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From the month of November, 2010.

HATE the new home screen of CBA’s NetBank. Whatever happened to whitespace.

9:01 PM Nov 30th 2010

@deanfrancis WOAH, can’t believe this is for real.

5:19 PM Nov 30th 2010 in reply to _deanfrancis_

R.I.P. Irvin Kershner, Director of the only Star Wars film that was well directed (The Empire Strikes Back).

3:15 PM Nov 30th 2010

Spent the morning fixing Dojo framework’s ridiculous CSS. Table-based layouts are so 1995.

10:09 AM Nov 24th 2010

.@grahamrb says the Apple TV update is out today. Even better.

7:35 AM Nov 23rd 2010

@adriancb But design is both form and function. A lot of things are crap in this sense.

7:10 AM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to adriancb

Timed my Apple TV purchase well. Video AirPlay is coming as a software update in a few days:[+]

7:08 AM Nov 23rd 2010

@deanfrancis I gave up waiting & just drove to the Glen Waverley line. Traffic was horrible, parking was a shocker, but I finally got in.

9:04 AM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@grahamrb Buses have been too few and too packed. Ended up driving to the Glen Waverley line. One hour just to get on a train :(

7:48 AM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to grahamrb

Still no trains running on the Pakenham line. WTF.

7:18 AM Nov 22nd 2010

How handy is this? An iPhone app to help with the upcoming election:…519591?mt=8#[+]. Made by our team at @deloitteonline #donline

8:59 AM Nov 19th 2010

No! I just updated Instagram to find a less than impressive Holga-style icon. What was wrong with that gorgeous white Polaroid?

11:12 PM Nov 15th 2010

Path might have a winner with their “personal network”: (via @rjs)

4:15 PM Nov 15th 2010

@oddysee Yeah, I was bummed about that.

11:11 PM Nov 14th 2010 in reply to oddysee

I’m just glad Schumacher’s okay. #f1

11:10 PM Nov 14th 2010

What I wouldn’t give to see Vettel and Alonso take each other out on the first lap. Smash! #f1

10:55 PM Nov 14th 2010

My dream finish to the F1 season: Webber 1st, Schumy 2nd, and anyone but Vettel and Alonso 3rd. C’mon @AussieGrit!

7:01 PM Nov 12th 2010

@rekharach LOL. That’s part of the act, silly.

6:52 PM Nov 12th 2010 in reply to rekharach

@oddysee It was tough! Just the one time this week. I’ll know for sure in a while.

9:43 PM Nov 10th 2010 in reply to oddysee

@oddysee Know how you feel, but I’ll bet I feel worse than you right now. Had to start work at 8! That’s a new record for me.

7:01 AM Nov 10th 2010 in reply to oddysee

@grahamrb So jealous. Might gift myself one for Christmas.

8:42 PM Nov 8th 2010 in reply to grahamrb

@rashmiswamy It works especially well when you’re on a bus/train holding onto a rail and have only one hand to spare.

6:08 AM Nov 5th 2010 in reply to rashmiswamy is now public. I’ve been testing the beta for a while and it’s great. So, what are you guys waiting for? Sign up!

10:15 PM Nov 4th 2010

I’ll never understand people wearing skinny jeans at the gym.

6:50 PM Nov 4th 2010

@paulidownunder That’s no good. When will you come back to the Melb office? We need to catchup.

5:46 PM Nov 4th 2010 in reply to paulidownunder

@PGHarrison What a match. Bring on the Ashes!

10:06 PM Nov 3rd 2010 in reply to PGHarrison

@playframework Great work, you guys. The new site looks gorgeous.

9:36 PM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to playframework