Thus twat tweeted @rakeshrach.

The 2009 collection.

@grahamrb Thanks mate. More to come, including our site.

2:03 PM Dec 25th 2009

DNS entries have finally kicked-in for my aforementioned site. Please update any links:

9:25 AM Dec 25th 2009

@amolpradhan A huge fan right from his first few years in F1. Attending the Australian Grand Prix is a sure thing.

8:26 AM Dec 25th 2009

Schumacher’s return made my day, so I made a website in return: Just a start. Plenty planned.

10:51 PM Dec 24th 2009

Schumacher & I announce our return to F1. He’ll be driving, I’ll be cheering. Every race, every lap, every turn & straight. Like old times.

12:52 PM Dec 24th 2009

“Politicians Talk. Leaders Act.”…/4192516599/[+] #cop15

4:43 AM Dec 18th 2009

Those @tapbots folk are at it again with Pastebot. I dig the Mac syncing feature:…re/pastebot/[+]

5:56 PM Dec 15th 2009

We mobilised huge crowds into letter formations on Princes Bridge. It read: ‘Safe Climate - Do It!’. Heard that, Copenhagen?

2:25 PM Dec 12th 2009

Join the nationwide walk against warming today. Starting at noon in Melbourne CBD, and throughout the day in cities everywhere.

9:55 AM Dec 12th 2009 There’s a walk this Saturday. In every city. It’s going to be huge.

1:26 PM Dec 7th 2009

@grahamrb Great design, right? A bright future awaits Min-Kyu Choi - he’s creating it.

1:18 PM Dec 6th 2009

@oddysee #OmmWriter sure looks compelling. Time will tell if it can replace #WriteRoom as my preferred writing tool.

5:29 PM Dec 5th 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore:

6:47 AM Dec 1st 2009

I don’t care for an opposition party that opposes for opposing’s sake.

8:56 PM Nov 26th 2009

Direct, non-violent action against deforestation in Indonesia:…_action.html[+]

1:06 PM Nov 12th 2009

@rungta My thoughts exactly.

8:19 PM Nov 10th 2009

Bruce Wayne Entertainment: Can’t decide which I like more: the name or the design?

8:03 PM Nov 10th 2009

Encryption algorithms do my head in.

8:03 PM Nov 7th 2009

@paulidownunder Mostly on web apps, but iPhone’s in the picture.

8:01 PM Nov 7th 2009

Solitude is the source of success and sorrow. It will make you or break you.

3:03 PM Nov 7th 2009 Write to Minister Tony Burke. A reminder that deforestation alone accounts for 20% of greenhouse emissions.

10:38 AM Nov 6th 2009

Road trip to Sydney Festival in January. Headline acts include Al Green and A. R. Rahman! Who’s coming with me?

7:30 AM Nov 6th 2009

@oddysee Sure, I’ll send those videos to you as soon as I can.

7:04 PM Oct 26th 2009

Playing the ‘MAD’ board game. Loads of fun.

5:58 PM Oct 25th 2009

Nothing can come between me and a beautiful day as this. I’ll be out, all day, until sunset.

10:49 AM Oct 24th 2009

@oddysee Will try to play over the Christmas break.

11:50 AM Oct 19th 2009

A pleasant Sunday made peaceful by Jami Sieber’s Hidden Sky. Worth every penny I paid for this album.

1:25 PM Oct 18th 2009

Let love be your light, on this festival of lights. Happy Deepavali!

10:44 AM Oct 17th 2009

Contrary to popular opinion, Tweetie 2 has not raised the bar, at least not visually. Birdfeed remains easier to use & easier on my eyes.

8:38 PM Oct 14th 2009

Hate is blinding.

7:50 AM Sep 27th 2009

So long, Subversion. Hello, Mercurial.

2:28 PM Sep 24th 2009

My favourite new read is Chai Pilgrimage: “A soul-nourishing tea adventure through Nepal, India & Beyond.”

10:38 AM Sep 22nd 2009

@manojn Congrats! Will give it a try next time I fly.

7:29 PM Sep 19th 2009

All the world’s a stadium, and all the men and women merely competitors.

10:09 AM Sep 18th 2009

Can’t get enough of Melbourne’s new Identity: level11.tumb…rne-identity[+] Versatile design by Landor, Sydney.

5:31 PM Sep 7th 2009

@rungta Me too. It’s raining and hailing heavily here.

5:41 PM Aug 25th 2009

@manojn I’d go with Flickr. Better designed, better community.

1:17 PM Aug 18th 2009

@oddysee I envy your decisiveness in packing.

1:39 PM Jul 26th 2009

Evolution decided not to rid us of anger, so who am I to question it?

1:12 PM Jul 26th 2009

Packing for a short trip is worse than packing for a long one. I surely need a few pairs but I’m unsure if it’s a few too many.

10:53 AM Jul 26th 2009

@oddysee Me too, and I also pondered how Jason keeps outdoing himself in writing and art direction.

9:24 PM Jul 25th 2009

Melbourne gets a new identity and I like it: underconside…elbourne.php[+]

11:49 AM Jul 23rd 2009

Java is to programmers what Photoshop is to designers. An ugly beast you’d want to kill but need to tame for its power.

11:20 PM Jul 21st 2009

Online writing requires more attention to readers’ attention: the more you write, the less they read.

11:27 AM Jul 13th 2009

I was trying to be a better writer, but I found myself becoming a clearer thinker. Much the same.

11:37 AM Jul 10th 2009

@oddysee Nah, it’s those who lined up midnight at Optus stores.

12:15 PM Jun 27th 2009

@rungta Vishal’s next sure looks good.

11:18 AM Jun 27th 2009

The Panic! sale’s a sweet deal ([+]). Just purchased a Transmit license.

11:15 AM May 28th 2009

Passion dies out unless one finds a comforting medium of expression.

10:50 AM May 22nd 2009

I’m learning what it really means to design from the content out.

8:41 AM May 21st 2009

@jaigs Nothing serious, but I publish a few on Flickr, mostly from hiking trips:…tos/rejuver/[+]

11:50 AM Apr 28th 2009

The less time I have, the more productively I use it.

10:18 PM Apr 27th 2009

Tweetie for Mac. Impressive.

10:46 PM Apr 20th 2009

There are only two kinds of programming languages: those that read well but run poorly and those that are the exact opposite

5:00 PM Apr 16th 2009

@rungta Haha! And what would the relief after exams compare to?

4:49 PM Apr 9th 2009

@amolpradhan I always assume it’s copyrighted unless specifically marked ‘creative commons’

9:28 PM Apr 7th 2009

@coolkidsdoit Nice one, but what’s the exam for?

11:21 AM Apr 2nd 2009

Embracing constraints doesn’t mean accepting things as they are; it means going after things that are constrained by design.

8:44 AM Apr 2nd 2009

@amolpradhan iPhone? Who’s iPhone?

1:05 PM Mar 28th 2009

@amolpradhan Yikes! I thought The Big T was going strong. Not safe anywhere these days I guess

2:10 PM Mar 19th 2009

@paulidownunder I’ve had similar thoughts; barely use it

9:31 PM Mar 18th 2009

Chrome on Windows looks and functions better than Safari 4 beta on my mac. Worrisome.

4:14 PM Mar 18th 2009

@paulidownunder sure was great seeing rain come down like that

3:55 PM Mar 14th 2009

@manojn I love mexican food but haven’t been here. Will try it out now that you recommend it. Thanks

9:53 PM Mar 13th 2009

Back home after a hectic but fun week in India. Time now to reduce a massive unread count in email and RSS feeds

12:31 PM Mar 9th 2009

@rungta The old loading indicator was so much more effective. Hoping it’s not a deliberate and permanent omission

2:28 PM Feb 26th 2009

There ought to be an open standard for exporting/importing basic code editor preferences across programming environments/IDEs

11:08 AM Feb 24th 2009

“All my life, I’ve had a choice between hate and love. I chose love and I’m here” – A.R.Rahman on accepting his Oscar

3:49 PM Feb 23rd 2009

It hurts to watch the burning of my favourite Victorian National Park, Wilsons Prom. Only consolation: no loss of human life there

10:23 AM Feb 20th 2009

Can’t believe 1 TB external hard disks are now under $200AU. Just got mine to avert a looming storage crisis. Giddy up!

1:09 PM Feb 19th 2009

Clever graphical comparison of trilogies: dominik.soup…aba7b044eceb[+]

1:56 PM Feb 18th 2009

Created a raft of aliases to negate OS X’s directory capitalisation annoyance. Anyone dealing a lot with command shells will know my pain

4:54 PM Feb 17th 2009

Insightful interview with Andrew Stanton, director of Wall-E,…385884976683[+]

9:32 AM Feb 15th 2009

@jymloke Congrats! So, when do you start?

3:05 PM Feb 10th 2009

“There isn’t a single join in all of Tumblr’s or Instapaper’s code” – Marco Arment.[+]

3:27 PM Jan 31st 2009

Words cant express how frustrating an experience Lotus Notes is.

11:50 AM Jan 30th 2009

There’s too much debate on which programming language is best & not enough on which algorithm or database design is better suited :(

1:59 PM Jan 29th 2009

On dirt, worms & why they’re needed for a strong immune system:[+] (via kottke)

9:38 AM Jan 29th 2009

@jymloke Reading the speech doesn’t do it justice. Watch it, even if it’s later tonight.

8:43 AM Jan 21st 2009

To hell with “a professional working environment”! I’m listening to music at work.

9:47 AM Jan 20th 2009