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From the month of July, 2009.

Your sense of want is directly proportional to how much you’ll succeed in it. Obvious isn’t it.

6:48 PM Jul 30th 2009

@menonanjali Congratulations! :)

6:41 PM Jul 30th 2009

@menonanjali Does that mean you got your visa? and Welcome to the world of twitterers.

3:24 PM Jul 30th 2009

@rungta I know! We would have never guessed such turns when this season started. What a paradox of events.

1:21 AM Jul 30th 2009

@wateva How awesome is the next race going to be!?! :D

7:56 PM Jul 29th 2009

If I had a broom, I’d be Mr. Heckles now.

9:41 PM Jul 28th 2009

Are we humans really that intelligent? Shouldn’t we have found easier ways to do things in life. Surely the fish in the sea are more happier

5:14 AM Jul 28th 2009

@shikkha Ha ha yes it will. Soonly.

6:29 AM Jul 26th 2009

@wateva Yeah, hope so too. Luckily there is a big gap between this race and the next.

7:54 PM Jul 25th 2009

@shikkha Yay! That was another by product, for you being nice. :P

7:20 PM Jul 25th 2009

Hungary has been so mysterious today. Even with the final coverage!

1:22 PM Jul 25th 2009

How nice it is to have friends who have heart of gold and mind of platinum in one… lucky me! :P

12:16 PM Jul 25th 2009

Dara O’Briain! What can I say. Definitely rocks my funny bone!!

12:33 AM Jul 23rd 2009

@shikkha Hehe. Weird how that pun didn’t strike me.

6:57 PM Jul 20th 2009

@rungta A lot of things including a dislike for some things.

9:23 AM Jul 20th 2009

Asked to see what I thought I wanted to see. Unfortunately was unprepared for what I saw.

9:16 AM Jul 20th 2009

The rocks come peeling off the wall to see YET another room.

9:45 AM Jul 19th 2009

RT Never in our history have we known more people less. (via @rands)

5:09 PM Jul 16th 2009

The panic begins…

7:17 AM Jul 16th 2009

“We believe the web has a lot to offer in terms of connectivity” Group product … Read More:[+]

8:04 AM Jul 14th 2009

RT Kevin Van Aelst’s Food Art: eatmedaily.c…st-food-art/[+] (via @rands)

7:51 AM Jul 12th 2009

@rungta I think that was the best Q2 of the season. And yeah, go Sutil!

12:45 PM Jul 11th 2009

♬ “I want I want I want I want to break free…..”

9:26 PM Jul 10th 2009

RT Baby hedgehog uncurls for the camera:[+] (via @qikipedia)
Things that can make some girls go Aww. Adorable.

7:43 PM Jul 6th 2009

Almost 6 p.m. now. Realization hits: I’ve missed lunch today.

4:47 PM Jul 6th 2009

This match is getting better than last years! The nerves!!

5:03 PM Jul 5th 2009

@rungta Appalling isn’t it! Where are the rules??!

4:56 PM Jul 5th 2009

What a tie breaker!!

2:34 PM Jul 5th 2009

In the land of England “1st day it gets hot, its a mini heat wave. 2nd day it’s declared a heat wave. 3rd day…it’s bound to rain”.

7:24 AM Jul 3rd 2009