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@gursartaj Well if you’re looking to get back to using it, a prime lens can teach you a lot. This is usually the first lens people buy.

7:41 PM Mar 31st 2012 in reply to gursartaj

Watched this twice already:[+]

Wilson Miner- When We Build.

Must I say, must watch?

11:00 AM Mar 31st 2012

Anyone looking to invest in a Canon 50mm prime, f/1.8 lens + UV filter? Only a couple of months old in excellent condition. #selling

10:43 AM Mar 31st 2012

@keeperofthekeys No problem. :) Tried to find it online and then something else came up anyway.

7:43 PM Mar 30th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys yeah wouldn’t mind of its close by my place. Do you have a link to the event?

11:25 AM Mar 30th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@rungta whatever @erm_wat said. We heart your photoblog.

9:59 PM Mar 25th 2012 in reply to erm_wat

@pricelessjunk Happy Birthday Priya! Welcome to the over 20 age group. or the +1 as you newbies might call it. :-)

7:52 PM Mar 25th 2012

Loved @robinsloan’s Fish. Done the rounds twice and I know I’ll return for more reminding. So should you:[+]

1:30 PM Mar 25th 2012

Bloody brilliant! RT @miranj: Holy smokes! Inception Explained:[+]

9:33 AM Mar 22nd 2012

@pricelessjunk Oh why? I’m quite well versed with those, and they’re not a good thing to make a habit of.

4:26 PM Mar 21st 2012 in reply to pricelessjunk

Long email writing must make a comeback. One just made my day. :)

5:30 PM Mar 19th 2012

@rungtaakki Ah okay. They should put him on though on some show.

11:22 AM Mar 18th 2012 in reply to rungtaakki

@erm_wat Asked cause his Dp is with the Stig.

7:56 AM Mar 17th 2012 in reply to erm_wat

@erm_wat Did Jake come on a Top Gear episode? I’d want to see that episode.

6:59 AM Mar 17th 2012 in reply to erm_wat

@ishan_srivastav Hey Ishan, you interested in buying a 1.8? I’m looking to sell mine.Its just a few months old, in perfectly good condition.

6:24 PM Mar 15th 2012

@AuteurMark Hey, how old is the MBP? What’s it selling at?

11:31 AM Mar 15th 2012 in reply to AuteurMark

@lokallobaat We need more people there. Though wish they’d make the categories more easier. Can never easily find my own/others profile.

7:01 AM Mar 11th 2012 in reply to lokallobaat

@ishan_srivastav There’s nothing like using a prime. The 1.8 is something you will soon appreciate and want, and won’t get in the 18-55.

8:52 AM Mar 10th 2012

Closing tabs makes me happy.

8:46 AM Mar 10th 2012

PHD comic: ‘The Methodology Translator’ All true, and scarily not very exaggerated.…s.php?f=1476[+]

9:31 PM Mar 8th 2012

@keeperofthekeys :) Yes the Mark II. Had to make an upgrade since taking photos for people became my bread and butter. But yes, its awesome!

1:20 PM Mar 8th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Aww thanks! :) Sorry, I forgot about the 8pm rule. Shall remember next time.

12:25 PM Mar 8th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

RT @Fine_Whining: Does anyone want 2 tickets to today’s 5:20 PM show of ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ at Fun Cinemas, Cunningham Road, Bangalore?

6:45 AM Mar 7th 2012

Platform 9 3/4s has been relocated!? framedandfoc…ature-1.html[+]

12:54 AM Mar 7th 2012

The Albatros: The bookmark that follows your reading. minimalissim…malissimo%29[+]

8:58 PM Mar 6th 2012

Was so tempted to pull this from the archives for my turn at @WhispersChinese:…set-1275030/[+]

Ah, well. :) #chaintwo

4:52 PM Mar 6th 2012

@nimitnshah I still haven’t got around to writing that overall post though… :(

6:29 PM Mar 5th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

@souvikdg Yes, that’s quite a good place.

1:59 PM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@gonsalves_r Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff.

1:45 PM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@gonsalves_r Thanks! Reminds me, must make a visit to Painted Platters. Been ages. HBB has been a nice new discovery too.

1:35 PM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@Fine_Whining We must go try out some. Been to Secret Garden Café? They’re open only for lunch.

1:35 PM Mar 4th 2012

But for today, the tried and tested won. There was only one winner for the ‘outsider’.@Fine_Whining made her customary visit to Cornerhouse.

1:34 PM Mar 4th 2012

Lots of dessert options have popped up from the twitterverse today. Thank you all good folks. Hope to try some out this week.

1:34 PM Mar 4th 2012

@munimkazia Thanks! Might try that place out.

7:41 AM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to munimkazia

@ap00rv Oh nice. Yeah was looking at their menu.. there aren’t many sundae places that I’ve come across in the city.

7:40 AM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@ap00rv Looks perfect for ice creams. Thanks!

7:36 AM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@munimkazia Is this the one at the end of Brigades? next to Kanti Sweets?

7:34 AM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to munimkazia

@pricelessjunk Haha! Was just looking up places there.

7:26 AM Mar 4th 2012 in reply to pricelessjunk

Looking for interesting dessert places in Bangalore. Any suggestions?

7:17 AM Mar 4th 2012

@souvikdg We’re ready for day break. It beats burning the midnight oil. @pandorazjukebox

Have fun on your excursion!

10:25 PM Mar 3rd 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@souvikdg There’s one more here. Happened to just wake up and can’t seem to fall asleep. When they meant an early start, they meant early!

10:17 PM Mar 3rd 2012 in reply to souvikdg

Current working aid:…=O7WEd7I38_c[+]

Homelands- Nitin Sawhney

7:19 AM Mar 3rd 2012

If only it didn’t hang as soon as you clicked on something, the Canon DPP software is actually quite good. But what a pity. :’(

4:47 PM Mar 2nd 2012