Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of November, 2007.

Hopefully the end of the shitty-est week of 3rd year…

6:33 PM Nov 30th 2007

I Miss being a kid. I Hate n hate this grown up world!

8:06 PM Nov 27th 2007

What goes around comes around.. My plants stress me, i give them stress!

3:35 PM Nov 22nd 2007

@ Rungta good night!

1:44 PM Nov 19th 2007

@ rungta yeah! luckily! entire campus is going mad without the net.

1:36 PM Nov 19th 2007

No internet on campus is ‘figuratively’ killing me! :(

1:31 PM Nov 19th 2007

Studying in the library-attempt no.1

12:50 PM Nov 14th 2007

@wateva nagu.. am soo scared….what you doin?

10:55 PM Nov 13th 2007

@wateva: why do you look so worried in this pic nagu?

10:47 PM Nov 13th 2007

@wateva: i know! @ rungta: you started this. don’t ask us to stop.

4:40 PM Nov 13th 2007

Tra la la la la tra la la la…

4:38 PM Nov 13th 2007

I pity the others following rungta!

4:37 PM Nov 13th 2007

@ rungta: Well i’m here amn’t i?

4:35 PM Nov 13th 2007

@ wateva: Exactly! you also got up that time didn’t you!

4:34 PM Nov 13th 2007

Nope he still seems to be awake… lol..

4:31 PM Nov 13th 2007

this twitter thing is pretty alright..

4:26 PM Nov 13th 2007

You sound like nag.. that’s why he’s asking you to shut up.. :P

4:23 PM Nov 13th 2007

working on stupid geneinvestigator…..

4:22 PM Nov 11th 2007

Having breakfast

11:34 AM Nov 11th 2007