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One very effective way to get things done: Sitting upright.

6:56 AM Jun 11th 2013

@keeperofthekeys Happy Away Birthday, Nidhi! Hope you’re chillin’ somewhere nice! :)

6:44 AM Jun 11th 2013

Neil Patrick Harris searches on YouTube. There goes my night.

8:29 PM Jun 10th 2013

Ooo’s and Aah’s happening in the living room, watching the final game. #rolandgarros #NadalvsFerrer

1:38 PM Jun 9th 2013

@enzobakes :) Shall send it across. Hoping to make your cookies sometime soon.

1:33 PM Jun 9th 2013 in reply to enzobakes

“Our transfixion with entertainment would drown our desire for real knowledge…”…yo1_1280.png[+]
(via @hallidude)

6:28 AM Jun 9th 2013

@Fine_Whining Again mins? Well, stupid medication for the first illness caused second illness.

5:21 PM Jun 8th 2013 in reply to Fine_Whining

@Fine_Whining No… I’ve been sick to eat. Gave dad. Cook. Friend. Still it’s left.

5:19 PM Jun 8th 2013 in reply to Fine_Whining

Tempted… Er, inspired by @enzobakes, baked my first (and second) sponge cake this week! :)

5:06 PM Jun 8th 2013

@RohithNair Heh! Yeah, such dramatic presence!

2:49 PM Jun 8th 2013 in reply to RohithNair

It’s race weekend in Montreal! Finally! And it’s raining. So looking forward to tomorrow’s race!

2:46 PM Jun 8th 2013