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From the month of August, 2008.

‘August Rush’- a nice movie. I’d give a 7/10. Even if you don’t watch the movie, DO get the soundtracks!

9:31 AM Aug 26th 2008

Damn the RIAA!

8:41 AM Aug 26th 2008

Yes i am. But on my way home. It might take an hr before i can get online.. Please let’s talk today.

1:54 PM Aug 23rd 2008

@rungta what you doing now?

3:49 PM Aug 22nd 2008

@rungta that site is hilarious

7:32 AM Aug 22nd 2008

still missing muxtape…

7:31 AM Aug 22nd 2008

@rungta just read your mail. Good night! Good luck for your test!

5:11 PM Aug 19th 2008

@rungta @wateva what you guys up to?

5:06 PM Aug 19th 2008

Just back from one of The most Memorable trips i’ve ever had!! Almost seems unreal in the exhaustion thats overcome me now.

5:13 PM Aug 17th 2008

Hates that i’m not getting any twitter notifications on the cell phone.

1:30 PM Aug 13th 2008

@rungta provided that my new uni has a DC network.

1:28 PM Aug 13th 2008

Misses Uni. DC++ :’(

5:36 AM Aug 13th 2008

@rungta loving your ‘playlist’ on muxtape.

8:51 AM Aug 12th 2008

@rungta awesome i was just typing a message to ask if you made it.

5:05 AM Aug 11th 2008

I’m glad that’s over and done with.

7:15 PM Aug 10th 2008

@wateva then you also come online when you get home. Have a friend (Sharina) coming over so i couldn’t be online now either.

1:53 PM Aug 9th 2008

@rungta oh awesome.. let us know when you get back, if you up for a conference.

1:47 PM Aug 9th 2008

i don’t know why i’ve been getting the twitter messages so late on my phone.

1:40 PM Aug 9th 2008

yup me!! what are the busy bodies up to??

1:39 PM Aug 9th 2008

@wateva hahah your not having dinner today are you? :P

6:15 PM Aug 7th 2008

Got my Visa. A relief!

5:30 AM Aug 7th 2008

@rungta no nothing urgent.Was just wondering if we were talking today or not.Let us know if you can.

3:11 PM Aug 3rd 2008

@rungta are you going to be awake for a while?

3:08 PM Aug 3rd 2008

I know! Oh god! That was painful!

1:38 PM Aug 3rd 2008