did you stumble upon this one?

9:52 AM May 4th 2009

@xAbhishek Not when we’ve been told to use trail versions of the software itself. We do have Win XP accounts at uni though.

5:24 AM May 3rd 2009

@sumitsharan “one of the best” - I hope you were being sarcastic. It’s built entirely using flash. Can’t even scroll!

5:19 AM May 3rd 2009

2nd assign for my SE testing subject — learn & demo a proprietary, Windows-only tool by downloading a 1GB 14-day trial. Are they being paid?

5:49 PM May 2nd 2009

@sumitsharan Wow, that’s a lot of adjectives. What happened?

1:28 PM May 1st 2009

@xAbhishek It’s just for my blog(s). I didn’t like the interface and was fed up with the switch-tab + refresh cycle to see previews.

6:05 PM Apr 30th 2009

@blah_bleh A custom-built admin interface, naturally. :P

3:51 PM Apr 30th 2009

So this Sunday I decided I’d had it with phpMyAdmin.

2:03 AM Apr 30th 2009

Two very clever page designs I came across yesterday: (flash required) and

1:45 PM Apr 29th 2009

@sourima7 What’s in store for June?

2:42 PM Apr 27th 2009

@sumitsharan Hehe. Just step back and think about your life from the 1st day at pre-school to the last day at uni.. Do I hear a never again?

2:12 AM Apr 25th 2009

@sumitsharan Congratulations! :)

Real world, here comes Sumit (unless of course he ends up going back to uni for post-grad).

1:59 AM Apr 25th 2009

“Meanwhile talking of spinners [wheel covers], here’s Nelson Piquet [Jnr], spinning!” Free Practise 2, Bahrain GP. :P

9:53 PM Apr 24th 2009

Been seeing way too many gruesome acts in the last two days. Disgusting, scary, sick and downright outrageous. What’s wrong with humanity!?!

7:24 PM Apr 24th 2009

Becoming such an expert at it that I’m considering writing a ‘Procrastination tips for the Assignment-infected soul’ book!

6:30 PM Apr 23rd 2009

OMG - Object Management Group (Software Standards lecture)

wtf - WebType Font proposition…1/web-fonts/[+]

2:31 PM Apr 22nd 2009

@xAbhishek I know, but why’re you using xkill when that won’t work on non-X11 stuff whereas killall will?

1:51 AM Apr 21st 2009

@xAbhishek killall should work with non-X11 stuff. :/

$ killall Dock

1:39 AM Apr 21st 2009

@xAbhishek Open terminal and type:


1:19 AM Apr 21st 2009

@xAbhishek Woops, I meant to say “Unboxing an iPod can never match unboxing a Mac…”

12:08 AM Apr 21st 2009

@xAbhishek I can understand the pain. Unboxing a Mac comes no where close to an iPod, especially if it’s your first one.

12:05 AM Apr 21st 2009

The real reason for buying a wireless keyboard was so I could open a new Apple product. Ergonomics was just an excuse. :P

11:36 PM Apr 20th 2009 One day xkcd will kill me.

2:46 PM Apr 20th 2009

@rakeshrach The quest continues, eh?

5:06 PM Apr 16th 2009

@sourima7 Welcome back! Let’s hope this twitted, er, twitter stint lasts much longer than the last one.

11:10 PM Apr 14th 2009

Some people are, how shall I say this, so easily satisfied. There’s so much better to see.

10:38 PM Apr 13th 2009

Smoothed over water to land in Sydney. The hunt for Nemo begins!

9:59 PM Apr 11th 2009

@rakeshrach “Yup, I’m screwed!” :P

5:44 PM Apr 9th 2009

The relief after submitting an assignment is almost comparable to that of peeing after holding in for a long time! Damn it feels good.

4:33 PM Apr 9th 2009

quirksmode.o…ime_saf.html[+] And here I was, complaining about DST!

5:33 PM Apr 8th 2009

@rashmiswamy Great find! Some things on there (“childhood”, “good night’s sleep”) are scary though.

2:48 PM Apr 7th 2009

@xAbhishek Webmark’d two of them. Also and recalling Dumbledore’s “Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here.”

3:45 AM Apr 7th 2009 Seriously considering getting a blown up version pinned on my wall

3:12 AM Apr 7th 2009

Totally inspired n fired up by every link I’ve clicked tonight, n now I must sleep for class tomorrow. Somehow Uni’s always in the way. :/

12:57 AM Apr 7th 2009

I have a feeling governments came up with the Daylight saving idea just to increase the complexity of timezone-aware code ten-fold.

12:02 AM Apr 6th 2009

The HEAT… it’s killin me…

4:35 PM Apr 2nd 2009

@anildavid Varenya and me. A friend of ours is there already.

9:22 PM Mar 29th 2009

@PureGolfJourney True that! There might be one person in the world who got the whole podium right.

6:02 PM Mar 29th 2009

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, 4 long months.

4:00 PM Mar 29th 2009

Drivers parade on fire brigades – that’s clever!

2:32 PM Mar 29th 2009

@wateva @rashmiswamy @rungtaakki I know and I’m jealous of all you guys with access to BBC coverage.

5:23 PM Mar 28th 2009

Gawwd. It’s like we’re watching advertisements with a bit of racing. I wish there was an option besides Channel One / Ten.

4:35 PM Mar 28th 2009

I’m already hating One/Ten’s coverage. 10 mins and 2 ads already, and this is while quali is on – WTF!!! Worse than last year.

4:12 PM Mar 28th 2009

And the 2009 F1 season is go!!

4:03 PM Mar 28th 2009

”..apart from that ugly front wing. That scares small children!” -Martin Brundle on the new F1 cars

2:32 PM Mar 28th 2009

@keeperofthekeys hits on the nail for all of us I guess!

12:23 PM Mar 27th 2009

Sydney’s finally happening over Easter! Yahooooo!

12:52 AM Mar 27th 2009

@blah_bleh You should also checkout[+] that I’d webmark’d way back. I’ve been sticking with HTML ever since.

1:22 PM Mar 26th 2009

@blah_bleh So I’m not the only one on the planet who doesn’t like Firebug! You should try out the Web Inspector in Safari 4/WebKit nightlies

12:14 AM Mar 25th 2009

A Dome and a Clock Tower it is then - prateekrungt…reet_station[+]

10:19 PM Mar 22nd 2009

A dome and a clock tower or a cone and a shot tower?

9:50 PM Mar 22nd 2009

LOL - “Predictability in computers is a very good thing because we would be in a lot of trouble if routers got bored, for example.” Theocaco

12:10 PM Mar 22nd 2009

@xAbhishek What’s new about that? :P

10:32 PM Mar 21st 2009

It’s so effing hot today :(

4:16 PM Mar 21st 2009

@blah_bleh Coffee before the mini-nap or before a night’s sleep? And isn’t one supposed to drink coffee to prevent falling asleep?

1:08 PM Mar 21st 2009

A mini nap can be so goddamn refreshing!

8:55 PM Mar 20th 2009

iTunes 8.1 finally allows one to use Autofill for any iPod but makes it impossible to actually spot the feature db.tidbits.c…rticle/10136[+]

12:00 AM Mar 17th 2009

@xAbhishek Not the Seinfeld ad, I was referring to the “Rockin’ our sales” video

2:32 AM Mar 15th 2009[+] gets a slight redesign, but I reckon they could’ve and should’ve done more than change colours and artwork.

11:14 AM Mar 14th 2009

I’ve pretty much turned off all non-WebKit updates in Safari 4. Makes me wonder what Apple was thinking (were they?) there?

9:54 PM Mar 13th 2009

@rakeshrach Yup, he is quite entertaining to say the least.

5:54 PM Mar 13th 2009

Seriously WTF: indiauncut.c…a-dinga-dee/[+] Even beats the Microsoft vista vid!

2:14 PM Mar 13th 2009

Some great deals (40%-43% off) on the old Shuffle in the refurb store….eID=DGM15565[+]

3:56 PM Mar 12th 2009

@anildavid Domino’s in Australia? Even after all those bad experiences?

8:37 PM Mar 11th 2009

Being ripped off at an italian joint didn’t fill up so we’ve come to a chinese place to get our value for money :p

5:21 PM Mar 11th 2009

“If they [hackers] shake your hand on a promise, they’ll keep it. But show them a lock and their first thought is how to pick it.” - Paul G.

10:30 PM Mar 10th 2009

It’s just the second week and I already feel like I’m slacking… Have a nice day everyone.

8:58 AM Mar 10th 2009

@xAbhishek Good to see Apple do more than just exist in India.

1:19 AM Mar 10th 2009

So, Watchmen. “Blah. Humbug.”

10:17 PM Mar 7th 2009

@wateva Dharmik, Lavin and Ashish at the wedding and Justina more recently.

10:32 AM Mar 6th 2009

Meeting people after 6 years and yet we pick up just where we left off! Hostelers are truly friends for life.

5:05 PM Mar 5th 2009

Was the Coldplay concert mind-blowingly awesome? TOTALLY!!!

12:23 AM Mar 4th 2009

Sitting in the pit right near the stage, waiting for the opening band!

5:52 PM Mar 3rd 2009

Off to rock and roll with Coldplay! :D

3:39 PM Mar 3rd 2009

What with working on a real project with a real client and a graphics intro lecture filled with Pixar shots, this sem might just be awesome!

1:36 PM Mar 3rd 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, I agree Slumdog isn’t worthy of 8 gold statues.

5:59 PM Mar 2nd 2009

@sumitsharan aren’t you a well-wisher! :P

5:16 PM Mar 2nd 2009

@rashmiswamy Don’t know if a 16 hour flight can be good. Well, I’m back to square 61.

8:29 PM Mar 1st 2009

Safari 4 definitely needs its old loading indicator in the address bar. The current version just doesn’t cut it.

12:30 PM Feb 26th 2009

@rakeshrach That would be a big time saver indeed, and it might go some way in standardizing a few missing features too.

5:45 PM Feb 24th 2009

@kanduri just 3 more days in India, and I didn’t make it to Delhi at all this trip.

3:17 AM Feb 24th 2009

Just three days more of luxury, good food and Hindustan :(

2:38 AM Feb 24th 2009

@keeperofthekeys haha. Wish that was the case for my blog too. I seriously need to post a new photo or two and save it from dying.

10:47 PM Feb 16th 2009

Never enjoyed a wedding like I did Ashish Gautam’s the last two days. Can’t believe he’s married, but man we had a BLAST!

2:22 AM Feb 16th 2009

Overhead “Indians are so advanced that kal ka ticket mein aaj hi chadh jaate hain!” (Lucky for them, the train hadn’t left the station.)

11:46 PM Feb 12th 2009

Indian movie studios need to take a good look at the Taare Zameen Par DVD box - movie, special features, background score, goodies & artwork

4:48 PM Feb 11th 2009

Funny how the Britannia fruit cake keeps getting smaller and costlier every year. Still very tasty though. :)

12:08 AM Feb 6th 2009

@blah_bleh Yeah was there just for a day. Will be back on 27th. We’ll catch up then.

6:59 PM Feb 4th 2009

Irrespective of People driving on the wrong side of the road, Dubai was fun. And now for the homeland…

9:07 AM Feb 3rd 2009

In the concrete jungle and experiencing first hand the great Arab firewall. :P

2:41 PM Feb 2nd 2009

@rashmiswamy Actually, only one-third through. Now on to the flight for the next bit.

3:33 AM Feb 2nd 2009

In Singapore (yay!) and dissappointed on missing what seems to have been another epic Federer Nadal final :(

2:58 AM Feb 2nd 2009

Up up and away! Bye bye Melbourne…

7:41 PM Feb 1st 2009

And I’m off to the airport! :D

3:47 PM Feb 1st 2009

Been so hot this week that a high of 37 degrees tomorrow seems like a relief!

4:35 AM Jan 31st 2009

@ankurb “Cause it looks ugly, is a pain to use and doesn’t do XYZ” or simply because only Apple fans should like Apple stuff?

2:24 PM Jan 30th 2009

@ankurb Because I bought it for a cousin of mine.

1:17 PM Jan 30th 2009

It’s painful using an iPhone knowing I’ll have to give it up in 4 days.

1:03 PM Jan 30th 2009

Just 5 more days of spiders, flies and the mad heat. Must… endure….

12:00 PM Jan 28th 2009

Federer vs Safin starting moments from now. If only we’d booked earlier we would be at Rod Laver Arena right now.

8:43 PM Jan 23rd 2009

” Torture academies can sue Himessss Reshammiya for making them redundant.” LOL. indiauncut.c…world-unite/[+]

6:21 AM Jan 22nd 2009

@rungtaakki Star Wars - The Clone Wars.

3:53 AM Jan 20th 2009

Australian Open fever’s gettin to my head now. Would like nothing better than to go there every day next 2 weeks. Damn my other commitments!

10:27 PM Jan 18th 2009

Flying and cutting kites… in Melbourne! It’s Awesome.

2:05 PM Jan 18th 2009

The song “Emosanal Attyachaar” from Dev.D is hilarious!!!

12:10 PM Jan 17th 2009

Signs of the recession – McLaren unable to hire photographers?…2009f1car-5/[+] :P

10:59 PM Jan 16th 2009

@rungtaakki Nice song… (if you meant ‘Carnival of Rust’ that is)

4:52 AM Jan 15th 2009

@rashmiswamy Thanks, I hope I do!!

3:45 PM Jan 8th 2009

@blah_bleh Yeah, may the drink last long and the guilt last short! :P Thanks mate.

3:44 PM Jan 8th 2009

@rungtaakki Hope it becomes a regular thing.

3:43 PM Jan 8th 2009 – No prizes for guessing my sleeping pattern :P

12:41 AM Jan 8th 2009

Got a big lump in my throat. @rashmiswamy and @wateva - you’ve left me speechless…

4:08 PM Jan 5th 2009

So much to do, so much to read, so little time to sleep, so little time to play. Goodnight folks.

4:15 AM Jan 5th 2009