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From the month of September, 2009.

Rustled the shutters today.

1:53 AM Sep 27th 2009

@zeldman Didn’t you say you’d love to see @jk_rowling on twitter. Oh wait. :)

6:12 PM Sep 26th 2009

@thesilentenigma yup, submitted it during the wee hours when the birds were chirping. Worst assignment I’ve done in a long time though.

7:18 PM Sep 25th 2009

Death seems more inviting than the thought of completing this assignment before 12 noon tomorrow. I’m such a कामचोर.

Mom would be proud!

1:21 AM Sep 25th 2009

@rashmiswamy @wateva @rungtaakki Was it the upgrade-to-Snow-Leopard-to-prepare-for-the-winter weekend in the UK?

9:34 PM Sep 21st 2009

TaskPaper is my new favourite note-taking tool, and not just for to-do lists.

12:05 AM Sep 20th 2009

“Whenever you are, we are already then”
    – Time Travel Mart

4:01 PM Sep 19th 2009

“The Office” season 6 premiers tomorrow. w00t w00t!

2:17 AM Sep 18th 2009

The golden goose just pooped.

5:28 PM Sep 17th 2009

Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, racing for the daily headlines.…./8258987.stm[+]

11:56 PM Sep 16th 2009

@rashmiswamy Done done diddly-done!

12:19 AM Sep 16th 2009

Nearly deflated, not done whining.

9:51 PM Sep 15th 2009

And now, back to the assignment which (I’ve realised) won’t complete itself.

I should probably eat something first though…

7:43 PM Sep 15th 2009

@thesilentenigma Wow, congrats! I doubt you’ll be penalised for being a minute late.

I on the other hand am going to be a full day late.

5:31 PM Sep 14th 2009

Feels like my head’s been passed around in all places where the messages should’ve gone during this wretched distributed systems assignment.

4:06 PM Sep 14th 2009

Disliking the lack of attention to detail on the new iTunes Store. Feels like a rushed design.

3:03 AM Sep 13th 2009

Emptying a box of strawberries.

6:43 PM Sep 12th 2009

“His room is always so clean.”

“Yeah, he’s got a garbage collector running.”

8:39 PM Sep 11th 2009

@_karan It’s the iTunes store that’s been buggy on my end. Search something and boom; right click on an album and boom. :/

10:45 PM Sep 10th 2009

Already regretting upgrading to iTunes 9. Crashed thrice in 2-3 hours.

10:15 PM Sep 10th 2009

@xAbhishek Sleeves over cases or shields for me. I like the sleek touch of the device in my hands.

1:23 AM Sep 8th 2009

@sourima7 Nah, too fancy for my liking. I much prefer the simpler look and feel of the Makr sleeve.

1:17 AM Sep 8th 2009

@adipedia Haha. I stay away from “protective cases” myself, but the thought of scraping my precious is, at least for the moment, unbearable.

10:19 PM Sep 7th 2009

I so want this for my new toy, but $90!!! Anyone know of good alternatives?

8:18 PM Sep 7th 2009

Parallel sleeping in progress at the parallel systems lecture.

12:56 PM Sep 7th 2009

Free Zone 2 bus travel on all weekends in September! Pretty cool. metlinkmelbo…au/error-404[+]

5:17 PM Sep 6th 2009

To Lake Mountain and back. And I saw snow, finally! All thanks to @rakeshrach.

8:24 PM Sep 5th 2009

Out on the road after what feels like ages!

1:58 PM Sep 5th 2009

@sourima7 How does it feel? Like a stranger in Moscow, of course—wait, you mean the iPhone?

9:54 PM Sep 4th 2009

The cat’s out of the bag and the 3GS is in my hand. Thank you.

9:22 PM Sep 4th 2009

@sumitsharan What would that be?

8:28 PM Sep 4th 2009

@rashmiswamy So “The devil is in the details” or “It’s the little things that count”? :P

5:58 PM Sep 2nd 2009