Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

The 2010 collection.

At work, neighbouring researchers tomato seeds disappeared overnight.
How you ask? ‘Cause thats when the lab rats get to work.

4:50 AM Dec 30th 2010

“No Culture Can Live if it Attempts to be Exclusive” randomspecif…the-new-year[+]

5:24 PM Dec 29th 2010

@rungtaakki The geo tagging seems to think you’re in Dubai.

1:10 PM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungtaakki

@rungta Nice work! Very quick and smooth.

1:06 PM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

@rungta If only that was the lone exception that was inexcusable. Sigh.

11:26 AM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

@rungta You can say that again. You’d think universities with research labs would. Apparently not.

8:38 AM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

What I increasingly seem to want: An app on the Mac that acts like a Bulletin Board, to pin up screenshots and post-it notes.

1:38 AM Dec 29th 2010

So I’ve moved from plants to fruit flies, down to yeast and bacteria and now it time to study mangoes and pomegranates. #guessmyoccupation

11:02 AM Dec 28th 2010

The learning curve is an uphill slope.

7:05 AM Dec 19th 2010

So yeah, went karting in the middle of the night by the airport. Three recovered spins and no hits to the tire walls. Yay! #Hyderabad

7:45 PM Dec 12th 2010

Very impressed with Hyderabad’s expressway to the airport. #nightdrive

5:32 PM Dec 12th 2010

Let the walk begin.

12:42 AM Dec 10th 2010

@Fine_Whining That’s cause this is basically a free holiday. You want to fund my tickets to Mumbai in December?

5:43 AM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

@rakeshrach Am sure. Weather is currently exceptional due to a post-depression in the Bay of Bengal. So far loving my (first) visit here.

5:41 AM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

Hyderabad traffic, not so much different from Bangalore’s.

Weather, pleasant too.

4:24 AM Dec 9th 2010

Secunderabad bound.

5:34 PM Dec 8th 2010

IF Amit Trivedi’s ‘No One Killed Jessica’ is an instant fav, THEN the loop doesn’t end.

7:56 AM Dec 8th 2010

Watched the late Irvin Kershner’s 1977 Raid on Entebbe. The old soul in me appreciated it all- the story re-told, the acting, the history.

6:25 PM Dec 7th 2010

@pricelessjunk You should be able to find something tasteful from the @ohnoir twitter stream.

1:04 PM Dec 7th 2010 in reply to pricelessjunk

If this is the interface of Reeder for Mac, I’ll have it thanks.

7:47 AM Dec 4th 2010

Making a weakness worthwhile is strength.

6:37 PM Dec 3rd 2010

@Fine_Whining Oh mother is also not there. Ask your dad to get it for you.

2:44 PM Dec 3rd 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

I not only want to favourite every picture in this set, I want to live it, someday:…/5214456135/[+]

7:07 AM Dec 3rd 2010

Bangalore peeps: Anyone know of a good place for VHS to digital media conversion?

8:24 AM Dec 2nd 2010

@sheriesm Crack open the egg twittle one. :)

8:16 AM Dec 1st 2010

Listening to The Canyon from the 127 Hours soundtrack and wishing more than ever that I was free somewhere in the wild right now.

11:32 AM Nov 29th 2010

@Fine_Whining Buy it soon then, so I can borrow it.

7:06 AM Nov 29th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

@Fine_Whining If I find myself a job in less than two months, then I will. So don’t keep your hopes high.

6:08 AM Nov 29th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

Been so difficult to take sides in this Nadal-Murray match. Wonderful win for Nadal though.

5:29 PM Nov 27th 2010

@menonanjali From ampersands to Manga. At least this is prettier. :P

12:03 PM Nov 27th 2010 in reply to menonanjali

@sumitsharan The video: Lost Generation.[+] (via the comments)

6:59 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

@5anket Ah, no surprise there then. :-)

5:04 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to 5anket

@5anket Hahaha! I can imagine. But you wouldn’t let them study? That I’m surprised.

4:58 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to 5anket

@rungta Nice. Making good use of your looks eh? :)

4:49 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to rungta

A frank salesman on branding advice to us: Sony used to use the tagline ‘Like No Other’ now it’s ‘Make(.)Believe’. Food for thought there.

2:23 PM Nov 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan And if you found him in the first place you looked, you must have been feeling lucky. :)

3:09 PM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

Sunday occupations with the new number 15:[+]

5:23 AM Nov 21st 2010

Twitters bird’s grown bigger wings, which has been eye catching, and that’s annoying. Much like adolescence.

2:53 AM Nov 19th 2010

Currently wondering if the unconscious calculates the time it has before the alarm and saves the unknown bits of the dream to end then. Hmm.

4:31 AM Nov 18th 2010

A neat travel video, shot with a Lumix GF1: jessicahisch…tting/?p=762[+]

7:13 PM Nov 14th 2010

Nervous. Excited. Completely Hopeful.

12:35 PM Nov 14th 2010

There’s a link to ‘See Friendship’ on Facebook. Really?[+]

2:09 PM Nov 10th 2010

Music waves carry renewable energy.

5:46 AM Nov 9th 2010

@Fine_Whining Yes! You leaving me behind for one.

Come back soon. You be our sunshine. See Bangalore has been crying all day.

1:03 PM Nov 7th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

I’ve had to put the @ylnt podcast on pause to save myself a little dignity, if I can call it that and if any now, while travelling in a bus.

1:30 PM Nov 6th 2010

Two words why I’m going to hit ‘Read Later’ more often to read on the iPhone: tilt scrolling. Where had I been?

2:15 PM Nov 4th 2010

Chance favours the connective mind (also, lovely doodling):

5:03 AM Nov 4th 2010

It’s one of those record wining nights for WireTap Pro.

8:25 PM Nov 3rd 2010

@wateva That’s like the third one in less than 2 months. What’s happening down there?

5:57 PM Nov 3rd 2010 in reply to wateva

@sumitsharan If that happened, they’d probably re-direct to this: yetanotherus…[+]

11:27 AM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

When in Pondicherry, find accommodation at the Satsanga (thanks @Fine_Whining), dine at the Lighthouse and wake up in time for a sunrise.

9:14 AM Nov 2nd 2010

@sumitsharan So does Chennai Central railway station.

11:45 AM Nov 1st 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

@rungta You traversed the north of the ECR, in the morning, in bicycles. We did the south, afternoon-night, on bikes. Good day, no? :)

2:08 PM Oct 30th 2010 in reply to rungta

Four girls, four bikes, pleasant weather,, National highway, East Coast Road- Pondicherry to Auroville ashram. What an experience!

1:38 PM Oct 30th 2010

Goa’s sand in my shoes, being carried to Pondicherry. Literally.

7:00 PM Oct 29th 2010

@rakeshrach Nice.That looks like an interesting place to be at. Good luck for your next phase!

6:04 PM Oct 29th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

@rungtaakki Are they in a condition to sell and then get new ones?

4:46 PM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to rungtaakki

Visualising continental differences.

4:44 PM Oct 28th 2010

@rungtaakki I’d say speakers, although I love my headphones.

1:01 PM Oct 28th 2010 in reply to rungtaakki

Tinkles Suppandi is back, in his own magazine this time. #just_for_memories_sake

6:27 PM Oct 27th 2010

Long, scrolling, drop down options are the UX killers. Especially when you find you don’t fit into any of those categories.

5:04 PM Oct 27th 2010

Getting nostalgic listening to the Thiruda Thiruda OSTs. Seldom do you find an album that has so much melody and energy blended into one.

5:29 PM Oct 26th 2010

@Fine_Whining Good to know. Choor home-ness should be around.

4:51 PM Oct 25th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

Whizzed away by a neighbour for an impromptu walk by Sankey tank. It’s the little things that matter.

3:26 PM Oct 24th 2010

Attended B’lore’s Octoberfest with performances by Swarathma, Midival Punditz + Karsh Kale and Shaan; not a bad combination for a night.

8:46 PM Oct 23rd 2010

Movie soundtrack of the week: Up in the Air.

8:16 PM Oct 23rd 2010

Do be careful while placing an iPhone on a sofa. It could just slip and break the screen. Mending a broken heart err… screen is expensive.

6:22 PM Oct 22nd 2010

Whatever form, withdrawal symptoms suck.

5:28 PM Oct 20th 2010

Off to meet with a particular random non-stranger. Then later, some non-strangers and several randoms.

7:36 AM Oct 14th 2010

(@rungta) @xAbhishek I second that. You should totally do it.

2:51 AM Oct 14th 2010

Reading Charlotte’s Web at the Molecular Medicine conference, as presentations with badly designed slides pass by.

11:19 AM Oct 13th 2010

Life’s on the EDGE again.

9:01 AM Oct 11th 2010

Gosh, how I missed Indian ads. The Indian Railways ad that’s doing its rounds:

10:09 AM Oct 6th 2010

Making of the mascot:–-shera-delhi-commonwealth-games/

9:10 PM Oct 4th 2010

@souvikdg Since you don’t need to follow a twitter account to add to a list, your timeline can be more cleaner while pursuing lists.

7:54 PM Oct 4th 2010

One headline. One news source: BBC. One poster, everyday, for one year.

7:24 PM Oct 4th 2010

Among all the bad ideas out there, keeping a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in the room is one.

12:27 PM Oct 4th 2010

Managed to catch two wonderful in-flight movies yesterday. Echoes of the rainbow (Cantonese) & Vanaja (Telegu). Both worth the burning eyes.

10:34 PM Oct 3rd 2010

Loving the energy and sounds of India at the CWG opening ceremony now. The opening drum beats and the music performances are quite lovely.

2:12 PM Oct 3rd 2010

@Fine_Whining I reached the bed in my room at 6:30. Still here.

9:55 AM Oct 3rd 2010

@Fine_Whining Traitor!

Enjoy the sweat.

8:15 PM Oct 2nd 2010

Travel tip: Never travel when you’re ill, if it can be avoided.

8:10 PM Oct 2nd 2010

And did I mention that my hearing has been impaired. Thank you flu and flight. Possibly for the good. B’lore’s traffic will be dimmed down.

8:08 PM Oct 2nd 2010

Also the free Wi-fi at the airport won’t work for the next three days, in spite of all it’s ads. Wonder how long those 3 days have been.

8:07 PM Oct 2nd 2010

What a welcome to my country. Had to pay my first bribe at Mumbai airport.

I was also informed that my luggage won’t arrive along with me.

8:06 PM Oct 2nd 2010

For the past five years, I’ve split my life between two homes. It’s now time to give up one for another.

7:41 AM Oct 2nd 2010

A temporarily lent out silent space that will forever rent a dwelling space in me.

11:05 PM Oct 1st 2010

An empty cupboard, a cleaned out desk, a made bed, bare walls, a hollow dresser resting a reflecting mirror. A window shut, a door opened.

11:04 PM Oct 1st 2010

Being oblivious can be good, until reality hits.

8:31 AM Oct 1st 2010

Back to the old trusted iBook for the next week.

10:16 AM Sep 30th 2010

That Game Centre friend request announcement sound was so unexpected, it made me jump in my sleep.

11:38 AM Sep 29th 2010

@rungta @5anket Mine just got booked as well. :)

9:33 AM Sep 28th 2010

@rungta Now that we know this works, when I’m on the other-side, need to get @rungtaakki or @wateva to do this next race onwards.

12:26 PM Sep 26th 2010

Dear September, what happened to fall? Why is winter here?

12:55 AM Sep 26th 2010

Eat Pray Love: Expected mediocrity, turned out to be avoidable.

12:49 AM Sep 26th 2010

Sleepless mornings, at friends apartments, are why I’m glad to have an iPhone with 3G connectivity.

4:13 AM Sep 23rd 2010

BBC news: CWG budget and the unliveable conditions.

Followed by, stats of the no. of children dying each day due to unliveable conditions.

6:02 AM Sep 22nd 2010

Sev puri, dahi puri and bhel puri for dinner and lunch at home. And I haven’t even left for India yet.

2:29 PM Sep 19th 2010

@rakeshrach Thank you. And yes, we should definitely meet up the next time you’re down. :)

1:47 AM Sep 16th 2010

@rakeshrach Yup, looks like it. That’s the intention at least. It’s time for a change.

11:55 PM Sep 15th 2010

Loving the cover design of this magazine.

10:31 PM Sep 15th 2010

Exactly a year ago on this very date & time was I unpacking in this very room, and funnily now, one year ahead, it’s time to pack it all up.

9:21 PM Sep 15th 2010

“You haven’t seen enough movies. All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” - Steve Martin

12:18 PM Sep 15th 2010

@rungta That’s a good three days. :)

6:19 PM Sep 14th 2010

Finding myself extremely restless. I seemed to have opened about 15-20 tabs within ten minutes. Not good.

3:16 PM Sep 12th 2010

Ideas are undoubtedly worth sharing & it’s sometimes nice knowing you don’t need to know all the words. layertennis….00910/02.php[+]

6:33 PM Sep 10th 2010

@rungta I was just about to tweet that!

6:23 PM Sep 10th 2010

@Fine_Whining But I wasn’t trying to be morbid. I meant it in the nicest way.

8:31 AM Sep 9th 2010

“Assume you’ve been given one exclamation point in your life. Use it wisely.”

2:13 AM Sep 9th 2010

I want to be transported here.[+]

1:44 AM Sep 9th 2010

One month down of being in PJs, another month to go.

Being in a social experiment would have been more useful, for someone.

3:52 PM Sep 8th 2010

Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education:[+]

10:30 PM Sep 7th 2010

Got to find an alternative Twitter client for the Mac if Tweetie doesn’t show up with an update soon.

I hate compromising with new clients.

9:19 PM Sep 6th 2010

@rungtaakki Maybe he fancied being a tapori (tap+ chori)? :)

3:49 PM Sep 3rd 2010

@sumitsharan Absolutely. In addition, walking around on the city streets is an enchanting experience of massive architecture and greenery.

8:57 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Lastly, if you’re to visit Edinburgh, do explore the city by walking around. By far the best walk-in-a-city experience I’ve had in the UK.

8:41 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Want to know if Newcastle, Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Newcastle; Newcastle, Manchester can all be done in one day?

It can be done.

8:35 PM Sep 2nd 2010

All this galavanting across the country on its motorways has taken its toll, payed with a Euro trip (that won’t happen).

8:34 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Knowing what you want is liberating.

3:29 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone by doing things uncharacteristic of my inherent self, doesn’t comfort me. Nor is it worth the effort.

12:00 AM Sep 2nd 2010

@souvikdg Music x (Twitter+ Facebook)= Ping

5:46 PM Sep 1st 2010

The ‘green woods, wet track and turns’ weekend is finally here.

12:39 PM Aug 27th 2010

@rungta Yes yes, you definitely should…

(chanting x”Let the reverse psychology work, let it work”)

12:39 PM Aug 27th 2010

@5anket Dude, you’re going to be doing the same in two weeks from Airlines. All food tweets should pass through a non publishable filter.

10:26 AM Aug 27th 2010

@ohnoir It’s been a quiet month of August. Rather there’s been more noise than signal.

11:35 AM Aug 26th 2010

Impromptu summarizing is not one of my skills.

4:42 PM Aug 25th 2010

@rakeshrach Wow! Small world indeed.

7:36 PM Aug 24th 2010

@rakeshrach Ah. Interesting that you roamed around the north of B’lore. I live by BEL road myself. Makes me miss home now.
Have a nice trip!

6:29 PM Aug 24th 2010

Finally managed to indulge in the Corleone family history over the past three weekends. Its cinematic portrayal was surely at its finest.

1:48 AM Aug 24th 2010

@siracusa: This is pretty much how I think of and try to use Twitter: hiddenfreque…ur-community[+] (But I recognize that situations vary.)”

11:51 PM Aug 23rd 2010

@rakeshrach Which parts of Bangalore did you visit?

6:13 PM Aug 23rd 2010

Another big Yay! for undo last closed tab in Safari 5.

2:39 PM Aug 23rd 2010

In 5 years, the total number of Kannadigas I’ve met, outside the country, under one roof = 5

11:25 AM Aug 23rd 2010

@5anket And had to go there only ‘cause I’m currently visiting family friends.

12:51 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@5anket Haha, no no, it was in the evening, but I didn’t have internet access to send it then. :)

12:43 AM Aug 22nd 2010

Is it a bad thing that I want to play with my phone and think about tweeting, while waiting in a queue, feet-drenched, to enter a temple?

12:29 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@Fine_Whining Also, I take the slow dying route, remember?

12:13 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@Fine_Whining No magnanimous one. But our states are such, that you’re excused to have overlooked it.

12:12 AM Aug 22nd 2010

When you can’t find the right type of music in your library, more often than not, you can find it in your ‘Top 50 Most Played’ playlist.

2:19 AM Aug 20th 2010

@xAbhishek It is, especially when people are trying to pay back loans, gain experience, etc.
But coming back home can’t be too bad either.

7:01 PM Aug 19th 2010

@xAbhishek I mean aspirations that die out due to immigration rules/unemployment, and referring to people whose visas cannot be renewed.

5:49 PM Aug 19th 2010

India, take note, you shall experience a strong influx of aspired, then expired, immigrants coming back soon.

4:29 PM Aug 19th 2010

@5anket A loop worth. :)

3:24 AM Aug 17th 2010

@rungtaakki Where would this be?

1:33 PM Aug 16th 2010

@rungta Oh no! That isn’t good…

1:32 PM Aug 16th 2010

@5anket Neither to the unemployed.

12:24 PM Aug 14th 2010

@xAbhishek That could be possible. You get your customer attention, which includes a lot of faffing about, from observation and experience.

7:35 AM Aug 14th 2010

@rakeshrach Ah, the déjà vu sight, from down under.

7:31 AM Aug 14th 2010

Is it just me or has english rock ballad compositions died out, or am I just failing to recognise them anymore? #stranded_in_the_20thcentury

2:57 PM Aug 12th 2010

@rakeshrach Interesting. Didn’t know that. No surprise then that it’s considered as a classic in the movie world.

2:13 PM Aug 12th 2010

@rakeshrach Oh! Been meaning to watch that movie for a while now. Now it sounds more intriguing.

2:32 PM Aug 11th 2010

The wonderful thing about sleep is that you’re almost never the same person you were before you went to bed. #themetamorphosis #notaquote

2:15 AM Aug 9th 2010

My friend @Divya_Rani’s moving-to-another-country spreadsheet also includes ‘chewing gum while flying’.
Now, that’s called comprehensive. :)

2:05 PM Aug 8th 2010

Everyone is talking about PEN Story. Here’s PEN Giant:…/fOxpKdmVvlk[+]
Wish ad’s were more like this.

12:33 AM Aug 8th 2010

The bar code reader on the Delicious thinks I just read ‘Skip to my Lou’, while all along I thought it was ‘The Metamorphosis’!

10:21 PM Aug 7th 2010

@5anket You kept it all in the lines. A gold star for you! :P I miss colouring.

12:37 PM Aug 7th 2010

@5anket crazy person! :P

1:42 AM Aug 7th 2010

Nothing ruins the seriousness of a Troy-Greek battle as a giant moose-head in a tv ad that goes ‘Chew chew’ every 20 mins.

11:59 PM Aug 6th 2010

The hungrier you are, the faster you cook.

7:22 PM Aug 6th 2010

Overdose-of-internet hibernation: Off.

I survived, but the insatiable virtual void dilemma persists.

11:14 PM Aug 5th 2010

@5anket You’re seeing them everywhere now. :)

12:02 PM Aug 3rd 2010

July, 2010. It’s been a month of change. All around.

4:42 PM Jul 31st 2010

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to find a word for weeks and it doesn’t present itself till the oddest moments. ‘Deliberate’ was mine.

4:08 PM Jul 31st 2010

Removing the Melbourne clock widget from the dashboard. It’s time for a new journey for my wandering friend.

Wish you a good one @rungta!

10:43 PM Jul 29th 2010

@rungtaakki which one did you opt for?

6:07 PM Jul 28th 2010

There’s something very therapeutic in watching black ink cursively flowing on paper.

1:03 AM Jul 27th 2010

@5anket Haha, nice coincidence! Good you know it now. :)

10:52 PM Jul 25th 2010

Can’t put it any better. RT @rungta Toy Story 3 was old school Pixar goodness delivered with their new school emotional expertise. Perfecto!

3:06 AM Jul 25th 2010

After years of procrastination of avoiding gruesome violence, I was finally rewarded with a brilliant screenplay, that was ‘The Fight Club’.

1:40 AM Jul 24th 2010

I need some ‘Tab Candy’ now. At least the three minutes of it to start with.

Now, back to ctrl+ (⇧+) ⇥ ‘ing.

1:28 AM Jul 24th 2010

Being at two places at the same time, although possible, is as difficult as it sounds.

9:35 PM Jul 23rd 2010

@shikkha Ooh. I like too! Loving The Sixty One.

10:51 AM Jul 23rd 2010

@5anket It’s down two roads for you! Sun/gloom is coming out again.

3:58 PM Jul 21st 2010

@5anket It just ruined my walk plans. Not complaining though.

3:40 PM Jul 21st 2010

@shikkha Ha ha! That, I would have never thought of. :P The more people tell you, the more you think twice. Just due it.

12:26 PM Jul 21st 2010

@shikkha Oh you impatient kid. You’ll get there. Soon. Once you make a move. If you get my drift. Which you do.

12:01 PM Jul 21st 2010

@rakeshrach Oh don’t we all wish for days like those. :)

11:17 AM Jul 21st 2010

“Of all the things you can lose your heart to, an idea is the most obstinate.”

From, @shikkha’s desk: betweenthebr…got-my-desk/[+]

5:16 PM Jul 20th 2010

@xAbhishek For me, anticipation had grown from the teasers & Hans Zimmers music. Strangely, didn’t watch the trailers till after the movie.

12:18 PM Jul 20th 2010

The one thing I didn’t like about Inception after watching the movie, was it’s trailer.

11:18 AM Jul 20th 2010

@shikkha Never fully seen a Matrix movie. Avatar, not worth your while. MI, neither have I. Inception could be the exception. #myconfessions

6:59 PM Jul 19th 2010

@rungtaakki Haha… and who might that be?

10:06 PM Jul 16th 2010

Why is comfort food always bad for you?! Damn those cynical phrase-formers.

7:53 PM Jul 16th 2010

@rungta Congratulations to you too! :D

1:29 PM Jul 15th 2010

Exclusive calls are priceless.

6:15 PM Jul 14th 2010

@shikkha Don’t beat. I’ll come, possibly next week itself. Who knows, maybe permanently even. It’s complicated again.

4:27 PM Jul 14th 2010

To go or not to go home, so swings the pendulum.

2:54 PM Jul 14th 2010

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this song, for all its colours.

8:52 PM Jul 12th 2010

@xAbhishek Had to take heed and consent.

8:40 PM Jul 12th 2010

If Mark Webber doesn’t win the championship this season, I might just be gutted.

1:50 PM Jul 11th 2010

Having said that, I’m possibly going through some of the best musical weeks I’ve had in a long time.

2:10 AM Jul 9th 2010

If you aren’t following @ohnoir yet, you should probably know that you’ve been missing out on some excellent music & movie recommendations.

2:10 AM Jul 9th 2010

@rungtaakki Yup. Some of them are quite nice as well.

8:50 PM Jul 7th 2010

@ohnoir The entire ‘Lamhaa’ album is not bad, not bad at all.

8:38 PM Jul 7th 2010

@rungta Good to hear! Surprisingly, another two weeks to go before it releases here.

1:40 PM Jul 7th 2010

Haunting song of the night: ‘Yaara Maula’ from Gulaal, sung by Indian Ocean singers Rahul Ram and the late Asheem Chakravarty.

12:29 AM Jul 6th 2010

The “hilariously hilarious” < > show is back and it’s cracking as ever!

8:54 AM Jul 5th 2010

@ohnoir So what are you talking about then? It sounds too good to wait for.

7:22 PM Jul 4th 2010

Fear fuelled insomnia; action dampened with sleep. Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around? #mycircleoflife

5:47 AM Jun 29th 2010

@rakeshrach Thanks! It might take its time, but the delays and queues here were definitely worth the wait. There’s nothing else like it.

12:54 PM Jun 25th 2010

And what better way to test out the new iPhone camera. My wallpaper designed by @rungta.[+]

12:28 PM Jun 25th 2010

Still got loads to explore, but I’m still getting around the fact, and to let it sink, in that I finally got my hands on my very own iPhone!

10:50 AM Jun 25th 2010

@souvikdg Haha. It’s like they (gave it to you and) took it away, without you knowing. Hurts the status. :P

7:39 PM Jun 24th 2010

@souvikdg Haha. It’s like they (gave it to you and) took it away without you knowing. Hurts the status. :P

7:04 PM Jun 24th 2010

@souvikdg It’s finally changed to say “Tweetie for Mac” now.

2:35 PM Jun 24th 2010

Flickr finally making the amends to view larger pictures, with keyboard navigation and yet maintaining the simplicity, the way it should be.

8:53 PM Jun 23rd 2010

@rungtaakki Yeah, it has its ups and downs. Now it’s just playing the background. But it’s history in the making. The energy is amazing.

6:33 PM Jun 23rd 2010

@rungta Brilliant match.. and still going! Almost 8 hours!

6:12 PM Jun 23rd 2010

Create the change you want. #plagiarism

Let the change begin. #self_note

6:45 PM Jun 22nd 2010

@rakeshrach That’s true. The getting used to of being open to change as well. (Just that that logic can’t be used in a conspiracy theory ;))

6:33 PM Jun 22nd 2010

RT @neo_indian Men are from Mars, Women are from Pluto neoindian.or…-from-pluto/[+] >Had me in splits.

10:09 PM Jun 21st 2010

I almost want to suggest a conspiracy theory that Mani Ratnam die-hard fans created the bad reviews,so that people would talk about it more.

9:27 PM Jun 21st 2010

@rakeshrach @rungta Those are similar sentiments that I have. I need to watch it again to fully appreciate it, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

2:07 PM Jun 20th 2010

Why you lost touch in the first place:

9:45 PM Jun 17th 2010

@shikkha Has it moved to 5:30 am so that the surya namaskar is authentic?

4:09 PM Jun 16th 2010

The truth: Now is the time to stop studying and spend time learning.
The lie: It was called learning all this while.

12:40 AM Jun 15th 2010

Lap 8 and it’s already the best GP of the season. #CanadianGP

4:16 PM Jun 13th 2010

@5anket Thanks, but that doesn’t help me know what to pick, and also because I’m in Manchester now, does it? :P :)

4:19 AM Jun 13th 2010

I don’t follow people to live their lives. I’m just trying to find mine through theirs.

3:49 AM Jun 13th 2010

@rungtaakki @rungta Thanks! I think I’ll settle for a Logitech one.

2:34 AM Jun 13th 2010

Anyone know where to look- for a good wireless, bluetooth supported, mouse?

7:03 PM Jun 12th 2010

@rungta Most likely yes. Q3 was exciting.

6:11 PM Jun 12th 2010

“Do you want to get it in the first place?”

You’re right. If I really wanted it, like really really, I would have worked to get it by now.

7:24 PM Jun 11th 2010

@rungta Can’t wait to try it out.

7:22 PM Jun 11th 2010

I didn’t say ‘please’. I had to go to work.

3:27 PM Jun 10th 2010

“Mommy, can I play with my toys than go to work today. I promise I’ll learn something new.”

8:50 AM Jun 10th 2010

@rungta Ha! A long way yes, minions I think not, Master. ;)

8:46 AM Jun 10th 2010

@rungtaakki Taking a min to type a word is far better than taking 3 hours to install FrontRow on an iBook. Your brother has some patience!

10:50 PM Jun 9th 2010

Meeting adopted school friends is #fun.

11:08 PM Jun 7th 2010

@rungtaakki I don’t think live steaming. But you can read it, I think on engadet you can. It starts now.

5:01 PM Jun 7th 2010

@rungtaakki No I haven’t yet. Waiting for the announcement today. While using tweetie now it shows up as twitter for iPhone as default.

4:38 PM Jun 7th 2010

@rungtaakki Haha. I might have if I could. :P
My previous offer still stands though.

9:05 AM Jun 7th 2010

@5anket Haha. Where’d you see that?

6:45 PM Jun 6th 2010

@rungtaakki You know you got to!

5:58 PM Jun 6th 2010

Why sometimes you should follow annoying people on twitter.

They annoy you so much, that they inspire a tweet from you.

3:27 PM Jun 6th 2010

It’s a good day, when you catch a documentary like this in the middle of a working day:The Bill Hicks Story

10:22 PM Jun 3rd 2010

@rungtaakki Congratulations on finishing another year! :)

7:14 AM Jun 3rd 2010

@shikkha The life-saving trade was perfectly timed. Wouldn’t have gotten through this day without it. So Thanks back. #mygirlymoment

9:46 PM Jun 2nd 2010

Your sense of belonging, to someplace, to someone, to something, is heightened when it’s absent.

9:21 PM Jun 1st 2010

A cottage by the sea. In rainy Ireland.

9:54 AM May 29th 2010

@rakeshrach And another jealous one here!

10:51 AM May 28th 2010

@rungta So have you terminated the data synthesis?

3:21 PM May 26th 2010

In Bangalore: 27ºC+ + A couple of months= Brown skin

In England: 27ºC + A couple of hours= Brown + sunburnt red skin

11:12 AM May 23rd 2010

@shikkha I’m still waiting for my mail. Entertain me.

11:08 AM May 23rd 2010

@5anket I suggest you look into the Lake & Peak districts. Yorkshire Dales if you want isolation. I can tell you about Ireland next week. :P

11:07 AM May 23rd 2010

More English countryside today.

9:16 AM May 22nd 2010

@rungta That A. bug sure is contagious. :)

9:07 PM May 21st 2010

It’s the weekend! There is time to escape from reality yet again.

5:06 PM May 21st 2010

This constant pushing of limits, to find new limits, is a drag.

2:02 PM May 21st 2010

Taking things to heart has choking qualities.

2:11 PM May 19th 2010

Music is one tongue which doesn’t make me feel like I’m on the wrong side of a language barrier.

3:43 PM May 17th 2010

Apps come with default features to draw your attention to it.We then need to learn to withdraw from it by default.#newgenerationdifficulties

11:46 PM May 13th 2010

Just noticed how Flickr has a Guest Pass to share photos with people who are not your ‘Flickr friends’.

3:36 PM May 10th 2010

“Half a second faster in the last lap, with the broken wing. I think we found the solution.”- Rob Smedley

12:47 PM May 9th 2010

“Up There: A documentary about the art of handpainted advertising murals.” (13 mins) (via @swissmiss)

2:51 PM May 5th 2010

@shikkha Yup. I was trying to use ‘history’ somehow, but you said it better.

6:48 PM May 4th 2010

Amn’t I lucky. My tweets are now archived as beautifully and easily as it can be. Thanks @rungta!

6:41 PM May 4th 2010

@shikkha Enjoy your holidays!

1:04 PM May 2nd 2010

I’m assured more now that my destination today is Newcastle. Why else would travelling hitches occur? ;-)

8:25 AM Apr 29th 2010

@xAbhishek Haha… Point taken. Just trying to keep things short and simple for now. :)

11:41 PM Apr 26th 2010

I’m sometimes preoccupied in limiting my thoughts to 140 characters.

8:03 AM Apr 26th 2010

@wateva I wake up knowing I’ve left some yeast growing way too long than I should have… and other stories. Wish I could go back to sleep. :(

7:55 AM Apr 26th 2010

The day hasn’t even started and it already feels doomed. #science #fail

7:44 AM Apr 26th 2010

@5anket Oh freak. That doesn’t sound good. Put some ice on it… and retire. :)

10:25 PM Apr 25th 2010

@5anket An injury? What happened?

10:06 PM Apr 25th 2010

@rakeshrach So true! Multilayered, that’s the word.

12:48 AM Apr 24th 2010

No points for guessing what’s playing in my iTunes now!

10:50 PM Apr 23rd 2010

@rungta Another step is just by listening to Yuva’s OSTs.

8:09 PM Apr 23rd 2010

Wish I were an Ostrich, in a cartoon world, right now.

10:39 AM Apr 20th 2010

Volcano ash from Iceland affecting flights in England.[+]

12:31 PM Apr 15th 2010

Pacman vs. applications. Another battle that shouldn’t have started.

12:25 PM Apr 15th 2010

So many movies, so little time.

11:01 AM Apr 10th 2010

@rungta Oh wow, that’s freaky!

9:23 AM Apr 10th 2010

They wanted a mixing of the grid and that’s what we got.

9:21 AM Apr 3rd 2010

‘Home Improvement’ back on tv. Nostalgia sweeping. Makes me smile.

10:49 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha Presentation for lab meeting. Don’t like presentations at all.

10:41 AM Apr 2nd 2010

The ease with which I get through the numerous tabs (that’s been open for days), while procrastinating, shall be my achievement for today.

9:22 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha Brilliant! Anywhere NE will surely be good.

7:52 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha I’m so proud of you! Off to anywhere soon??

9:00 PM Apr 1st 2010

Now this is why Australia should hold the opening race of a season! Do you need more reason!? #F1

7:15 AM Mar 28th 2010

The BBC presentation, the pre-show, commentary, the extras-should all be made available worldwide, even if they give it away for a price.♯F1

5:44 AM Mar 28th 2010

@rungtaakki I like the ‘Not yet’ bit. :)

3:51 PM Mar 27th 2010

@rungtaakki Ahem! The spark has struck?? ;)

5:32 AM Mar 27th 2010

@shikkha That’s too sane! Nonetheless, yay!

5:47 PM Mar 25th 2010

@shikkha Brilliant. How does it look?

4:26 PM Mar 25th 2010

One month is just too short sometimes.

6:21 PM Mar 22nd 2010

@rungta The dislike of Google Notifier & not having Mail & Tweetie has given me a proper break from the bindings of the web the past month.

4:48 PM Mar 22nd 2010

14 hours straight, meeting 12+ people on a day that spells perfect to the the T.

6:54 PM Mar 21st 2010

@rungta This is the one I was telling you about! You’ll love it!

4:17 PM Mar 18th 2010

Gokarna, I miss you.

9:43 AM Mar 17th 2010

@shikkha That will never stop. Nothing can satisfy them. Unless you sat next to them the rest of their lives; or get married. thisisIndia?

4:06 AM Mar 12th 2010

With a tough decision made, I should now stop reading F1 news, considering how I’m going to be missing the live race after all.

7:02 PM Mar 11th 2010

This short attention span makes me forget what I came here to say.

12:47 PM Mar 9th 2010

@wateva @rungta May your Macs serve you’ll well for many more years to come, (even) with(out) (apple)care. Yours truly, the 4+yrs iBook.

9:27 PM Mar 6th 2010

This Layer Tennis thing is quite something! Come on topleftpixel! #lyt

8:17 PM Mar 5th 2010

The phrase ‘Looking for a needle in a haystack’ can be substituted with ‘Looking for a sneaky mosquito in a mosquito net’. #thisisIndia

7:14 PM Mar 5th 2010

RT @benegal The Genius of composer Michael Brook Behind the Music scenes of Road, Movie

6:33 AM Mar 5th 2010

Feel the need to break the silence.

11 hours have passed since anyone has posted anything on twitter.
It feels strange.

5:28 PM Feb 28th 2010

Summary: One of the best days I’ve had in ages!! :)

7:58 PM Feb 26th 2010

Nanu bengalurinalli idini! :)

5:30 PM Feb 24th 2010

Status: Waiting…

8:02 PM Feb 22nd 2010

@shikkha Yes, remember tomorrow is Q-day! :)

5:15 PM Feb 21st 2010

Music overdose. Information explosion. Filtering is hard. Spoilt for choice.

12:08 PM Feb 21st 2010

@rakeshrach Oh, loved the movie as well.

11:00 PM Feb 18th 2010

@rakeshrach Just discovered the song after having seen the movie yesterday. It sure is a beautiful song.

5:51 PM Feb 18th 2010

♬- Vellai Pookkal ♥

12:09 AM Feb 18th 2010

@rungta It tastes weirder after it’s defrosted. It gets all watery.

9:41 AM Feb 17th 2010

“Complaining is silly, act or forget.” I chose to forget. Today has been a crappy day.

11:48 PM Feb 16th 2010

Did I sleep in that late that it’s 2034 already??

11:13 AM Feb 14th 2010

When will the subtlety of humour hit mainstream bollywood?

10:23 PM Feb 13th 2010

Whereas Anwar, on a similar theme, so much more watchable and focussed. Yet the lack of credit. Such is the state.

9:58 PM Feb 13th 2010

Over-stretched. Over-Dramatic. Lack of simplicity. What did I expect from another Karan Johar movie. Yet I went. Save the buck. #MNIK

9:54 PM Feb 13th 2010

Hating these cycles of life.Hot & cold; sun & snow; day & night; blocked nose & then unblocked.
What else is out there to piss me off now?

11:33 PM Feb 10th 2010

Back to sleep. Reminders of last night demand that it is a must.

9:04 AM Feb 10th 2010

If you haven’t already, this is for people who want the 2010 F1 timetable set in their iCals. formula1.til…te_2010.html[+]

7:32 PM Feb 9th 2010

35 more days.

10:46 AM Feb 4th 2010

@shikkha How long will you be gone for?

10:45 AM Feb 4th 2010

@wateva It’s just my second one, and it’s cheaper than Odeon. :)

Yeah, thankfully they found the iPod.

10:23 AM Feb 1st 2010

@rungtaakki Saw it at a small art theatre, Cornerhouse, here in Manchester. They have 2 bollywood selections every month.

11:02 PM Jan 31st 2010

The Pool-one of the most realistically shot cinematography I’ve ever seen. Nice watch.[+]

7:17 PM Jan 31st 2010

Been 15 minutes, and you can already tell it’s an Australian Open final that you don’t want to miss.

8:57 AM Jan 31st 2010

Jason Reitman (and George Clooney) did it again for me.

9:36 PM Jan 29th 2010

Some I-don’t-knows need to be addressed. Like quickly.

10:55 PM Jan 28th 2010

Some nice picture(s)-of-the-day from in and around Bangalore.…/browser.php[+] [It’s a facebook album]

10:49 AM Jan 28th 2010

@shikkha News travels fast, with a bit of coincidence. And don’t know where the ‘ue’ at the end of dialogue went. :P

2:01 PM Jan 27th 2010

@shikkha Why you off to Hubli? Some development dialog thing?

7:07 PM Jan 26th 2010

Officially a graduate again.

11:38 AM Jan 22nd 2010

WTF! RT @htTweets On her 54th birthday, Mayawati has been gifted a three-acre plot - on moon! hindustantim…-498133.aspx[+]

11:33 AM Jan 16th 2010

After an hour of playing with it, I’ve come to the conclusion that analogue SLRs are just baffling, even without film inside it.

10:50 PM Jan 14th 2010

@shikkha Who was ill-treating you?

5:41 PM Jan 14th 2010

@rungtaakki Oh nice! with whom? Good luck!!

11:02 PM Jan 12th 2010

@rungta The MoSoTer was a bit slow this time, but succeeded. Did you get the song?

10:55 PM Jan 12th 2010

Four more days to go for daddy dearest to land in the UK. Much joy

10:43 AM Jan 12th 2010

There it comes… First nightmare confirmation. The first train is delayed!!

9:33 AM Jan 11th 2010

@rungta Happy Birthday!!!!

1:01 PM Jan 7th 2010

Have you seen so much snow on a tree before?[+]

9:46 AM Jan 5th 2010

@rakeshrach The breathing under water album sure keeps you wanting to play it on a loop. Beautiful fusion melody. Thanks for mentioning it.

11:33 PM Jan 4th 2010

@rungta and you’ll be back soon too. Not to fret. Have a safe journey.

and I thought you’re leaving tomorrow.

3:30 PM Jan 4th 2010

After her 2002 album, this is the first one that’s caught my attention. The Fall by Norah Jones is quite a pleasant listen.

1:10 PM Jan 3rd 2010

Possibly going through a preview of the empty nest syndrome.

2:28 PM Jan 2nd 2010

@rungtaakki glad you had fun! :)

2:27 PM Jan 2nd 2010

@rungta that’s a perfectly timed vacation.

8:34 AM Jan 2nd 2010