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From the month of June, 2013.

Gold Panda’s latest after a long wait is so worth it:…=aV0Ky0ijGNc[+]

10:02 AM Jun 10th 2013

Can’t contain my excitement for the new Boards of Canada album.…=2jTg-q6Drt0[+]

8:54 PM Jun 5th 2013

@oddysee That’s a way good way to think about it.

4:47 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to oddysee

@chrisbride Yeah, way better in all respects.

2:51 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

Gorgeous full-screen views on @Rdio.

11:34 AM Jun 4th 2013

@fabriciot Their header looks like something out of a wireframe.

11:32 AM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to fabriciot

I’m not saying we ditch web for native mobile, but I am suggesting we think beyond adaptive layouts. “Responsive” can mean so much more.

9:20 AM Jun 4th 2013

Three years of responsive web design and it’s still about screen size. Native mobile apps are arguably more “responsive” to real context.

9:10 AM Jun 4th 2013