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Good design doesn’t cost more than bad design. Economy in design is the most appropriate and lean solution to every problem.

11:18 AM May 24th 2013

Without consistency, meaningless changes camouflage those that are purposeful.

12:53 AM May 22nd 2013

Consistency guidelines enable designers to focus on the most important part of design: making each communication right for its task.

12:51 AM May 22nd 2013

Consistency and appropriateness are the two yardsticks by which communications should be judged.

12:51 AM May 22nd 2013

Design without culture becomes kitsch. The challenge against trendiness should be met by responsible and well-educated design professionals.

10:05 AM Mar 7th 2013

Thanks for archiving our 1970s Graphics Standards Manual for NYCTA, designed with Bob Noorda at Unimark:[+]

6:54 PM Feb 15th 2013

How would modernist design values apply in a culturally complex country like India?…=p41FZX0MOtk[+]

12:30 AM Dec 24th 2012

Our free book on Graphic Design for Non-Profit Organizations: rationalecre…om/archives/[+]

11:56 PM Sep 18th 2012

Good design stands by itself, without explanations or apologies. It represents the fulfilment of a successful process in all its beauty.

2:18 AM Sep 2nd 2012

If by simplifying you’ve lost clarity, you haven’t simplified.

10:00 AM Aug 15th 2012

On the role of designers in our society: designingchi…s-in-society[+]

(Thanks to @greatergood_)

1:17 PM Jul 16th 2012

Activating the Vignelli Archive: activatingth…[+]

Learn about its development: industrialde…lli-archive/[+]

4:59 AM May 21st 2012

Our update to the 1985 chart on trends and movements, bringing it into the digital era: vignellidesi…/23264791560[+]

1:30 AM May 18th 2012

Books that have a particularly important place in my memory: designersand…imo-vignelli[+] @designersbooks

12:43 AM May 4th 2012

@krfg We’re talking design, not art. @iancul

11:36 PM Mar 8th 2012 in reply to krfg

As a designer, your life is spent looking at things made by others, and how you can improve it. It becomes your nature; it becomes you.

8:52 AM Mar 3rd 2012

@peterhry Correct. To be clear, ‘macro’ meant entire cities and ‘micro’ meant things like spoons and cutlery.

2:37 AM Feb 23rd 2012 in reply to peterhry

Architects care for the macro while designers take care of the micro. Both affect our lives and both require the same discipline.

9:37 PM Feb 22nd 2012

The correct shape is the shape of the object’s meaning. Everything has its own order.

10:02 AM Jan 23rd 2012