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From the month of February, 2010.

@sumitsharan We’re going to rectify that soon, right?

12:53 AM Feb 28th 2010

@oddysee I nominate Steve Ballmer. He plays a different game but trumps all the other idiots. The Thackerays I see more as evil morons.

2:43 AM Feb 27th 2010

“… बता रही थी कि वह लोग गांव जा रहे हैं।”

“कौन सा गांव?”


1:30 AM Feb 27th 2010

Frustrated (in a good way?) by the inability to follow @dribbble links. Wish they’d go public or someone would invite me already!

1:25 AM Feb 26th 2010

The level of exhaustion after is inversley proportional to my fondness for the job undertaken.

7:20 PM Feb 25th 2010

If there’s only one thing that can be improved about Tweetie 2, please let it be the inbuilt browser.

6:16 PM Feb 25th 2010

@sumitsharan At least you’ve seen the light and decided to return to flickr.

5:16 PM Feb 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan Make us jealous with some awesome photos.

3:20 PM Feb 23rd 2010

Probably 5 years too late, but I’m finally enjoying podcasts on my commutes. Feels like a perfect fit.

3:22 PM Feb 22nd 2010

”[…] Delhi revels in its underbelly without having a belly.”

8:38 PM Feb 21st 2010

@souvikdg @_karan @rakeshrach not really learning Spanish. A Chilean bloke was teaching us select words after a few drinks ;-)

10:39 AM Feb 20th 2010

Learning Spanish essentials. :P

10:31 PM Feb 19th 2010

@salvn I’d say go for tutoring. It’s very interesting, lots of fun and pays well.

10:33 PM Feb 17th 2010

Frozen orange juice tastes weird.

5:51 PM Feb 17th 2010

Damn Murphy and his laws.

3:03 PM Feb 17th 2010

@sumitsharan Have fun and take lots of awesome photos!

6:52 PM Feb 14th 2010

@rashmiswamy Ooh I’ve been wanting to watch that one. Encouraging to hear your positive review.

12:00 PM Feb 14th 2010

Scrubbing through parts of ‘The President is Coming’… one hell of a comedy!

1:18 AM Feb 14th 2010

”.. its not that all good people should belong to us, but instead, we should constitute of only good people.” — @souvikdg

1:12 PM Feb 11th 2010

Had to suffer facebook’s messaging system to ask a few people for their email addresses. Not a pleasant experience.

1:27 AM Feb 9th 2010

Finally watched Pan’s Labyrinth; a beautiful story artfully told.

12:54 AM Feb 8th 2010

That they call it “new media design” tells them nothing and you and me everything. — Jeffery @zeldman in alistapart.c…ingwebdesign[+]

10:05 PM Feb 4th 2010

@rashmiswamy Wow, that nice. Must find out if there’s something similar here in Melbourne. Any idea @rakeshrach ?

10:32 AM Feb 1st 2010