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From the month of October, 2009.

@sumitsharan No dude. Scarlett Johansson’s in a different league in both ways.

8:54 PM Oct 31st 2009

@rungtaakki what else did you do today?

12:09 PM Oct 31st 2009

@sourima7 what’re you so yappy about?

12:08 PM Oct 31st 2009

It’s ~4am. I’m hungry, naturally.

3:37 AM Oct 30th 2009

Showered, ran for the bus, drenched in sweat. 29 degrees.

4:10 PM Oct 29th 2009

Aaand it’s done! Three weeks of dragging myself. Next up, exams.


9:01 PM Oct 25th 2009

So much for staying away from iPhone games. Downloaded Wurdle and wasted 1 hour playing 2 min rounds.

4:42 PM Oct 23rd 2009

@rungtaakki Haha. Very ‘few’ corrections to the ‘many’ mistakes are that fitting. ;)

12:37 PM Oct 22nd 2009

Papercut. Crap.

8:08 PM Oct 18th 2009

Had the best Diwali I could’ve expected in Melbourne.

12:07 AM Oct 18th 2009

@virsanghvi also, the resources could’ve been better used in upgrading facilities for producing winner athletes rather than loser hosts.

4:38 PM Oct 17th 2009

Oh, and अाप सभी को दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ।

3:19 AM Oct 17th 2009

Lots of people looking for rangoli designs this festive season. Save the trouble:

3:15 AM Oct 17th 2009

@thesilentenigma Back to mutating eh. I on the other hand have come down to the MIPS level.

1:28 AM Oct 15th 2009

Headless storage device inside a headless bunny.[+]

4:47 PM Oct 14th 2009

Whoa, @MonashUni is finally switching away from the pathetic 40 MB / no POP / no IMAP student email to Google Apps from November.

5:29 PM Oct 13th 2009

Two more down, the second ending with an Honours invitation! If only I enjoyed writing long reports and did not want to get out of Uni ASAP.

4:16 PM Oct 13th 2009

One down, 5 more to go.

4:36 PM Oct 12th 2009

Back to the grindhouse, it’s Monday again.

8:31 AM Oct 12th 2009

@xAbhishek That right there is the bittersweet irony of it all.

1:37 AM Oct 11th 2009

@adipedia I’d bet on World Peace over the existence —nay, possibility — of One True Browser™.

1:15 AM Oct 11th 2009

Oi CSS3, hurry up now!

12:58 AM Oct 11th 2009

The “Pull down to refresh” in Tweetie 2 is pure awesomeness.

9:48 PM Oct 10th 2009

Flickr Gallery: Spices in India…22546455414/[+]

3:18 PM Oct 9th 2009

@xAbhishek Yahoo’s logo next to Flickr’s was, I hoped, a one-off case of an executive showing Flickr who was boss.

Support for video on YT?

11:30 PM Oct 7th 2009

@adipedia That looks delicious indeed. Happy budday!

3:55 PM Oct 7th 2009

@thesilentenigma A little more action please?

10:41 PM Oct 6th 2009

To me, a Flash-less iPhone is a lot more flashy than one with Flash.

7:11 PM Oct 6th 2009

The force tells me Clone Wars is back for season 2 and I’m going to be late tomorrow morning.

1:44 AM Oct 5th 2009

@kabir88 It was on One, so you should’ve been able to watch it, right?

9:30 PM Oct 3rd 2009

Looks like this qualification round is out to set a record for the maximum number of red flags in a single F1 session.

4:21 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@sumitsharan I doubt it. I’ve given up looking for “Loins of Punjab” and come to the conclusion that they haven’t released a DVD yet.

3:01 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@dpka9 Come over tonight if you free. I’ll be busy tomorrow.

2:58 PM Oct 3rd 2009

@kabir88 A callout to the Mahatma on Gandhi Jayanti, that’s all.

4:39 PM Oct 2nd 2009

बंदे मे था दम, वन्दे मातरम्!

3:00 AM Oct 2nd 2009