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From the month of December, 2009.

@_karan Spread/dip/lick. Much like bread with honey, not bread with regular milk.

3:03 AM Dec 30th 2009

@_karan you should try bread and Milk Maid (a.k.a. condensed milk).

5:53 PM Dec 29th 2009

@umadamle that’s a dissapointment. At least now you know the difference.

4:04 AM Dec 29th 2009

Back in the theatre where it all started, complete with hoots, whistles and packed food!

12:58 AM Dec 29th 2009

Seventy five agonising days to the first F1 race of 2010.


6:34 PM Dec 28th 2009

Google Maps India now includes landmarks in its directions. Neat. googleblog.b…arns-to.html[+]

7:41 PM Dec 27th 2009

Dibakar Banerjee’s next: Love Sex aur Dhokha

3:40 PM Dec 27th 2009

@rungtaakki Both, back to back?

1:11 PM Dec 26th 2009

Music is my trance, my high, my house, my soul.

1:26 AM Dec 23rd 2009

@anildavid I’m going there tonight. Will be there till the 14th, then back to B’lore.

2:10 AM Dec 12th 2009

Quite impressed with the new airport at Bang— err, Bengaluru. Hope they’ve future proofed the facility.

1:17 AM Dec 12th 2009

Off to Bangalore, Goa and beyond!

9:51 PM Dec 11th 2009

Drinking milk and mulling over life atop my nephew’s Fisher-Price tricyle.

9:56 PM Dec 9th 2009