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From the month of March, 2009.

@shikkha I want another weekend as well!

11:10 PM Mar 30th 2009

@rungta and wateva you’ll are being my advertisers!

6:39 AM Mar 28th 2009

Feels so nice to be back home early.

3:03 PM Mar 26th 2009

@rungta welcome to my world! :P

1:14 PM Mar 20th 2009

For a short film, it’s sweet.

8:13 AM Mar 18th 2009

I found my new favourite ‘Ranjhana’. It’s just so soothing, and although i don’t understand it, i know its beautiful.

5:57 PM Mar 15th 2009

@rungta That video was just disturbing!! That was just the worst of anything i’ve seen. What was the maker high on!?

8:38 AM Mar 13th 2009

Sometimes Hate how we’ve trained ourselves to be in society.

10:52 PM Mar 9th 2009

YAY!! A flickr pro account! Thanks a lot Rungta!!! :D

8:21 AM Mar 9th 2009

Finally have my photos arranged!! what a task!

11:57 PM Mar 4th 2009

The beats of ‘Mahi Mennu’ on a loop.

8:17 PM Mar 3rd 2009