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From the month of June, 2009.

Loving QI. How much of Earth is water?…4451&index=3[+]

1:12 PM Jun 30th 2009

James May on the Moon. What a wonderful documentary! Just watching it was a humbling experience.[+]

11:54 AM Jun 28th 2009

“Come to the casino, even if you don’t play, you can watch the others play.” Where do people get all this time to waste??

8:18 PM Jun 27th 2009

I saw a proper snail!

3:21 PM Jun 27th 2009

@rungta Smooth Rungta! :P How come you’ll didn’t LIKE you know have something called a..reaction. Nevermind.I’m getting back to the episode.

6:00 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rungta @wateva did you guys see the new top gear episode???

5:48 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rungta Thank you! :) That means a lot coming from you. It was a good weekend to actually learn some things. Have so much more to learn.

3:27 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rungta My camera wasn’t hiding. I didn’t have a proper camera when I was in Essex all that while. I took these this weekend.

3:16 PM Jun 24th 2009

@rungtaakki Not helping Akshit!! :(

2:46 PM Jun 24th 2009

Missing good Indian food!!

9:18 AM Jun 24th 2009

Foosball for girls? Wonder if they put Kens’ head as the ball.:P…3820,00.html[+]

11:55 AM Jun 23rd 2009

Along with simultaneous constant reconfirmation that hell IS other people. My close friends ARE the glorious exceptions.

1:51 AM Jun 22nd 2009

Weekend summary (being subjective): Honestly enjoyed myself to almost that feeling where Essex days now feels complete.

1:51 AM Jun 22nd 2009

Four hours counting to be back in my first of second homes. :)

5:03 AM Jun 20th 2009…formula.html[+]
the same paper says it’s also the 20th of June. Take a pick. I think it was close enough for quite a few people i know.

4:12 PM Jun 19th 2009

What’s the happy news??

4:31 PM Jun 18th 2009

@wateva ‘Cause I sometimes love it when it rains really heavily and i’m indoors. It’s a mood thing.

6:59 PM Jun 17th 2009

:( It stopped!

6:42 PM Jun 17th 2009

Is it weird that you hope it rains, like it is now, all night?

6:35 PM Jun 17th 2009

Found the missing piece (and peace)! Three column view on Mail is so much more better!

1:39 AM Jun 17th 2009

@wateva Oh it reached you already?? That was fast!!

6:37 PM Jun 16th 2009…ates_Car.htm[+]
Hadn’t seen this before. Hilarious!

2:32 PM Jun 10th 2009

Some one called me a lab rat. Right you are.

7:49 PM Jun 6th 2009

@shikkha Why you be so cryptic?? Too cool…?

5:40 PM Jun 3rd 2009