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From the month of April, 2009.

Who knew all flies die en mass in winter in Britain and why are people still calling this time of the year still winter? :S

5:11 PM Apr 30th 2009

@shikkha Yay only. And boy you sure seem to have got the twitter bug (or maybe flu)!

5:08 PM Apr 30th 2009

Had such a lovely day out!

6:31 PM Apr 29th 2009

Felt like a kid getting wet in the rain… till the point where i started getting hit by hail stones!

4:54 PM Apr 28th 2009

” We conserve only what we love; We will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught”

10:17 PM Apr 24th 2009

@rungta Ha ha, I would vouch for the authenticity of the content! :P

8:53 AM Apr 23rd 2009

@wateva Research works something like this…s.php?f=1162[+] Except that you keep asking-What is the point to this?

11:08 PM Apr 22nd 2009

@shikkha Ha ha, that was a nice move!

11:36 AM Apr 19th 2009

Finally done. What an epic Shantaram was!

6:31 PM Apr 18th 2009

‘Nachley’ from Lakeer doing the song loop.

1:44 PM Apr 17th 2009

@shikkha I didn’t say you didn’t deserve it or that you don’t need it.

5:23 PM Apr 13th 2009

“We know who we are and we define what we are by references to the people we love and our reasons for loving them”- Shantaram

9:38 AM Apr 11th 2009

Where did i leave my thinking brain today!?

6:21 PM Apr 7th 2009

@rungta yeah, some scary truths in there, which i won’t be surprised if it does actually happen. It feels true about losing our ‘Innocence’.

7:53 AM Apr 7th 2009

Haha. Extinction of Retirement in 2015. Not comforting! 2022- extinction of spelling. Won’t be surprised! bp3.blogger….timeline.jpg[+]

9:48 PM Apr 6th 2009

@rungta Another one of those balances in life.

4:12 PM Apr 6th 2009

@wateva thats what.. i meant the fact that they had to lie wasn’t nice. Not the punishment.. that’s deserved.

5:56 PM Apr 2nd 2009