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From the month of September, 2008.

@sumitsharan second @wateva - lucky bastard!

5:50 PM Sep 29th 2008

@rashmiswamy yeah, good for Alonso, really sad for Massa though. And damn the safety car rules

12:08 AM Sep 29th 2008

Singapore looks absolutely stunning tonight! Envy everyone at the race.

9:57 PM Sep 28th 2008

@rashmiswamy engrossed in ‘The Kite Runner’

7:17 PM Sep 28th 2008

@xAbhishek you guys have way too many exams

3:34 PM Sep 28th 2008

@wateva I just remembered that I’d seen this one too, but the quality was definitely much better on the red bull website.

11:18 PM Sep 27th 2008

@wateva Was in the shower. Going for dinner now.

7:34 PM Sep 27th 2008

@sumitsharan go dude, go! Go just to hear them roar.

6:49 PM Sep 27th 2008

@sumitsharan could you hear the F1 cars during free practise today?

1:10 AM Sep 27th 2008

Can’t wait to watch The Office season 5 premiere :D

5:02 PM Sep 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy watching August Rush. Seems nice so far.

6:51 AM Sep 25th 2008

@rashmiswamy yup, “attendance taking” lecture :(

6:32 AM Sep 25th 2008

Been up all night completing an assignment. Got a lecture at 9. Wondering if I should go to bed. Whaddya suggest twitter pals?

5:26 AM Sep 25th 2008

Yay! My brother finally got his visa :)

7:44 PM Sep 24th 2008

How I Met Your Mother season 4 premier: what a disappointment!

2:17 AM Sep 24th 2008

Wall·E was beautiful! Pixar just ‘get’ emotions.

12:19 AM Sep 20th 2008

Hailing like its never hailed before, in Melbourne! AWESOME!!

5:24 PM Sep 19th 2008

@rakeshrach Yup, but I think that’s only because they’re still in the process of integrating summize with twitter.

5:00 PM Sep 19th 2008

Oooh. Twitter’s been redesigned, er, realigned — blog.twitter…s-afoot.html[+]

10:39 AM Sep 19th 2008

“the Seinfeld ads were too good, too accurate at capturing just what it is that Microsoft, as a company and brand, stands for: nothing”

10:36 AM Sep 19th 2008

Thursday’s definitely the worst day of the week for me this sem.

2:56 AM Sep 19th 2008

@rakeshrach Oh yes, but a good camera doesn’t hurt. Welcome to the DSLR club.

4:29 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rakeshrach Woah! Congrats! Let’s see some results now :)

2:07 PM Sep 17th 2008

@sumitsharan Is that your next step?

12:46 AM Sep 17th 2008

Craving a pizza…

10:45 PM Sep 16th 2008

@rashmiswamy Congrats (!!) on getting the net working :P

1:48 PM Sep 15th 2008

That (Apple Store Chadstone opening) was an awesome experience. No wonder the stores sell so well!

11:52 AM Sep 13th 2008

Man the apple store line is looooong…..

10:00 AM Sep 13th 2008

Damn Adobe Flash too. Been crashing my Safari sessions since last night. It’s not funny. Not one bit.

7:42 PM Sep 11th 2008

@sumitsharan seriously. Just look at his face! Can’t find words disgusting enough for these people.

7:00 PM Sep 11th 2008

Damn you Java!! Ages since I used Java, how ‘m I supposed to remember all the syntax?

4:17 PM Sep 11th 2008

Feeling like a waste of time for some reason.

7:09 PM Sep 10th 2008

@kabir88 LOL. So you mean all non-McLarens should just skid because they don’t handle as well? What’s the driver there for?

4:33 PM Sep 10th 2008

Bloody rumour sites take all the fun out of Stevenotes

4:12 AM Sep 10th 2008

@kabir88 Luck? Which part was luck - driving fast on the hard tyre? overtaking Kimi? keeping his car on the track in changing conditions?

1:14 AM Sep 8th 2008

Sad for Räikkönen but Lewis Hamilton once again showed his class. Well deserved victory for him.

11:31 PM Sep 7th 2008

Unpredictable weather at Spa! Looks like this’ll be another exciting Belgian Grand Prix. :) About 10 minutes to go.

9:48 PM Sep 7th 2008

@sumitsharan Sumit Sharan, renowned lyricist!?

6:53 PM Sep 6th 2008

@rashmiswamy I was up watching the Federer Muller match but went to bed when they stopped coverage after the first set.

5:11 PM Sep 5th 2008

They say that aussies love their sports. Yet somehow australia seem to have the worst coverage of international events I’ve experienced.

6:02 AM Sep 5th 2008

God I hate Eiffel and EiffelStudio. Actually, when it comes to coding, I’ll probably hate anything != TextMate.

1:24 AM Sep 5th 2008

@rashmiswamy That’s the message from the train informing passengers of its next stop (along with an error message)

12:46 AM Sep 3rd 2008

Some good performances and great laughs in Tropic Thunder.

12:43 AM Sep 3rd 2008

“Arriving South Yarra change for unknown Line Id[8] services”

8:27 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rakeshrach Hehe. Where did you come across this ‘mediocrity’?

5:57 PM Sep 1st 2008