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From the month of May, 2013.

@RohithNair Guess in tight street circuits like this, pole position does matter. :)

2:30 PM May 26th 2013 in reply to RohithNair

Hearty congratulations @LakshmiAMenon! Loads of love, all the way from Bangalore! #congratagradNYU

So proud of you! Enjoy your day! :)

3:11 PM May 22nd 2013

Today’s ear worm: You’re Goin’ Miss Your Candyman…=oaYBkhgxhj8[+]

2:16 PM May 22nd 2013

@wildiris That’s true. I admire him nonetheless. And he did make it to the finals.

8:33 PM May 19th 2013 in reply to wildiris

Good to see Nadal back in form, though Roger looks like he’s close to retirement.

3:07 PM May 19th 2013

Perhaps the first Rome masters tennis game I’m watching, and glad to see the old timers, Nadal vs Federer.

3:06 PM May 19th 2013

Missing Jake Humphrey and the BBC pre-race show. :( #F1

12:05 PM May 12th 2013

Shala, what a mood that movie sets. Lovely toning. And current cloudy B’lore has stuck me in that mood. Sigh.

8:42 AM May 12th 2013

In that stage of my internet life where gifs, esp. ones with cats, make me laugh out loud. Just thought you should know.

4:57 PM May 10th 2013

@Fine_Whining Aiyo! What and all you send. This is the second of its kind I’ve heard in recent times.

6:07 PM May 9th 2013 in reply to Fine_Whining

“My home was a time, and a place.”

4:42 PM May 7th 2013

@_RohitNag What was the story behind the drama?

4:34 PM May 3rd 2013 in reply to _RohitNag