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From the month of January, 2012.

@nimitnshah It was nice. Just that it was in a half-open space ambience. Iterating, Asad Khan’s performance topped the event.

11:36 AM Jan 31st 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

Such a nice touch to send a cc of your enquiry when made via the @miranjdesign website. Another reason to hire them for your next project.

11:24 AM Jan 31st 2012

And most of today has gone in shifting between songs of Roja, Bombay and Thiruda Thiruda. Also, two of those movies remain open. :S

12:34 PM Jan 30th 2012

So Classic Incantations was held at Palace grounds, not the most ideal setting. But the highlight of the night was Asad Khan on the sitar.

12:34 PM Jan 30th 2012

@mammothbrain A picnic + kite flying day out at a park.

12:06 PM Jan 30th 2012 in reply to mammothbrain

So one free pass for tonights Classic Incantations remains.…manyandindia[+] Anyone want it?

11:16 AM Jan 29th 2012

Today’s little joy comes from Apple Chancery and what it’s done to my work.

11:01 AM Jan 29th 2012

@souvikdg DoubleTake. This has probably been the best stitch I’ve managed so far. Thank you. :)

7:11 PM Jan 27th 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@pricelessjunk Nicely told. Hope you’ll be sharing more of your figments with time.

5:25 PM Jan 27th 2012 in reply to pricelessjunk

This was the basis of my masters thesis. Ah, the bygone memories. RT @kottke: The human body’s microbial ecosystem…al-ecosystem[+]

4:51 PM Jan 27th 2012

The Golden Dragon, a play currently running at Jagriti. Gripping, good story telling, and acted really well. If you’re in B’lore go for it!

6:18 PM Jan 26th 2012

@KalyanVarma More importantly why is one person’s offence made into a country’s objection?

6:47 AM Jan 23rd 2012 in reply to KalyanVarma

@LakshmiAMenon Now, you’ve sold your soul to the Americans. Didn’t think you were a sports enthusiast, let alone American football. :P

6:25 AM Jan 23rd 2012 in reply to LakshmiAMenon

@nimitnshah Hahaha! Déjavu indeed. Yes you had already replied…636622233600[+] :)

8:54 PM Jan 22nd 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@souvikdg That so sounds like something @erm_wat would say. :P @lokallobaat

6:02 PM Jan 22nd 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@jaslinthomas Finally someone’s participating on Twitter. :P

1:22 PM Jan 22nd 2012 in reply to jaslinthomas

@nimitnshah you went for it yesterday? Seems like it would be great. Don’t think there are any tickets left though.

1:18 PM Jan 21st 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

“An unengaged adult human us unique amongst the animal species in having no reason for being.”[+]

1:07 PM Jan 21st 2012

@keeperofthekeys Another blog (from a school mate of mine) that makes me drool foodandpaint…[+]

10:37 AM Jan 21st 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@lokallobaat oh my. Road rash. Used to love playing this!

7:03 AM Jan 21st 2012 in reply to lokallobaat

“There’s something about climbing that makes you lighter…”
From @rungta’s experience in Triund: prateekrungt…12/01/triund[+]

5:59 PM Jan 19th 2012

Looking for a map of Mumbai & Bangalore to go on my wall. If anyone knows any out-of-the-ordinary ones, please pass along links/suggestions.

1:52 PM Jan 19th 2012

@Shreyas_Chowhan Sounds wonderful! Hope you guys are holding a reception in Rajasthan. Want to explore the place. ;)

1:02 PM Jan 19th 2012 in reply to Shreyas_Chowhan

A lovely way to start the evening, ‘Behne Do’…=uJ1TYnlB0pk[+] via @ohnoir
Hope to catch this movie as well. Loving the imagery.

12:20 PM Jan 19th 2012

@Fine_Whining Ok ok, Happy Birthday! :-) Go home now.

3:51 PM Jan 18th 2012 in reply to Fine_Whining

___ Birthday @Fine_Whining. While you age slower than most of us, you make up for it with your wisecracks. For all the smiles, a public hug.

3:04 PM Jan 18th 2012

The last time I was on the airport bus I realised how much I cared for my camera. rashmiswamy…./hello-world[+]

Now it’s my living.

6:50 PM Jan 16th 2012

After over an hours flight delay, goodbye vada pav city. It has been quite a treat.

3:42 PM Jan 16th 2012

Ideal place for Parsi food + efficiency. #bombay #fort[+]

3:25 PM Jan 16th 2012

@nimitnshah oh! I will be back in December. But you might not be around, will you?

2:42 PM Jan 16th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@nimitnshah yes yes but yes. :( No, mehendi was on Saturday evening. Engagement was today. We still had a meeting due I know. :(

12:52 PM Jan 16th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@nimitnshah Scary, but yes. Been an awesome 11 days here.

12:36 PM Jan 16th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@RohithNair Yes. It’s still there… Towering tall over Mumbai’s skyline.

1:00 PM Jan 15th 2012 in reply to RohithNair

Who needs to go to Essel World, the amusement is right here on the streets. #bombay

12:36 PM Jan 15th 2012

Going easily 80-100kms an hour in an auto on the Western Express Highway. Only traffic is going to stop my heart racing.

12:36 PM Jan 15th 2012

@souvikdg You could choose not to use it. Though I meant if you want to explore a city without having to get lost, it’s a life saver.

7:29 PM Jan 13th 2012 in reply to souvikdg

Travel tip: Getting lost in a new city can be good, but having Google maps at hand is awesome.

2:58 PM Jan 13th 2012

Maximum capa-city-

11:49 AM Jan 13th 2012

@shalynee Look forward to hearing your plans. Good luck! :)

9:48 AM Jan 11th 2012 in reply to shalynee

@nimitnshah Don’t know. Maybe he was a South Indian too.

9:32 AM Jan 11th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@Prakhya Haha! same to same. America America before that. :-) If they made more movies like that I’d have watched.

9:29 AM Jan 11th 2012 in reply to Prakhya

@Prakhya So true. The last, that too after so many years, had been Mungara male. Don’t even know who acts in the movies these days.

8:38 AM Jan 11th 2012 in reply to Prakhya

@gonsalves_r Looks like you’re enjoying Bombay city as well. :) Such lovely Bangalore weather though.

8:33 AM Jan 11th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

Massive thanks to @nimitnshah for the khao galli guide, along with how to cross streets, Bombay charity, acting and the midnight darshan. :)

7:14 PM Jan 10th 2012

@nimitnshah Haha! Shall keep them coming. Looks like this journey to Vikrant Circle will give me some more.

1:31 PM Jan 10th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

Who also incidentally was the first stranger who’s identified me as a South Indian. Yay! But also asked if I was from Madras. :S

1:28 PM Jan 10th 2012

Yesterday was a day to landmark: Got a free cab ride in Colaba by a nice cab driver. #travellingalone

1:27 PM Jan 10th 2012

Bombay travelogue note: LBS road, by SG Barve Marg, is the auto junkyard on display.

1:25 PM Jan 10th 2012

.@Fine_Whining’s living room is the best library I’ve been to.

5:44 AM Jan 10th 2012

@nimitnshah Went from Santacruz to Churchgate in the afternoon and back at 8. I couldn’t get off at the right stop cause of the mob. :/

5:38 AM Jan 10th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@nimitnshah Totally! Loving the city. Which part do you stay in?

10:51 AM Jan 9th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@nimitnshah We should probably meet up for some gujju food.

10:30 AM Jan 9th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

Concrete jungle by the sea.

10:26 AM Jan 9th 2012

Travel by local trains in Bombay city alone. Check.

10:21 AM Jan 9th 2012

Bombay on google maps and its selling amenities.

4:31 AM Jan 9th 2012

You’re a reminder in the beginning of every year of how old I’m turning that year. Happy birthday @rungta. :-)

12:25 PM Jan 8th 2012

@nimitnshah Currently in Santacruz west. From Sunday might hop houses to Santacruz east and Matunga. Where are you put up?

5:02 AM Jan 6th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@nimitnshah I am, yes. :) Free from the 9th to 13th. Free to catch up sometime then?

2:19 AM Jan 6th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

Any Mumbaikers free to meet up next week?

3:07 AM Jan 5th 2012

Looking forward to wedding shoot no. 3 with @garethhoover.

3:06 AM Jan 5th 2012

Off to the airport. Missed this feeling of forgetting something. 11 days to soak in Mumbai and its smog.

3:05 AM Jan 5th 2012

@keeperofthekeys I like! I’m in. I’ll be away for 10 days, so could I join somewhere towards the middle or end of the chain? :-)

5:46 PM Jan 4th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Sounds interesting. I’m all ears. :)

2:45 PM Jan 4th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@oddysee Thanks! Had tried Lightroom before and hadn’t seen much of a difference. But LR does seem like the better option for what I need.

9:03 AM Jan 3rd 2012 in reply to oddysee

Anyone, what is the best application to view RAW files on a Mac?

(Aperture makes it look extra grainy.)

5:05 AM Jan 3rd 2012

Masala dosa and filter kaapi has got to be the best way to start the day.

5:23 AM Jan 2nd 2012