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From the month of June, 2008.

@sumitsharan Oh i’m glad. More carriers = more competition and cheaper prices.

8:25 PM Jun 30th 2008

@rashmiswamy I thought we were keeping quiet so you could sleep.. :P

6:02 PM Jun 30th 2008

@wateva Exactly, it 9 not 8 and you should be sleeping at such unholy hours.

5:59 PM Jun 30th 2008

Telstra announces iPhone plans while still shows only Vodafone and Optus as the Aussie carriers!

5:53 PM Jun 30th 2008

Didn’t think these existed. Still it’s better than painting AND freezing I guess.

5:00 PM Jun 29th 2008

Some don’t finish getting drunk unless they get pissed off. Good entertainment though. :P

11:31 PM Jun 28th 2008

@blah_bleh You bet! Didn’t come up with it myself though. quirksmode.o….html#c11388[+]

3:01 AM Jun 27th 2008

Both no. 3 seeds out in round 2 of Wimbledon.

2:55 AM Jun 27th 2008

@wateva Nag style “Oooooooooooh”

12:02 AM Jun 27th 2008

@wateva London! How come?

11:56 PM Jun 26th 2008

@sumitsharan With that expertise, you should start something like “Sharan’s spectacular spectacle services”!

10:41 PM Jun 26th 2008

On inline style tags – “Live in class, not in style!”

2:25 AM Jun 26th 2008

@rashmiswamy not great. Was out of 160 and had to write and draw a lot. It’s over so all’s well :D

6:44 PM Jun 24th 2008

Done with exams, yay!

2:03 PM Jun 24th 2008

@sumitsharan I on the other hand will be getting ready to sit for my last exam. Can’t wait for the next 17 hours to get over.

7:07 PM Jun 23rd 2008

@sumitsharan And made all of us jealous along the way! Have a safe journey.

6:56 PM Jun 23rd 2008

@anildavid What’s illuminating?

11:42 PM Jun 22nd 2008

@rashmiswamy Can’t, got an exam day after so want to sleep early + F1.

9:31 PM Jun 22nd 2008

@blah_bleh Welcome onboard! See if you can register your phone to get around the ‘blocked in UAE’ thing.

12:21 AM Jun 21st 2008

@rakeshrach You’ve got to restart Firefox for it to come in play. It’s supposed to work on windows too.

4:32 PM Jun 18th 2008

Everyone using Firefox 3, do me a favour and enable colour profile support. Go to about:config and set gfx.color_management.enabled to true.

3:46 PM Jun 18th 2008

@rashmiswamy Ah. That was quick notice. :)

10:40 PM Jun 17th 2008

@anildavid or Death and All His Friends :P

6:59 PM Jun 15th 2008

@sumitsharan nice. Bad time to lose your specs.

11:54 AM Jun 14th 2008

@rashmiswamy ofcourse….AARRRGGGHHH

10:35 PM Jun 13th 2008

Friday the 13th…oooo!

1:54 AM Jun 13th 2008

@rashmiswamy Yesterday’s was better that expected. I guess the sample exam was made to scare the shit out of us.

10:26 AM Jun 11th 2008

@sumitsharan nice. Dominos sucks down here :(

8:45 PM Jun 10th 2008

This’ll be the first time in years I won’t be following a Stevenote live. Curse these exams! Oh and please, no spoilers for the next 12 hrs.

1:47 AM Jun 10th 2008

@sumitsharan Another tweeting bird! Welcome to twitter :). Make sure you register your phone for free sms updates.

1:37 AM Jun 10th 2008

@rashmiswamy Thanks. Can’t wait for it to get over.

7:42 PM Jun 9th 2008

@xAbhishek Why does your site refresh everytime I click my mouse anywhere on the page?

4:05 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rakeshrach I wanted to do much better, but then who doesn’t? Yeah, scaling is the last hope.

3:22 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rashmiswamy not great. Got a lot of code to cover.

1:21 PM Jun 9th 2008

Got screwed by Algorithms and Data Structures.

1:17 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rakeshrach Haha. Thanks, although graphs and trees and algorithms are what should be stuck in my head right now. :(

3:25 PM Jun 8th 2008

@rashmiswamy Hadn’t heard Amsterdam before. Loved it! Isn’t muxtape just awesome?

11:59 PM Jun 7th 2008

@rashmiswamy Right! Just go to and create your own, and let us know!

11:19 PM Jun 7th 2008

Stuff that’s stuck in my head -[+]

11:12 PM Jun 7th 2008

@sourima7 Already ate it but thanks anyway!

5:28 PM Jun 5th 2008

@sourima7 I just got a 6-inch veggie delite instead.

5:24 PM Jun 5th 2008

@sourima7 Being a vegetarian, I’ve only got 2 options - veggie patty and veggie delite.

5:16 PM Jun 5th 2008

Bad luck day. Went to subway, missed bus, didn’t get veggi patty, missed bus AGAIN!

4:41 PM Jun 5th 2008

@xAbhishek Like the layout and the styling, not so sure about the colours and the dashed borders. Hand-crafted or some one else’s template?

5:44 PM Jun 3rd 2008

@sourima7 Burst out then! Spread the love.

11:34 PM Jun 2nd 2008

Tarun certainly was MUCH MUCH more than 6.25. Still hard to believe he’s gone… pranaykhanna…quitous.html[+]

4:03 AM Jun 2nd 2008

Just watched Lost’s season 4 finale. Lots of answers but lot of new questions. I’d completely forgotten about that coffin!

2:01 AM Jun 1st 2008