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From the month of April, 2013.

We have an opening for a Senior User Experience Designer at DT:…obs_share_fb[+]

3:09 PM Apr 30th 2013

Tumblr is the web’s quiet achiever. Thriving community and content, yet hardly any coverage in the press compared to their competition.

11:05 AM Apr 19th 2013

@jwswj Interestingly, Android 2.x browsers are the new IE6 for them.

8:51 AM Apr 19th 2013 in reply to jwswj

@robertsparis The site looks different (and better) than last time I saw it. Your work?

4:35 PM Apr 17th 2013 in reply to robertsparis

@chrisbride Yep, I see Wilson Miner’s touch all over their design.

10:26 AM Apr 16th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

@grahamrb Not surprised MOG’s average. Rdio’s collection has served me ok so far, but let’s see… I’ll certainly be tweeting about it.

5:27 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to grahamrb

@davidsamaras Heh, Rdio’s library has served me ok so far, but you might be right long term.

3:49 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to davidsamaras

Everyone’s on Spotify and I’ve tried to join in but man I can’t stomach their design. @Rdio for me.

3:31 PM Apr 15th 2013

@deanfra Dude, why not @Rdio? Also, can’t you cut back on like 3 coffees and get a paid account? :P

3:27 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to deanfra

Re-watched Brett Victor’s acclaimed ‘Inventing on Principle.’ His words to live by: “Do you define yourself by your craft or by your cause?”

8:39 AM Apr 15th 2013

@chrisbride Not sure, but I’d guess it’s either their tech limitations or users being better at spotting things than describing as a query.

9:40 PM Apr 11th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

@jasehutch Know what you mean. Their beta started more visual a year ago and gradually got textual with feedback: digital.cabi…erate-again/[+]

5:46 PM Apr 11th 2013 in reply to jasehutch

Notice how they’ve ditched the traditional nav bar in favour of a homepage as the launchpad.

10:13 AM Apr 11th 2013

Numeric keypads shouldn’t come by default on modern desktop keyboards. The extra reach to the mouse hurts over time. Loss in desk space too.

9:31 AM Apr 11th 2013

“Push notifications are an under-explored interface. Apps with which you interact without ever opening…”…20ae8b36f564[+]

2:12 PM Apr 10th 2013

@PGHarrison Evil’s probably too strong a word, but neither are great.

8:05 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to PGHarrison

@PGHarrison Lesser of two evils with these parties. I too wish we had a credible alternative.

7:04 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to PGHarrison

@helveticade @deanfra @chesterm8 Thanks guys, I’ll look into these. Wish it was simpler to ship for headphones though.

1:09 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to helveticade

@deanfra @helveticade Curious: which headphones do you guys use at work? I’m looking for a new set and the options are daunting.

12:50 PM Apr 9th 2013

@force10x For one-month gigs, you’re better off with freelancers dude. Check out Elance or something.

4:12 PM Apr 5th 2013 in reply to force10x

Why can’t all lifts have buttons like this old one at David Jones?

1:06 PM Apr 4th 2013

@andytlr @lukechesser Good discussion. Timelines are historically drawn the other way. Flipping to an older chapter is the other way too.

8:16 AM Apr 3rd 2013 in reply to andytlr

@helveticade It blows me away that they get away with pretending.

5:35 PM Apr 2nd 2013 in reply to helveticade

With all that talent at Facebook, you’d think ugly pages like this wouldn’t exist. But privacy’s not their priority.

5:19 PM Apr 2nd 2013