Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of February, 2010.

Feel the need to break the silence.

11 hours have passed since anyone has posted anything on twitter.
It feels strange.

5:28 PM Feb 28th 2010

Summary: One of the best days I’ve had in ages!! :)

7:58 PM Feb 26th 2010

Nanu bengalurinalli idini! :)

5:30 PM Feb 24th 2010

Status: Waiting…

8:02 PM Feb 22nd 2010

@shikkha Yes, remember tomorrow is Q-day! :)

5:15 PM Feb 21st 2010

Music overdose. Information explosion. Filtering is hard. Spoilt for choice.

12:08 PM Feb 21st 2010

@rakeshrach Oh, loved the movie as well.

11:00 PM Feb 18th 2010

@rakeshrach Just discovered the song after having seen the movie yesterday. It sure is a beautiful song.

5:51 PM Feb 18th 2010

♬- Vellai Pookkal ♥

12:09 AM Feb 18th 2010

@rungta It tastes weirder after it’s defrosted. It gets all watery.

9:41 AM Feb 17th 2010

“Complaining is silly, act or forget.” I chose to forget. Today has been a crappy day.

11:48 PM Feb 16th 2010

Did I sleep in that late that it’s 2034 already??

11:13 AM Feb 14th 2010

When will the subtlety of humour hit mainstream bollywood?

10:23 PM Feb 13th 2010

Whereas Anwar, on a similar theme, so much more watchable and focussed. Yet the lack of credit. Such is the state.

9:58 PM Feb 13th 2010

Over-stretched. Over-Dramatic. Lack of simplicity. What did I expect from another Karan Johar movie. Yet I went. Save the buck. #MNIK

9:54 PM Feb 13th 2010

Hating these cycles of life.Hot & cold; sun & snow; day & night; blocked nose & then unblocked.
What else is out there to piss me off now?

11:33 PM Feb 10th 2010

Back to sleep. Reminders of last night demand that it is a must.

9:04 AM Feb 10th 2010

If you haven’t already, this is for people who want the 2010 F1 timetable set in their iCals. formula1.til…te_2010.html[+]

7:32 PM Feb 9th 2010

35 more days.

10:46 AM Feb 4th 2010

@shikkha How long will you be gone for?

10:45 AM Feb 4th 2010

@wateva It’s just my second one, and it’s cheaper than Odeon. :)

Yeah, thankfully they found the iPod.

10:23 AM Feb 1st 2010