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From the month of May, 2008.

@rungta Thank you! touch wood no longer an undergrad!

11:24 AM May 30th 2008

i’m done done done! AAAAAAaaahhhh………

11:19 AM May 30th 2008

@Rungta good luck for waking up early tomo.

10:13 AM May 29th 2008

@Wateva tell us how after-life is like.i.e. if i’m not there already.

10:10 AM May 29th 2008

Bloody fire alarm at 4am! cause some damn person thought it would be funny to break the a fire alarm!

3:02 AM May 28th 2008

This thunder/lightning storm actually sounds freaky.

1:51 AM May 28th 2008

@rungta ah exams! when do you start and end? can’t wait for friday 12p.m. prep is coming along. ok for now i suppose, but need to do loads.

2:31 PM May 27th 2008

@Rungta thats a good acronym. how’d it go?

1:39 PM May 27th 2008

@rungta How’s it going? you can do it, just don’t sleep till twelve.

6:47 PM May 26th 2008

@Rungta how’s the free man doing?

11:16 AM May 26th 2008

Twitter is acting weird for me. sends msg’s either late or twice of every msg.

7:37 PM May 25th 2008

@Rungta did you watch the race at live showing?

2:37 PM May 25th 2008

@rungta where have you been? how’re the assignments coming along?down with 2 i presume

2:25 PM May 23rd 2008

oh is she the one!! nag.. you should say that!!

2:24 PM May 23rd 2008

@Wateva awesome! good good

7:21 PM May 22nd 2008

@wateva oh awesome!! lucky you!

7:13 PM May 22nd 2008

No am not sure… who’s that?

7:03 PM May 22nd 2008

How was the conference?

6:56 PM May 22nd 2008

Wow that’s a good record. i tried yest.

6:54 PM May 22nd 2008

@rungta i know! tell me about it.

9:59 AM May 20th 2008

@Rungta well come online when you free later. i’ll should be home.

8:19 AM May 18th 2008

@Rungta well we’re not having a conference today then. nag is going out by then.

8:18 AM May 18th 2008

@Rungta when will you get free? like in how many hours?

8:11 AM May 18th 2008

@rungta would you be free in an hour?

8:09 AM May 18th 2008

@rungta he’s not answering his phone. i’m presuming he’s the library, atleast that’s where he said he’d be yest.

12:29 PM May 17th 2008

@rungta this one was pretty alright. :)

12:22 PM May 17th 2008

two down now. 3 more to go.

12:19 PM May 17th 2008

@Wateva its supposed to be this way >:) but it still looks innocent to me.

12:08 PM May 16th 2008

@Rungta yeah waiting patiently as i can for that time to come. contrarily the prospect of finishing studies isn’t that fun.

9:15 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta yup, since the next paper being tomorrow.

9:05 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta Tennis… awesome! wish i could go out and play now.

9:01 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta thanks. ya atleast its hit me now that the exams are on.

12:55 PM May 13th 2008

@rungta thats was just ok. it wasn’t that great. had quite a lot to write.

12:49 PM May 13th 2008

One down 4 to go.

12:45 PM May 13th 2008

Rungta where you? some bday party or reading…

4:19 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva Just call when you walking to work.i.e.,if you’re not doing anything else.

4:17 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva thanks nag. that answers my question.

4:12 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva Then what you doing?

4:09 PM May 10th 2008

You guys sleeping??

4:06 PM May 10th 2008

What you guys doing?

2:14 PM May 10th 2008

@rungta but dc might still be working :( trying to finish the book now though.

11:23 AM May 9th 2008

@rungta net is down i think. unable to connect anywhere.

10:54 AM May 9th 2008

@rungta yeah i know… sadly we can’t find an answer for that now.

2:47 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta trust me.. am sure we all feel the same at some point. i definately feel that on n off. jus got to think of why n for what u cam …

2:41 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta hey rungta. whats up…its hard i know. but u wanting go hm will pass soon.hang in there.

2:31 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta pretty slow. trying to buck up though. get too easily distracted :(

1:48 PM May 4th 2008

@rungta Ha ha. good good. welcome back to the free world. (not that i’m the one to talk)

1:42 PM May 4th 2008

Same! very hungry…

2:49 PM May 3rd 2008

Not today then.

2:47 PM May 3rd 2008

Do you guys want to chat for just half an hour?only as long as we stick to it.

2:43 PM May 3rd 2008

@Wateva what are you doing?

2:39 PM May 3rd 2008

just started taking my break from studying.

2:38 PM May 3rd 2008

Someone’s back on facebook.. nice to see.

4:57 PM May 1st 2008

Thunder storm did i say? make it a proper hail storm now.

10:48 AM May 1st 2008

Thunder storms in colchester??it occurs to me i have hardly heard thunder in the uk :/

10:43 AM May 1st 2008