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From the month of April, 2013.

Trippin’ on Hoops.
Again, again, again. #TheChemicalBrothers

6:12 PM Apr 30th 2013

Data management. What a bane. #firstworldproblems

3:44 PM Apr 30th 2013

HBO series are like the movie productions from Focus Features. Rarely disappointing.

3:27 PM Apr 30th 2013

BACKING! Also, swoon RT @ rands: This is the way to finance a film: kickstarter….i-was-here-1[+]

2:43 PM Apr 24th 2013

Moving images.
A fight with breast cancer: mywifesfight…[+]

4:04 PM Apr 21st 2013

@pricelessjunk Hope he’s going better now and recovers soon… Stay strong. Take care.

3:50 PM Apr 21st 2013 in reply to pricelessjunk

@RohithNair Unfortunately, until then, the rest of us have to live through hell here.

6:01 AM Apr 20th 2013 in reply to RohithNair

Actually loving Yahoo’s Forecast app for the iPhone. Mostly cause of the Flickr integration, but looks neat otherwise too.

4:25 PM Apr 19th 2013

@keeperofthekeys I’m late here I realise, but that’s a lovely photo! Congratulations! :-)

6:47 PM Apr 18th 2013 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@lokallobaat Pricy, at least by Bangalore standards.

6:43 PM Apr 18th 2013 in reply to lokallobaat

@writeguy Hi Senthil, Shikha (@Fine_Whining), could be interested in some editing work I believe. You guys could correspond.

1:44 PM Apr 17th 2013 in reply to writeguy

The softs and medium tires are spicing pit stop strategies this race. #ShanghaiF1

8:03 AM Apr 14th 2013

Star Sports! You killing the race with all the ads. Incidents happen in a fraction of a second in this world of #F1.

7:53 AM Apr 14th 2013

What a surprise to hear Kangna in a movie trailer, The Reluctant Fundamentalist:…=ejxfDqK-kZo[+]

6:05 PM Apr 5th 2013

The eye and mind is the best camera you have.

8:13 PM Apr 4th 2013

You can always find something inspiring on her blog, no matter how many times you visit it: My Cooking Diary-[+]

7:05 PM Apr 1st 2013

Yes siree! Just did. :) RT @gonsalves_r: So, have y’all already seen Game of Thrones?

6:48 PM Apr 1st 2013