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From the month of February, 2011.

Ahem ahem…Have you not noticed the @wellwrittenweb yet?

5:42 PM Feb 28th 2011

@Fine_Whining I didn’t get a chance. Did I mention there’s been pleasant weather where I live. But I’d rather trade places with you for now.

3:30 PM Feb 25th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@lokallobaat Or…you could send the tickets here and I’m sure I know a couple of people who’d make use of it. :) #PoochneMeinKyaJataHai

5:41 PM Feb 21st 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

@pricelessjunk Sadly not true. Slightly cloudy maybe.

1:22 PM Feb 21st 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@lokallobaat :) That was really sweet. Also, @rungta you can owe your other old friends a treat. Good move Sumit. ;)

1:43 PM Feb 18th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Two and a half hours, non-stop. That was impressive. Hood the crowd like a true pro.

7:09 PM Feb 13th 2011

A teenage dream came true tonight. Judge what may, but that Bryan Adams concert tonight was a night to remember. He still charms at 51.

6:59 PM Feb 13th 2011

@rungta Wow! How’d you find this?

8:10 PM Feb 12th 2011 in reply to rungta

Your sense of humour is all that you’ve got to keep you happy.

4:31 AM Feb 12th 2011

@Fine_Whining That tweet was at 11. Don’t tell me you’re still at work now?!

6:23 PM Feb 11th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

@tanushri_shukla Glad to be of assistance. Hope to get to read your paper. :) Good luck with the research.

4:51 PM Feb 11th 2011 in reply to tanushri_shukla

You know you’ve been using an iPhone a lot more when you keep hitting the space bar twice on a normal keyboard and see no full-stop. :/.

5:17 PM Feb 10th 2011

@Fine_Whining Ah, we’ll see how much of that happens. I’m sort of jinxed when it comes to sending parcels, clearly.

5:10 PM Feb 10th 2011 in reply to Fine_Whining

With 2 friends getting engaged in one weekend, time to learn some wedding photography, what with my first assignment in a couple of months!

3:29 PM Feb 7th 2011

@rungtaakki That sounds painful. Try and cover the finger with a cloth bandage if you have one.

1:39 PM Feb 7th 2011 in reply to rungtaakki

The absurdity of this state and it’s political system is just on fire. #Karnataka

5:48 AM Feb 5th 2011

@rakeshrach Ya, hope it gets back to normal soon, all over. Quite a bad state the country’s been in. Keep safe.

6:12 PM Feb 4th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

@rakeshrach Gosh, thats bad. Hope you got home alright. Have the floods affected your residential area?

12:46 PM Feb 4th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

By golly! It’s serendipity come knocking.

2:12 AM Feb 3rd 2011