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From the month of July, 2011.

@xAbhishek Hey, just a tad late, but Happy Birthday!

6:33 PM Jul 31st 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@rungta Ditto bad decision. The play I ended up going for wasn’t any match to what the race seemed to be. :(

6:18 PM Jul 31st 2011 in reply to rungta

@rungta Tickets are in the inbox. Green signal.

5:51 PM Jul 31st 2011 in reply to rungta

Idea to execution: The effort lies within. So does the fear. Therein lies the choices.

10:58 AM Jul 31st 2011

Important signs: Of all the projects I’ve imported, those in Lightroom are the ones I’ve procrastinated the most with.

6:33 PM Jul 28th 2011

The more I discover Aperture (two years in), the more my want to retract from Lightroom strengthens- which kills instinctive discovery.

6:31 PM Jul 28th 2011

@pricelessjunk Those will always be the sweetest ‘welcome back’ sounds of home.

4:31 AM Jul 28th 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

Just saw a man fly off his bike trying to speed over a deep pot-hole. His helmet just saved his life. My heart’s just coming back to place.

11:28 AM Jul 27th 2011

@souvikdg Same situation. Just that I’ve been picking sleep first. I can tell you… not the right choice.

4:14 PM Jul 26th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

Good movies ruin a working day.

6:56 AM Jul 26th 2011

I foresee that the the next couple of days are going to be Paint(ed) Red.

Wish I could wear these headphones at work. Need a cooler job. :(

7:45 PM Jul 25th 2011

Sweet Disposition.

7:04 PM Jul 25th 2011

Re-watching Garden State, reminded by the previous drenched state this evening. #quarryscene

4:45 PM Jul 24th 2011

Then the heavens decided to shed all that it had left. Walked back drenched and now created puddles at home.

The accidental joys of rain.

2:58 PM Jul 24th 2011

Constant power cuts led me to the park for that jog I’d been putting off. There rubbed shoulders with U.R. Ananthamurthy and his wife.

2:58 PM Jul 24th 2011

Call of the daydreamer: that deafening sound of rain.

11:55 AM Jul 24th 2011

@oddysee Have seen that game as a kid, but never played it though. Seems like a fun one. Shall keep an eye out for that.

3:16 AM Jul 22nd 2011 in reply to oddysee

This night also involved a game of scrabble with real pieces & real people. Feels good to be away from the tapping and clicking for a while.

6:00 PM Jul 21st 2011

Want to see minimalistic drawings of objects? The connections between your brain and hand? Play Pictonary.
No points for aesthetics though.

5:53 PM Jul 21st 2011

@Fine_Whining Even call centre people sleep during the day. You might as well work under a dictator. Wait…

3:07 AM Jul 21st 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

Mass Spectrometery Basics hauntingly beckons; room gets so much more cleaner suddenly. Maybe the living room needs some cleaning…

1:06 PM Jul 19th 2011

@Shreyas_Chowhan Yes it does, but instead it could just melt in your mouth without a beverage you see. :)

6:58 PM Jul 18th 2011 in reply to Shreyas_Chowhan

Benne biscuit. melts

1:46 PM Jul 18th 2011

Lighting up a tree. For a subject as hard as trees, this one is Magnificent! kalyanvarma….ssia-borneo/[+]

6:16 AM Jul 18th 2011

@rungta And you always have impeccable timing in answering them.

You just made me feel hungry again. :(

6:40 PM Jul 17th 2011 in reply to rungta

♬ Alaipayuthey Theme = Perfection

10:55 AM Jul 17th 2011

@rungta That is amazing. What a documentation. What led you there?

10:52 AM Jul 17th 2011 in reply to rungta

A relatively uneventful (viz. quite an event by itself) day with the kids at Earthworms. And one of those days that makes it all worthwhile.

10:48 AM Jul 17th 2011

Aged so many months going to Mantri Mall today. Also, it probably has the worst mall parking I’ve seen.

Note to self: Don’t go back.

12:34 PM Jul 16th 2011

Currently made to listen to a speech from the minister of forestry at the department. The tailor-made, sweet talk, fake substance… barf.

4:56 AM Jul 13th 2011

@arunitc That’s probably the best argument I’ve heard so far. Thanks. :)

1:53 PM Jul 11th 2011 in reply to arunitc

Revisiting, music from Rock On!! (+The Extended Cut). Perfect night music.

8:36 PM Jul 10th 2011

Existential complex: To change the course of nature, or not, is the question.


7:31 PM Jul 10th 2011

And with that notifying mail, the Google+ spam begins.

3:44 PM Jul 9th 2011

Maize sold at Rs.2 at the Agricultural university. Love these subsidised rates. Especially the mangoes.

8:31 AM Jul 9th 2011

@rungta Now that’s a good morning.

Hope you remembered to get ready after that. ;)

8:25 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to rungta

@Fine_Whining Or attend a seminar/viva/presentation. Kills time and puts you to sleep. “#work

11:57 AM Jul 8th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

Air India posters: Raja Remixed[+]

6:06 AM Jul 8th 2011

When jet lag is no longer an excuse, you know it’s become a habit.

8:03 PM Jul 7th 2011

Babbling is self-sabotage.

7:16 PM Jul 7th 2011

@arunitc Thanks. It was taken at Chester Zoo in the UK.

4:59 AM Jul 6th 2011 in reply to arunitc

Timecapsule, containing a kind of childhood.[+]

3:07 PM Jul 5th 2011

A full circle.

2:24 PM Jul 5th 2011

And with that, probably the best two weeks in a long time comes to an end. Now in a state of limbo. Need to do these vacation things often.

11:44 AM Jul 5th 2011

@eclairsk3 Yeah, over. :( You have a nice holiday here!

11:35 AM Jul 5th 2011 in reply to eclairsk3

11 hours of continuous sleep, that’s how much I needed to catch up from the past few days.

11:33 AM Jul 5th 2011

@eclairsk3 I’m back in Bangalore now. Holidays are over. :( Came via Dubai, and was on the 9:30pm flight. Where did you land?

12:27 AM Jul 5th 2011 in reply to eclairsk3

@eclairsk3 Hey! When did you leave Dubai?

6:18 PM Jul 4th 2011 in reply to eclairsk3

Hi Dubai, Bye Dubai.

5:59 PM Jul 4th 2011

@rungta I took the Indian sun with me the past two weeks. It’s back to the stormy British weather from tomorrow it appears.

5:58 PM Jul 4th 2011 in reply to rungta

Day 1-What campsite looked like:[+]

9:03 AM Jul 4th 2011

Lake District: Walking, camping, freezing + awesome weather, siesta by the river on a mountain, biking, drinking. Unknown bliss discovered.

9:00 AM Jul 4th 2011

@Fine_Whining Cool. I love shopping for stationary. If you think of something else, tweet. Get holiday till 21st. What you can do in 3 days.

9:34 AM Jul 2nd 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@Fine_Whining No travelling. Will be there. Also, what stuff do you want from here?

7:41 AM Jul 2nd 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@arunitc In the Uk, iPhone 4s were sold unlocked. If you had one of the very first ones and then broke the screen, they’d probly replace it.

3:15 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to arunitc

@Fine_Whining Well that is what happened. They said they can’t repair it, but instead would replace it since it was in working condition.

3:14 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@xAbhishek I suspect they replaced it cause of the antenna issues and other hidden stuff (?), since that was one of the first few ones.

3:14 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@xAbhishek …since the software is contained in the screen, they’d replace it with a brand new one.

3:11 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@xAbhishek Since the phone was in perfectly good working condition, and was just over a year & they wouldn’t be able to repair the screen…

3:11 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@lokallobaat I wasn’t sure what to call this trip. Now I do. :)

3:07 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

It’s like I walked in and out of a dream.

Also, I can bet that this would NEVER have happened in India

12:18 PM Jul 1st 2011

So I wake up, get ready and walk into an Apple store with a 8 month old broken iPhone screen.

Then walked out with a brand new free iPhone.

12:17 PM Jul 1st 2011