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From the month of July, 2010.

July, 2010. It’s been a month of change. All around.

4:42 PM Jul 31st 2010

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to find a word for weeks and it doesn’t present itself till the oddest moments. ‘Deliberate’ was mine.

4:08 PM Jul 31st 2010

Removing the Melbourne clock widget from the dashboard. It’s time for a new journey for my wandering friend.

Wish you a good one @rungta!

10:43 PM Jul 29th 2010

@rungtaakki which one did you opt for?

6:07 PM Jul 28th 2010

There’s something very therapeutic in watching black ink cursively flowing on paper.

1:03 AM Jul 27th 2010

@5anket Haha, nice coincidence! Good you know it now. :)

10:52 PM Jul 25th 2010

Can’t put it any better. RT @rungta Toy Story 3 was old school Pixar goodness delivered with their new school emotional expertise. Perfecto!

3:06 AM Jul 25th 2010

After years of procrastination of avoiding gruesome violence, I was finally rewarded with a brilliant screenplay, that was ‘The Fight Club’.

1:40 AM Jul 24th 2010

I need some ‘Tab Candy’ now. At least the three minutes of it to start with.

Now, back to ctrl+ (⇧+) ⇥ ‘ing.

1:28 AM Jul 24th 2010

Being at two places at the same time, although possible, is as difficult as it sounds.

9:35 PM Jul 23rd 2010

@shikkha Ooh. I like too! Loving The Sixty One.

10:51 AM Jul 23rd 2010

@5anket It’s down two roads for you! Sun/gloom is coming out again.

3:58 PM Jul 21st 2010

@5anket It just ruined my walk plans. Not complaining though.

3:40 PM Jul 21st 2010

@shikkha Ha ha! That, I would have never thought of. :P The more people tell you, the more you think twice. Just due it.

12:26 PM Jul 21st 2010

@shikkha Oh you impatient kid. You’ll get there. Soon. Once you make a move. If you get my drift. Which you do.

12:01 PM Jul 21st 2010

@rakeshrach Oh don’t we all wish for days like those. :)

11:17 AM Jul 21st 2010

“Of all the things you can lose your heart to, an idea is the most obstinate.”

From, @shikkha’s desk: betweenthebr…got-my-desk/[+]

5:16 PM Jul 20th 2010

@xAbhishek For me, anticipation had grown from the teasers & Hans Zimmers music. Strangely, didn’t watch the trailers till after the movie.

12:18 PM Jul 20th 2010

The one thing I didn’t like about Inception after watching the movie, was it’s trailer.

11:18 AM Jul 20th 2010

@shikkha Never fully seen a Matrix movie. Avatar, not worth your while. MI, neither have I. Inception could be the exception. #myconfessions

6:59 PM Jul 19th 2010

@rungtaakki Haha… and who might that be?

10:06 PM Jul 16th 2010

Why is comfort food always bad for you?! Damn those cynical phrase-formers.

7:53 PM Jul 16th 2010

@rungta Congratulations to you too! :D

1:29 PM Jul 15th 2010

Exclusive calls are priceless.

6:15 PM Jul 14th 2010

@shikkha Don’t beat. I’ll come, possibly next week itself. Who knows, maybe permanently even. It’s complicated again.

4:27 PM Jul 14th 2010

To go or not to go home, so swings the pendulum.

2:54 PM Jul 14th 2010

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this song, for all its colours.

8:52 PM Jul 12th 2010

@xAbhishek Had to take heed and consent.

8:40 PM Jul 12th 2010

If Mark Webber doesn’t win the championship this season, I might just be gutted.

1:50 PM Jul 11th 2010

Having said that, I’m possibly going through some of the best musical weeks I’ve had in a long time.

2:10 AM Jul 9th 2010

If you aren’t following @ohnoir yet, you should probably know that you’ve been missing out on some excellent music & movie recommendations.

2:10 AM Jul 9th 2010

@rungtaakki Yup. Some of them are quite nice as well.

8:50 PM Jul 7th 2010

@ohnoir The entire ‘Lamhaa’ album is not bad, not bad at all.

8:38 PM Jul 7th 2010

@rungta Good to hear! Surprisingly, another two weeks to go before it releases here.

1:40 PM Jul 7th 2010

Haunting song of the night: ‘Yaara Maula’ from Gulaal, sung by Indian Ocean singers Rahul Ram and the late Asheem Chakravarty.

12:29 AM Jul 6th 2010

The “hilariously hilarious” < > show is back and it’s cracking as ever!

8:54 AM Jul 5th 2010

@ohnoir So what are you talking about then? It sounds too good to wait for.

7:22 PM Jul 4th 2010