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From the month of December, 2007.

Merry Christmas everybody!

12:36 PM Dec 25th 2007

Aloo, paneer, bhindi and kadhi. Boy its good to be back!

4:16 AM Dec 25th 2007

It was hello Singapore and ‘how you doing, Bavani?’. Was good fun meeting her after so long. Now though, its time for me to head home! :D

8:22 PM Dec 24th 2007

Goodbye Australia! See you in 2 months.

9:25 AM Dec 24th 2007

20 mins before I take my last night’s sleep in Melbourne this year. Calling the snake and the mouse.

11:37 PM Dec 23rd 2007

22 and counting…

12:01 PM Dec 23rd 2007

@wateva Can’t, am working. Gonna be a late one tonight.

10:29 PM Dec 21st 2007

@rashmiswamy If only it was as easy as that…

9:37 PM Dec 21st 2007

@wateva You lucky lucky bastard.

9:26 PM Dec 21st 2007

@wateva See, you DO know how to tweet.

9:09 PM Dec 21st 2007

@rashmiswamy so Nag’s gone back eh?

8:49 PM Dec 21st 2007

They turned off the alarm. I can hear sounds again!

4:40 PM Dec 20th 2007

I don’t think melbourne’s had this much rain in a long long time.

3:56 PM Dec 20th 2007

Fire alarm during a thunderstorm! You’ve got to be kidding.

3:33 PM Dec 20th 2007

Its hailing, its hailing! Yay!!

3:18 PM Dec 20th 2007

@rashmiswamy Are the snake and mouse still around, or did the snake eat the mouse?

11:10 PM Dec 19th 2007

@rashmiswamy done with work. Be home soon! :)

10:27 PM Dec 19th 2007

@rashmiswamy yeah but I’m at work right now :(

9:44 PM Dec 19th 2007

Reminding myself that I need to start packing soon.

5:39 PM Dec 18th 2007

Hungry like a dog and got nothing to eat :(. I better get me some grocery tomorrow. Night all!

3:18 AM Dec 16th 2007

Mr. Anderson…we meet again.

3:54 AM Dec 15th 2007

New forecast predicts the Arctic to be ice-free by 2013! Scary.

1:34 AM Dec 13th 2007

@rashmiswamy you sure have been thinking a lot about lands down under. I’ve been wanting to visit NZ myself. Get here and we both can go!

2:08 AM Dec 9th 2007

Seven stars and seven stones And one white tree. Yes I’m reading The Two Towers again.

1:45 AM Dec 9th 2007

Feels great to be light-headed again!

4:46 PM Dec 7th 2007

Finally have a decent bag for my MacBook Pro.

1:18 PM Dec 6th 2007

@rashmiswamy Not too bad. Summer’s kicking in but the occasional showers have made it pleasant so far. Work is on as usual…

1:14 PM Dec 5th 2007

Lost in Yann Tiersen’s “Le moulin” from Amélie

7:52 PM Dec 1st 2007