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From the month of May, 2010.

“Sometimes a design isn’t working because you think you can’t change the one element that needs to be changed.” – @rjs…king-because[+]

5:47 PM May 31st 2010

@gopal_agarwal Who had more fun? You blowing the bubbles or Charu jumping and bursting them?

3:03 PM May 31st 2010

@amit_behera I’ll be back in India by August. Reunion dates have been set as you know, and we’re starting the planning.

2:16 AM May 31st 2010

@anildavid Thanks mate. It’s been a long, bumpy but good ride.

2:14 AM May 31st 2010

Submitted what was hopefully the last and final assignment of my undergrad degree. Felt Gooood!

12:27 AM May 31st 2010

@Shalin10 Wouldn’t new lenses be a better investment over a new body?

5:44 PM May 29th 2010

@arihantbaid Super high demands I guess. When’s it officially releasing in India?

5:04 AM May 29th 2010

@rakeshrach Woah! I’m jealous.

8:48 PM May 28th 2010

@xAbhishek Unlike @rakeshrach my reach was only as far as the demo units. :(

8:47 PM May 28th 2010

The web feels right at home on the iPad.a

5:21 PM May 28th 2010

@rakeshrach None other than my data mining assignment, and how the first stage report was too “short”.

12:12 AM May 27th 2010

When in search of performance, denormalise your data. When in search of bullshit, introduce redundancies in your report.

8:48 PM May 26th 2010

@souvikdg Haha. I abandoned the sinking ship two seasons ago!

1:08 PM May 26th 2010

@arihantbaid Happy B’day old pal!

3:09 PM May 25th 2010

The saga of the resistance to the expansion of the Mangalore airport, a direct cause of yesterday’s crash:[+] /via @achitnis

3:33 PM May 23rd 2010

5 hours back I adopted the ‘stay cool’ strategy.

I now have a cold.

12:21 AM May 22nd 2010

@xAbhishek Oh yes, I’m not a stranger to Floyd and Dire Straits. Also, Zeppelin.

6:15 PM May 21st 2010

Infected with the Aaromale bug. Don’t want to be cured.

5:11 PM May 21st 2010

“Yep, in the eyes of Internet Explorer our universe is Flat and boring.” Literally.…tem-in-css3/[+]
(via @simplebits)

3:37 PM May 19th 2010

“Facebook, the global leader in online privacy protection…”

11:26 PM May 18th 2010

@oddysee Generally. No one particular thing, which is all the worse.

1:14 AM May 16th 2010

Dazed and confused. :-/

12:48 AM May 16th 2010

@thesilentenigma Who knows if they’d be open source were they developed inside Apple?[+]

10:02 PM May 14th 2010

@thesilentenigma Actually, Apple hired the lead developer only in 2007 en.wikipedia…CUPS#History[+] similar to the LLVM case en.wikipedia…tual_Machine[+]

9:58 PM May 14th 2010

“A word is worth a thousand pictures.”

Honouring the

7:05 PM May 14th 2010

@gouravc Hey! Life’s pretty good. How are things with you?

1:54 PM May 9th 2010

Detail from Gulaal: A neon light outside Ransa’s house blinks between “Hello There” and “Hell here”.

6:42 PM May 8th 2010

Gulaal. शायद Anurag Kashyap का विश्व स्वरूप।

12:52 AM May 8th 2010

@amit_behera Not fading, just taking a time out. Expect reunion activities to resume in June/July.

4:28 PM May 7th 2010

@rakeshrach Haha. Interesting flick that one, wasn’t it?

2:30 AM May 7th 2010

@rashmiswamy Nicely done. Dying art forms develop a unique charm of their own.

7:36 PM May 6th 2010

@anildavid I saw it on chrome.blogs…st-beta.html[+] the Google Chrome Blog, not MacRumors.

9:37 PM May 5th 2010

@toor_sunny Totally, although that was just a behind-the-scenes. We haven’t seen the finished ad just yet.

9:23 PM May 5th 2010

What happens when a bunch of geeks decide to make an ad:

8:25 PM May 5th 2010

Without further ado, I give to you my very own twitter archive(r):

8:39 PM May 4th 2010

@sumitsharan[+] is an established platform for organising just that kind of funding. Check it out.

2:28 AM May 4th 2010

Permute your command line arguments using brace expansion. Eg: echo {a,b,c}{1,2,3}

(via…u-explained/[+] mentioned on the @devshow)

9:50 PM May 3rd 2010

@rungtaakki I don’t see it. The one titled ‘Tractor’ is your latest addition that’s visible to me.

9:49 PM May 2nd 2010

@rungtaakki What should I be looking for?

9:03 PM May 2nd 2010

@sumitsharan Not a lot of new content if you’ve already seen the 11 Planet Earth episodes, but a must watch if you haven’t.

4:33 PM May 2nd 2010

More on complexity, understanding and mastering simplicity:

3:29 AM May 2nd 2010

I’ve figured it out!

Time taken to launch Firefox = Time it takes to download Chrome.

7:54 PM May 1st 2010